Happy Coffee Reviews – Is Elevate Coffee Safe In 2023 Explained

As a certified coffeeholic, I have tried different kinds of coffee. Whenever I travel, I make sure that I include coffee trips in my itinerary. And when I find a GOOD ONE, I recommend it to my friends!

So, when a friend told me about Happy Coffee and its wonders, I had to try it.

For those of you who are not familiar with this coffee, it’s actually called Elevate Smart Coffee (official brand name), but it’s gotten so viral it got named the ‘Happy Coffee.’ So let’s get into my review of Happy Coffee and let’s see if it really works!

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Buyers Guide: Elevate Coffee Reviews

ELEVATE Smart Coffee Max, a.k.a. Happy Coffee is a product of The Happy Co. and is one of the leading Nootropics products in the market right now. Aside from its weight loss components, Happy Coffee is also known for sustaining your energy and increasing focus. It has gone viral and has received a lot of great feedback from happy customers in the US and in other countries.

Happy Coffee comes in a 133g tub, and I order mine directly on The Happy Co.’s website. It’s also available on Amazon and has some pretty amazing reviews. I usually order two tubs in a month just to make sure I don’t run out of coffee (it sells super fast, by the way)!

Happy Coffee Weight Loss

One of the things that Happy Coffee is known for is its ‘weight loss’ component. It has a lot of healthy ingredients, which includes Nootropics. Nootropics are ‘brain boosters’ and allow the blood to circulate properly to the brain, which results in a better mood and increased focus. Each serving of Happy Coffee contains 140mg of caffeine and nutrients that balances mood and energy.

Now, I’ve tried heaps of weight loss coffee in the past. In most of these coffee brands, I didn’t really lose any significant amount of weight. I also found myself not being able to sustain my energy. I couldn’t focus, and worse, I get dizzy from a lack of energy.

When I tried Happy Coffee, the first thing I noticed is my sustained energy, especially in the morning. Mornings are pretty tough for me as a mom, and it’s the time of the day when things get really hectic and crazy. I started drinking Happy Coffee for breakfast, and it really took away that ‘low energy feeling’ that I usually have.

I don’t feel as grumpy in the morning, too (especially on Mondays), and the best part is, I no longer feel those tiny cravings before lunch and mid-afternoon. I found myself being able to keep my focus at work (my co-workers noticed this in me, too!).

So the big question now is: how much weight did I lose?

I lost 10 pounds in just two weeks! This is pretty amazing, given the fact that I’ve tried so many weight loss coffee before and didn’t see any significant results.

I also don’t feel the need for unnecessary snacking (which I usually do at home and at work before). With Happy Coffee, I can easily go through my day without ‘hunger pangs’ or that depressing feeling that I’m depriving myself of the energy it needs.

It simply works for me!

I’m also happy about the fact that it doesn’t taste like ‘instant coffee.’ It has a fragrant aroma that reminds me of Swiss coffee. I certainly don’t feel the need to grab (expensive) coffee on my way to work.

Going into my third week, I am now slowly going back to my ‘pre-baby body. I don’t need to enroll myself in a rigorous gym program to achieve the results that I want.

What I like best about Happy Coffee is that it allows me to lose weight without stress, and it gives me more time to do other things. Now I know why they call it Happy Coffee!

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Happy Coffee Ingredients

Happy Coffee contains the following ingredients: Chromium Polynicotinate, Premium Coffee Blend, Cocoa Bean Extract (as Cocoabuterol™), Sunflower Lecithin, Organic Cocoa, L-Theanine, Extract, A-GPC (Alpha-Glycerylphosphoryl Choline), Kucha Tea Leaf, Bacopa Monnieri Extract, Green Tea Extract, PEA (Beta Phenylethylamine HCL), Griffonia Simplicifolia Extract, Green Coffee Bean Extract, and Caffeine.

Aside from these, it also contains natural flavors, Xylitol, and organic rice Concentrate. Each serving of Happy Coffee contains approximately 140 mg of caffeine. It doesn’t have artificial sweeteners too!

What clearly stands out about Happy Coffee is that it has ingredients that trigger and boost D.O.S.E, or Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins which are also called “happy hormones.”

These “happy hormones” improve your mood and elevate your energy to a new level.

So aside from the fact that this coffee really really tastes good, its formula is also supported by science and research. That’s super awesome!

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How It Helped Me Lose Weight: Elevate Smart Coffee Reviews

I know weight loss is a personal journey and what works for me may not work for others. However, based on my experience, this coffee really does the job and even exceeded my expectation.

As a working mom, I used to get tired easily, especially in the mornings when I have to prepare for work, make breakfast, or take the kids to school (you get the picture). By noon, I’m already exhausted and would drag myself for the next few hours at work. It’s just overwhelming for me, and I’ve been looking for ways to increase my energy level for quite some time now.

So imagine how ecstatic I am when I tried Happy Coffee and experienced results. I also don’t have time to go to the gym, but Happy Coffee easily helped me shed off 10 pounds in my first two weeks!

