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Best Hazelnut Coffee Beans In 2024 Guide

Being a coffee addict and not ever tasted hazelnut flavor? I don’t believe it. In a world full of distinct coffee flavors, hazelnut coffee stands upright with its best taste. Although some people are disgusted by the existence of different flavors of coffee, they believe that adding any sort of flavor in the naturally existing coffee ruins the natural taste of the coffee.

Although some people are disgusted by the existence of different flavors of coffee, they believe that adding any sort of flavor in the naturally existing coffee ruins the natural taste of the coffee. While flavored coffee is a kind of controversial topic, many people still love to make flavored coffee. For that, finding flavored coffee of the best quality still seems like a great task.

What things to look up while searching for a hazelnut coffee? How to make a good hazelnut coffee? Where to find one? If you are looking for the answer to these questions, don’t worry. This article is going to be a complete guide for hazelnut coffee. If you are one of those flavored coffee enthusiasts, stick to the end.

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Facts About Hazelnut Flavoring For Coffee

Some coffee beans are prepared with dangerous chemicals. In order to add taste to coffee and keep it long-lasting, propylene glycol is added to the coffee beans by many companies.

This means you have to be careful while looking for a good hazelnut flavored coffee. However, propylene glycol, a chemical that is used in antifreeze and cosmetics, is added to coffee in an amount that is safe for human consumption. You should still be careful and should not try to put your health at stake just to achieve the taste.

Flavored coffees do not include sugar. To give flavor to the coffee, natural or synthetic oils are added. Oils are obtained from different compounds like vanilla cocoa beans and nuts. However, to give the actual flavor to the coffee, the compounds are added after the process of roasting.

Beans that are used for making flavored coffee are of low-quality. The low-quality or older beans are used so that the flavor chemicals would easily mask the flavor of coffee beans. The older versions of coffee beans are used in flavored coffee.

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How Is Hazelnut Coffee Prepared? – What Does Hazelnut Coffee Taste Like?

Rich roasted hazelnut nutty coffee is prepared by two usual methods. One is using the extract from real food, and the other is using artificial flavors. Let us have a look at them.

Artificial Hazelnut Coffee

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Your favorite nutty hazelnut coffee is commonly prepared in the laboratories by the chemists. The chemicals that are used for giving flavors to coffee include dimethylhydrazine, dimethyl, and aryl thiazole.

These flavoring chemicals are later on tied with beans with the help of propylene glycol. The syrupy liquid appearance of propylene glycol helps in the attachment of flavored chemicals to the beans. Almost 85% of propylene glycol is present in the typical flavor.

The addition of these chemicals results in the production of beans that are sweet and have an oily appearance. Later on, using some other methods, a really strong smell of coffee appears. The aroma of the coffee is of great significance in giving it an actual taste. Organic Hazelnut coffee or hazelnut ground coffee are also very strong.

Using Real Food Extracts

Extracting oil from the natural compounds and then adding it to the coffee beans gives it a naturally nutty taste. The beans are roasted at high temperatures, and then they are cooled.

To make the absorption of flavored oil efficient, propylene glycol is added. Beans are then thrown in a very large mixer where they continue to toss, and the flavors are dripping in. The fully coated beans are then taken out.

The smell of the coffee will be very intense. The taste becomes more recognizable when milk is added to the cup of coffee.

How To Find Good Quality Hazelnut Flavored Coffee

Finding a good hazelnut coffee is like going on a venture Coffee enthusiasts usually do not compromise on the quality of their coffee. You should also be careful while purchasing for yourself. It is harder to look for a good flavored coffee than a natural one. Take a few points into consideration before grabbing a bag of flavored coffee for yourself.

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Manufacture Date

The beans used for making flavored coffee are usually very old Even months and years old coffee beans are used for this purpose. You should look for a coffee that is not older than two weeks. It’s because after roasting, the coffee peaks in flavor around 5 to 14 days.

Quality Of Beans

Even if the beans used in flavored coffee are stale and old, you should not compromise on the quality of beans. So far, the best coffee bean is arabica as Avoid having Robusta or any other beans in flavored coffee.

Check Out The Ingredients

Never compromise on the quality of any product you are purchasing. The same rule goes for coffee as well. Take your time and read out the ingredients of the coffee. Avoid the one having lots of unnecessary chemicals that are added in the name of flavoring.

