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Low-Calorie Dunkin Drinks: Here’s The 10 Healthiest

Coffee makes us energized and makes us fueled. Some people cannot function through the day without caffeine in their system. Also, we are conscious of how many calories we are taking in every cup of coffee. Here are healthy Dunkin drinks for you!

Read forward to find out what are the recommendations on what to order during days when you do not feel like drinking a big chunk of sugar in your Dunkin drink.

Healthy could mean different things to different people. Gender, age, diet limitations, and lifestyle all have a role in our overall health. In this article, it is assumed that a healthy Dunkin drink is less than 100 calories.

Healthy Dunkin Drinks

1. Black Breakfast Tea

Calories: 0

It is one of Dunkin’s sugar-free flavors. If you’re looking for a calorie-free beverage, this is a great choice. Black breakfast tea can is a type of tea that has a stronger flavor compared to green tea and some herbal teas. Camellia sinensis is the plant that produces black tea.

Quick Fact: The component of black tea has less caffeine content compared to coffee. Because of this reason, many people choose tea over coffee for health purposes.

The tea also comes with many health benefits. Teas are known for having anti-oxidants that eradicate potential harmful matters in our body system.

2. Espresso

Calories: 5

Dunkin espressos are blended with sweet caramel and bittersweet chocolate
Dunkin espressos are blended with sweet caramel and bittersweet chocolate

This is the way to go if you need a strong caffeine hit. This is for the people who need full caffeine for a hectic day ahead. For a smooth and robust flavor, these espressos are blended with sweet caramel and bittersweet chocolate. With no added sugar, it is just five calories. Staying focused and being healthy in a shot.

3. Hot Cappuccino

Calories: 45 to 80

A cappuccino is made by grinding espresso beans then brewed before being mixed with steaming milk. A thick layer of creamy foam coats this beverage. You can choose between 45 calories of skim milk or 80 calories of full milk. This drink has additional protein and calcium, thanks to the milk! It is recommended for people who like a bit of creamy coffee.

4. Berry Hibiscus Iced Tea

Calories: 0

Berry Hibiscus Iced Tea is low-calorie Dunkin’ iced tea
Berry Hibiscus Iced Tea is low-calorie Dunkin’ iced tea

Hibiscus tea is a crimson drink made from the dried parts of the hibiscus plant. The tea smells like flowers and is high in antioxidants. It contains sweet and sharp tastes like cranberry. This tea can be served hot or iced. Recent research has looked into hibiscus’ potential significance in the treatment of high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Quick Fact: Furthermore, this low-calorie Dunkin’ iced tea offers numerous health benefits, including being beneficial for the liver, fighting bacteria, aiding in weight loss, and lowering blood pressure.

However, make sure to specify the Dunkin sugar-free varieties when placing your order. Sugar is the main culprit of calories and diseases.

5. Americano

Calories: 5

This drink is made through the combination of espresso shots with water and it has an intensity similar to black coffee with a distinct flavor. The intensity of this low-calorie drink is determined by how many espresso shots and how much water is added.

Dunkin’ blends two espresso shots with water to create a rich, powerful beverage. You can also order in iced.

6. Iced Tea Unsweetened

Calories: 5

Iced Tea Unsweetened
Iced Tea Unsweetened

Unsweetened tea is your best bet if you want a drink other than coffee to wake you up and keep you focused. Unsweetened iced tea has two significant advantages over sweet tea. It contains fewer calories and contains less sugar.

An 8-ounce serving of bottled sweet iced tea has 89 calories and 22 grams of sugar, but when it is brewed, unsweetened black iced tea has only 2 calories.

Tea also has benefits for your health and your body system. It has 5 calories only and is at least 25 percent less sugar and calories than other tea of the same size. It is best for the hot summer days too!

7. Macchiato

Calories: 50

This drink is made of two shots of espresso and then stacked between cream milk and milk froth. Of course, the strength of your macchiato is determined by the number of shots in it. The larger the macchiato, the more espresso it contains and the stronger it is.

Quick Fact: Dunkin’ version of macchiato is served with skim milk and is just 50 calories per serving, whether served hot or iced.

8. Chamomile Fields Herbal Infusion Tea

Calories: 0

Dunkin Chamomile tea has a taste profile that includes herbal and fruity overtones
Dunkin Chamomile tea has a taste profile that includes herbal and fruity overtones

Chamomile tea has a taste profile that includes herbal and fruity overtones, as well as a refreshing finish. The light, airy flavor is virtually universally praised, and the perfume is pleasant and fragrant.

One of the best things about these low-calorie Dunkin’ drinks is that they aid in better sleep. Apigenin, an antioxidant found in chamomile, aids in the treatment of insomnia. Other advantages include curing moderate skin diseases, avoiding osteoporosis, and lowering blood sugar levels.

9. Cool Mint Herbal Infusion Tea

Calories: 0

The tea is a caffeine-free herbal infusion with peppermint leaves and natural herbs for a refreshing flavor. It is a very nutritious drink that relieves muscle tension and stress. Mint tea also offers other advantages, such as easing stomach distress, relieving headaches, reducing bad breath, fighting bacteria, and improving focus.

10. Shakerato

Calories: 70

Dunkin Shakerato is made with two shots of sweet espresso
Dunkin Shakerato is made with two shots of sweet espresso

Dunkin’ has now debuted an exclusive range of handmade beverages, one of them is the Shakerato. Shakerato is made with two shots of sweet espresso mixed together to form a chilly froth layer. It is an espresso mixed with sugar or syrup and served over ice.

A fast and easy way to cool down a freshly made espresso is to shake an espresso shot in a cocktail shaker with some ice. The cream, the sweet froth on top of the drink, is also delicious. It is only 70 calories in this frozen specialty drink.


When you just want a doughnut or pastries, do not put yourself out by drinking a beverage that will sabotage your health. Choose something that is a healthier version that is less sugar, and low in calories. By just choosing the right drink, you can add nutritional value, antioxidants, and energy to your body.

There are options on the menu for the less sugary and less caloric drinks. You just have to keep in mind that health is important before choosing anything on the menu.

You have already consumed a lot of calories from the fries and bagels, so do not add more calories by eating them with a hot coffee or tea.

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