And it’s just not me who experienced results. Another friend of mine has just given birth and was undergoing pretty tough postpartum blues. When she tried Happy Coffee, it just quickly improved her mood, and she now goes through her day without feeling down, sad or depressed. She is able to take care of herself and her newborn baby better. She looks healthier, too, and I think that’s pretty amazing!

Aside from the weight loss factor, I like the fact that Happy Coffee doesn’t smell like “instant coffee” at all. It is very fragrant and has this ‘premium coffee aroma,’ which also ticked the list for me! I stopped buying expensive coffee on my way to work (which saves me a lot of money, mind you), and instead, I have my Happy Coffee prepped in my thermos. It’s super easy, and it made my mornings a lot better than before.

Gluten-Free and Keto-Friendly

Another super exciting thing about Happy Coffee is the fact that it is gluten-free and keto-friendly! (Yes, you read that right). If you are lactose-intolerant or just looking for a gluten-free alternative to your usual coffee, Happy Coffee might be worth a try.

I am also planning on trying the Intermittent Fasting (IF) and keto diet in the coming weeks, and the Happy Coffee plus Xanthomax combo will be a great complement to my IF plan. Some of my friends swear that they had increased their focus more when they tried it while doing IF, and I want to see if it will work for me.

If it doesn’t work, I know I can always go back to my current diet and would lose those extra pounds anyway.

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How I take my Happy Coffee

A lot of people ask me how I take Happy Coffee and if I drink it with other food supplements. So here’s the secret.

In the morning, I have 16oz decaffeinated coffee, and I add in 1 full scoop of Happy Coffee with low-fat milk. I’m not a ‘big breakfast’ person, so I would usually have toast or fruit for breakfast while helping the kids prepare for school.

I prepare another 16oz of my ‘coffee mix’ (with Happy Coffee, of course) and put it in my thermos for work.

I take 1 XanthoMax capsule mid-morning. XanthoMax is a food supplement from Elevate that works as an antioxidant and helps in boosting Oxytocin, a hormone that improves our mood and relieves stress.

Sometimes the Happy Coffee and XanthoMax are sold in a bundle.

I decided to try Xanthomax with Happy Coffee primarily because a lot of people swear by its better weight loss effect’ and because it triggers D.O.S.E. an acronym for the four most important ‘happy hormones’ for the brain (Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins).

To my surprise, it really did sustain my energy level all throughout the day. I found this combination really effective, especially when I’m overwhelmed at work and I really need that extra push for the day.

I also prepare a tumbler of fruit shake just in case I have those tiny deceptive cravings before lunch.

However, I noticed that since I started drinking Happy Coffee (with XanthoMax), I no longer have those cravings and can easily work my way through lunch.

I have my lunch which is a full meal, and around mid-afternoon, I have another fruit and a cup of Happy Coffee (I’m a coffeeholic). Dinners are usually the time of the day when we sit together as a family and eat together, so I usually have what the kids have.

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Happy Coffee Delivers To Its Promises

What I like the most about Happy Coffee is the fact that I don’t feel that I’m depriving myself of food. In fact, I also have my ‘cheat days’ and would eat out for lunch or order pizza from time to time.

I would eat ice cream on weekends or grab a beer on a Saturday night, and it just doesn’t stop me from losing the unwanted weight that I’ve put on ever since becoming a mom.

I’ve tried so many different kinds of meal plans, but this one is really the most effective for me. I don’t feel guilty if I eat too many carbs or have cake for dessert. I just keep shedding those extra pounds with little to no workout.

Because of my busy mornings, I rarely have time for a workout (still working on that), and that also resulted in my difficulty in losing weight in the past. But when I started taking Happy Coffee, I started to feel the results in my waist where I really struggled in the past. Now I can wear my ‘pre-baby jeans again!

I used to have a bad case of insomnia and would feel super tired in the morning. I also noticed since I started taking Happy Coffee, I am able to sleep better. I feel well-rested, and I wake up to a better mood in the morning (goodbye grumpy days).

I also found that my skin looks healthier and clearer. My breakouts decreased significantly.

Where To Start

If you’re trying to decide whether or not Happy Coffee is for you, I suggest that you order a month’s worth of supply first and see it works for you.

It may take about a week of consistent intake before you notice the results. I also suggest you record your body weight before starting your Happy Coffee journey and check your progress every week.

You may choose to combine it with exercise, which I think increases the results exponentially. However, if you are always super busy like me, you can take it with zero to minimal workout.

If you are not a big fan of food supplements, you can skip taking XanthoMax in your first month to see if the coffee itself will work for you. I decided to take XanthoMax on my second week just because a lot of people that I know really saw the difference in their mood and energy level (something I’ve always struggled with).

I know that choosing your food, coffee, or food supplement is very different than shopping for, let’s say, shoes. You really have to make sure that first of all, it’s safe, and then second, it’s effective and worth your buck.


For your peace of mind, you can do a little research and check if Happy Coffee is worth trying or not. I did my research, and it worked for me. Hopefully, it will work for you too. We hope you enjoyed this happy coffee reviews, and we hope this happy coffee review was able to help you. A Happy coffee dose is special, and is happy coffee safe, well it is. Does Happy coffee work? Well for me it did.

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