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Is Bang Bad For You? Bang Ingredients Listed

Bang is the most recent craze when it comes to caffeinated drinks. Bang energy drinks boast of having zero carbohydrates, zero sugar, and zero calories.

However, they are rich in supplements athletes swear by that are namely creatine and branched-chain amino acids or BCAAs. They also contain a lot of caffeine that many like in energy drinks.

Many still, however, ask the question, just how much creatine is in Bang energy drinks? And along with this, other questions that follow are, what is creatine? And do creatine-rich Bang energy drinks have any positive benefits to our health? Read along as we look into what Bang energy drinks contain and answer all these questions.

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What are in Bang energy drinks?

What are in Bang energy drinks?
What are in Bang energy drinks?

A 16-ounce can of Bang energy drink contains 300 milligrams (mg) of caffeine. 300 mg is exactly 3 cups of coffee in one Bang energy drink can. We should keep in mind that the daily caffeine limit for humans is 400 mg. 300 mg is very close to that. 300 mg of caffeine can still be a lot to drink all at once in a 16-ounce can of Bang energy drink.

Jitters and anxiety are some side effects that one may have after a can of Bang energy drink that one should still be careful with consuming one daily. Although not reported by the company that produces them, Bang energy drinks also have creatine and branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs).

Creatine is an amino acid found in the brain and the muscles. It is in the form of phosphocreatine there. They are stored there, in that form, for later use as energy. From what we’ve learned in school, amino acids are all the proteins’ building blocks. It, therefore, follows that BCAAs are very useful in building and repairing muscles.

A 16-ounce can of Bang energy drink has approximately 4-32.5 mg of creatine. A person is allowed 5 grams of creatine a day. A can of Bang energy drink does not have much creatine to cause significant harm to the drinker’s body.

The kind of creatine in Bang is the super creatine. This creatine is bound to L-Leucine thus, making the resulting compound water-stable. The creatine and the L-Leucine reportedly help with mental focus. It can cross the blood-brain barrier with ease. There is no FDA evaluation for this yet.

It is advisable to take this information about super creatine with a grain of salt for now. The Bang energy drinks also have Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). The mitochondria use CoQ10 to produce energy. CoQ10 supplements are popular now in America because of their many benefits to the body.

The company that makes Bang energy drinks also do not report the amount of CoQ10 in a can of it. It is, however, estimated that a can of it contains approximately 0.25 to 4 mg of CoQ10. The body usually can take 90-200 mg of CoQ10 in supplement every day.

Quick Fact: Bang energy drinks also have sucralose or Splenda and Ace-K or acesulfame potassium. Both are artificial sweeteners. These sweeteners keep Bang energy drinks with zero calories making it healthy to have at least a can of, as needed daily.

What is Super Creatine?

As mentioned earlier, super creatine binds with L-Leucine. This binding of super creatine with L-Leucine results in a substance that’s water-stable. It can cross the blood-brain barrier with ease and help us mentally focus well on the tasks we need to do every day.
The FDA has yet to confirm this.

However, some claim to have finished tasks well for the day after drinking a can of Bang energy drink. If you have some things to complete that need you to be completely focused on, then a can of Bang can help you with them.

How much Super Creatine is in a can of Bang?

A can of Bang energy drink has between 4 to 32.5 mg of super creatine. The recommended amount of super creatine a person can have per day is 5 grams. The amount of creatine that a 16-ounce can of Bang energy drink has is healthy.

Do Bang Energy drinks have any benefits?

Do Bang Energy drinks have any benefits?
Do Bang Energy drinks have any benefits?

Bang energy drinks do have benefits. A can of Bang energy drinks can help one focus on their work tasks. A can of Bang energy drinks also provides the drinker with a good amount of energy to work their day away.

A can of Bang energy drink with 300 mg of caffeine can keep you awake. You can drink instead of coffee if you’re not too into the coffee. Some people prefer energy drinks as a source of caffeine to coffee.

Quick Fact: Keep in mind that Bang energy drinks are artificially sweetened. They can trigger a craving for more sugary foods. The artificial sweeteners that a can of Bang energy drink can be unhealthy for you, then.

However, you can choose to drink a can of Bang energy drinks a day to keep this from happening frequently.

People advise drinking cans of energy drinks in moderation because of the different things they contain. For instance, one can not be sure how much creatine a can of energy drinks like Bang contains. It can be an unhealthy amount of creatine or the opposite. In cases like this, it helps to read articles similar to this.

Articles like this help us be aware of the nutrient contents of drinks and other healthy food you consume. Energy drinks are healthy for the body when taken in moderation. Before settling for an energy drink of your choice to help you with your tasks for the day, make sure to look into its contents first.

Hopefully, this article has helped you in choosing Bang energy drinks. A can of Bang energy drinks contains healthy amounts of super creatine, caffeine, artificial sweeteners, CoQ10, and more. You can be sure to have energy throughout the day after drinking one of these.

Just make sure not to go beyond one can of Bang energy drinks a day as needed. Too much of it can be unhealthy for you. There are many kinds of Bang energy drinks to try. You can choose one among many that best suits your taste.

Bang energy drinks are the rage for a reason. The nutrients that cans of Bang energy drinks have made it a favorite of many today.

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