Do Not Settle For Less

No, you are not taking the coffee at the least price. Settling for less means putting the quality of coffee at stake. The coffee with the lowest prices is usually cultivated badly and does not give the taste that you desire. Look for a product with good ingredients and a price worthy of the taste.

Best Hazelnut Coffee Beans

After researching for days on different coffee products, we have found some of the best hazelnut coffee products that are best not only in the sense of taste but also, ingredients, cultivation methods, and quality.

Seattle’s Best Coffee Toasted Hazelnut Flavored

Seattle’s Best Coffee claims to use premium beans for giving the coffee a hazelnut flavor and smooth taste. This packet of coffee contains grounded beans giving off a sweet aroma along with flavored nutty notes of roasted hazelnut.

The coffee holds a sweet aroma and nutty hazelnut flavor without any sugar. People loved the coffee to the core finding the zero bitterness in it. The taste does not feel artificial at all and feels so smooth.

Seattle’s Best Coffee sources 100% Arabica beans exclusively from Latin America. The brand claims to not only provide the best taste but also keeps a quality check by processing the beans at three different steps. A flavorful and approachable smooth cup of coffee is made with the efforts and hard work that the team stuff into it.

To enjoy this medium roasted ground coffee of Seattle’s Best Coffee, add in 5 grams of ground coffee in 180 ml of water. The storing method also affects the taste of the coffee beans. Make sure to store it in a cool and dark place.

You will find a bag of 12 ounces in each pack of Seattle’s Best Coffee: that too at a really affordable price. Check out more details of the product here.

AmazonFresh Hazelnut Flavored Coffee

Amazon’s own brand has released this flavored coffee of super amazing quality. This hazelnut coffee is light to medium roasted, giving off a toasted hazelnut flavor. Since Amazon owns this product, we can totally rely on it for providing us with the best quality coffee.

The coffee beans are 100% Arabica that is grown in Central and South America. The best thing about this product is that it has a refund policy. The owner is liable to refund you if you are not satisfied with the product.

There is no sugar in the product. You will taste natural hazelnut flavor. The coffee you made with these beans will be really smooth. The roasting level is really good, and it tastes so natural.

If you are looking for something artificial in which the coffee is polluted with syrups, you will not like it. It tastes really natural with no aftertaste. You can brew the coffee hot and enjoy the great taste of hazelnut coffee every morning.

Purchase a pack of AmazonFresh hazelnut flavored coffee containing 12 ounces of a bag full of coffee beans. This delicious coffee does not even cost you an arm. You can check the details of the product here.

Don Francisco’s Hawaiian Hazelnut Flavored Ground Coffee

Don Francisco’s Coffee comes with coffee having exotic flavor. The coffee is made up of 100% Arabica beans that are medium roasted. The item is processed and packed in the US.

You will love the enchanting flavor of rich hazelnut, along with a touch of coconut and vanilla in it. The perpetually hot cup of coffee made from Don Francisco’s coffee will keep you alive the whole day.

The product is packaged in a stainless steel can in which the product remains fresh and great. The can is recyclable, giving a friendly gesture to our environment.

With a nutty flavor and a sweet aroma of cinnamon, you will feel like indulging in a cup of coffee. You will feel the freshness of coffee in every sip. The hazelnut flavor is not too overpowering. With the hint of coconut and french vanilla, the coffee refreshes you to the soul.

The product will last a year-long from the day of purchase. The product is available in a pack of 3 with cans, with each can having 12 ounces of ground coffee. You will not find such genuinely strong coffee at such a reasonable price Click here to find more about the product.

Make Your Own Hazelnut Coffee

You must be tired of the strong artificial flavors of syrup coffees. Now that you are here, we will not let you leave in disappointment. You can make your own hazelnut brew at home.

Give Beans A Roast

Hazelnut coffee that you find in the market is usually light to medium roasted However;, when you are making it at home, you can make dark roast hazelnut as well. Just pick a roast according to your choice and go for it.

Grab A Bag Full Of Hazelnut

Finding hazelnuts is not a task. You can get them from any grocery store nearby. Make sure to pick some shelled and unsalted hazelnuts because you are not going to munch them on a winter evening; you need them for your coffee.


This is the most exciting step. You are going to grind your beans and hazelnuts in a grinder. You need to take a ratio of them according to your preferences, but adding one part nuts and two parts beans will do the job. You don’t need to add hazelnut equal to or more than coffee beans as it will ruin the taste of the coffee.

