How Much Caffeine Is In Tim Hortons Coffee? Here’s The Truth

Coffee lovers are increasing daily, age isn’t even a matter to some, coffee is becoming a part of their lives, and because of this reason, coffee-serving restaurants are expanding all over the globe. The restaurant that serves various coffee-based beverages and is a fast service Canadian-based is what we’re going to talk about, Tim Hortons.

Tim Hortons has expanded all over the years, their outlets can be spotted in plenty of countries – The Philippines, China, United Kingdom, Spain, and many more.

Tim Hortons beverage caffeine amounts.

Since Tim Hortons is a Canadian-based restaurant, here is the complete list of amounts of caffeine in the Canadian branches of Tim Hortons.

Tim Hortons beverage caffeine amounts.
Tim Hortons beverage caffeine amounts.

Each beverage is listed with the format – drink variety, caffeine amounts in small, medium, large, and extra large sizes .

Drink Variety Caffeine Amounts
Caffeine Amounts Medium Caffeine Amounts
Caffeine Amounts
Extra Large
Coffee 140mg205mg270mg330mg
Decaffeinated Coffee6mg9mg12mg15mg
Dark Roast Coffee130mg195mg260mg315mg
Espresso Shot 125mg
Americano 205mg
Cappuccino 205mg
Hot Latte 205mg
Mocha Latte 215mg
Caramel Latte 205mg
Vanilla Latte 205mg
English Toffee Cappuccino60mg80mg110mg135mg
French Vanilla Cappuccino 60mg 80mg 110mg 135mg
Cafe Mocha90mg135mg165mg200mg
Dream Latte Chocolate 65mg95mg120mg
Dream Latte Vanilla 35mg50mg70mg
Dream Latte Caramel 35mg 50mg 70mg
Hot Tea Latte0-50mg0-70mg0-100mg
Hot Smoothee
Hot Chocolate15mg20mg30mg35mg
Flavor Shots
Apple Cider
Iced Latte205mg
Iced Cappuccino 205mg
Mocha Iced Latte 215mg
Iced Coffee60mg130mg160mg
Mocha Iced
White Tea12mg20mg25mg30mg
Steeped Tea90mg125mg175mg210mg
Bagged Tea- chai50mg70mg100mg 170mg
Bagged Tea- green 25mg35mg50mg60mg
Bagged Tea – all black varities 50mg 70mg 100mg 170mg
Decaffeinated Orange Pekoe6mg9mg12mg15mg
Bottled Teas20mg

This complete list is according to Ted Kallymer, 25th of February, 2021 in caffeneinformer. The list of their beverages varies from country to country due to availability and season. Nevertheless, Tim Hortons is a successful coffee restaurant that is known worldwide.

Caffeine in Tim Hortons’ instant coffee.

Tim Hortons beverage caffeine amounts.
Tim Hortons beverage caffeine amounts.

Tim Hortons doesn’t only sell in physical stores, their products can also be bought online. In Amazon, instant coffee, ground, and K-cup pod from Tim Hortons can be purchased. Unfortunately, the amount of caffeine in instant coffee products of Tim Hortons is not specific but there is an existing guide for instant coffees.

Quick Fact: The caffeine amount of 57mg is a moderate amount for an 8fl oz cup or 237ml serving size. The amount of caffeine differentiates depending on the serving size and the product seller itself.

In conclusion, Tim Hortons is a big restaurant with outlets in different countries around the world. Because of the reasonable value and the variety of products they offer, they became famous. Their beverages’ caffeine amounts vary on the different products and flavors sold, as well as the prices.

It is also very convenient that their products can be bought online through Amazon and deliveries in certain locations, it is not a problem for those who are not capable of going to their physical stores.

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