What To Do With A Old Coffee Maker – How To Dispose Of Coffee Maker

If you have been wondering what to do with old coffee maker. Well, you have come to the right place, here we are going to be going over how to dispose of a old coffee maker!

how to dispose of a coffee maker

When our coffee maker’s life has run its course, or when we want to upgrade it, it is entirely normal to feel at a loss when thinking about what to do with it. No one really knows How to dispose of a coffee maker at the top of their heads, and there are many options to choose from:

  • If your coffee machine is still working, the best option is to sell it or donate it. There will be heaps people wanting to take it off your hands, and it will still have plenty of use in someone else’s house.
  • If the coffee maker doesn’t work anymore, think about recycling it: remove the electronic components and give it to your children to play with, or turn it into a modern flower pot. If you’d rather dispose of it, some brands allow machines that don’t work to be returned to the company; and some towns offer recycling centers for small appliances too!

4 Places To Dispose of Your Coffee Maker

1. Donate It

If the coffee maker is still working perfectly, why not ask a few friends to see if they need it? Trust me, you never know.

2. Try Your Local Goodwill Store

Yes, Goodwill offers e-waste recycle services. So, pick up the phone and just call them to see if they are willing to accept your coffee maker.

3. Return It To Where You Bought It

If you bought your coffee maker from a local store, they might be willing to take it back for recycling. This is mandatory in some states, so make sure you check the rules in your state concerning that. However, if you bought it from an online shop, then you might want to use the other places suggested in the article.

4. Have You Tried The Manufacturer?

Most manufacturers offer a recycling program. So, if you have any local representative of manufacturer around, do not hesitate to send the coffee maker there. Also, you can mail it to them if they do not have a local store around you.

Are coffee makers e-waste?

This is a very common question we get because people are not sure whether or not to consider coffee makers as e-waste. Well, here is a rule of thumb, if you can plug the appliance in or it includes a circuit board, it will be considered e-waste. So, anything e-waste can not be disposed of in your trash bin.

how to dispose of old coffee maker


So, if your coffee maker is still good to use, try to not throw it away, maybe give it to someone you know, or many Salvos or charity places would love a coffee machine to donate! Before you donate, just make sure you clean up the machine! If you are going to recycle Keurig machine or wondering how to dispose of Keurig brewer, it is the same as any coffee maker!

Now, there are many e-waste companies that are in every city around the world, and with the global pandemic, many of them are accepting mail in. So you can either drop off or mail your coffee maker!

Also, there are companies that may pick them up. Companies such as LoadUp are some of the companies I have used in the past to dispose of my old coffee makers.

Overall, there are many ways you can dispose of your old coffee maker, but you just have to find the right way for you, and the way that will be easiest in your situation! If you are looking for more coffee guides, we have a guide on how to turn off your Keurig descale light, and a Nespresso kitchenaid review!

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