Prepare Coffee Of Your Choice

It’s up to you. Brew your coffee whatever the way you want and enjoy your day with a homemade hazelnut coffee

The best thing about making flavored coffee at home is that you can add the ingredients according to your taste without making it look artificial. You can make any kind of flavored coffee this way. Add the ingredient according to the flavor of your choice, and you are good to go. Making a coffee at home ensures that you are adding fresh beans without any artificial flavors. The coffee is healthy and free of sweeteners.

Coffee Roast – Best Roast For Hazelnut Whole Bean Coffee?

Roasting is the most important step in the process of making coffee. Roasting coffee brings out the taste and aroma of the coffee beans. To roast the coffee beans, the beans are heated at a really high temperature and then cooled down quickly.

After roasting the beans, they become crunchy. Beans are now ready to be ground and brewed. After roasting the coffee beans, it is necessary to utilize them as soon as possible; otherwise, the taste and fresh flavor disappear.

Different people love to take different roasted coffees, which depends upon personal choice and geographic location as well. Generally, beans roasting are divided into four categories on the basis of color– light-medium, medium-dark and dark. Also, the best hazelnut k cup is actually light roast, and the best hazelnut coffee powder is dark roast, so it depends on what you like.

Light Roasts

This roast is the lightest in color and has no oil on the surface. Basically, the beans are not given enough time that the oil would break through the surface. Light roasts are for milder coffees. Light roasts coffees have bright flavors and crisp acidity.

Medium Roasts

The surface of medium roast beans is also non-oily. The beans are of medium brown color. These types of coffees usually have a rounded profile with a medium body and acidity. Medium roasts are typically preferred in the US, so it is also termed as American roast. The taste of medium roasted coffee is sweet and quite balanced.

Medium-Dark Roasts

A medium-dark roast is just in between medium and dark roasted coffee. It has a sort of dark brown color, and a little oil on the surface Medium-roast coffee beans have a bittersweet kind of taste It has a strong flavor and aroma while the acidity totally disappears.

Dark Roasts

These beans are particularly strong and have high-altitude bitterness. Due to longer roast time, the color of the beans turn shiny dark and have a large amount of oil on its surface. The original taste of the coffee almost disappears. What you taste is a roasted taste of beans.

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Frequently asked questions

Does hazelnut coffee contain hazelnut?

No, hazelnut is not utilized in the preparation of hazelnut flavored coffee. Natural and synthetic flavors are added to give it hazelnut flavor.

I am allergic to nuts. Can I drink hazelnut flavored coffee?

The flavor of hazelnut in the coffee is not extracted from the hazelnuts. Natural and synthetic flavor chemicals are combined to give off hazelnut aroma and taste in the coffee. However, you should always check the ingredients before purchasing a bag of coffee.

Is there any other way to prepare hazelnut flavored coffee?

You can use three different methods that include hazelnut flavored syrup hazelnut flavored coffee and preparing hazelnut flavor at home.

While adding syrup to the fresh, high-quality coffee beans, you are adding a lot of sweeteners. Purchasing a flavored coffee pack means low-quality beans. The best option is preparing the hazelnut flavor at home.

Is flavored coffee bad for my health?

Up to some extent, it is bad for you. Flavored coffees contain around 85% of propylene glycol, which is dangerous for your health. However, some companies add a safe amount of this chemical, which you can take without any stress.

Does flavored coffee contain sugar?

No, a regular flavored coffee does not contain sugar. Suppose you feel anything sweet that is just the flavor. However, the coffee contains sugar if the syrup is added to it for flavoring.

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In conclusion

Hazelnut or any other flavor in the coffee makes it a thousand times better. We understand that some people are not accustomed to the bitterness of the coffee, so they go for some flavored coffees. This, later on, becomes a guilty pleasure for them.

Old coffee beans are used in making flavored coffees so that they can easily grasp the flavor from artificial chemicals. This gives a very strong and overpowering aroma and taste to the coffee.

Flavored coffees can never be a healthy choice. If you are addicted to flavored coffees, try to make them as healthy as possible Be sure to check out the ingredients in the coffee product you are about to purchase Never settle for less as the greatest wealth is your health.

We have researched and selected some of the best hazelnut coffees in the town. Grab your favorite one and enjoy flavored caffeinating.

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