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How To Make Freddo Espresso (Quick & Easy)

Do you love coffee? What about iced coffee? If you ask me then heck yeah I absolutely love some coffee. Whether it’s iced, hot, or frozen, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying some coffee. Now, in this article, we will be talking about Espresso Freddo. I certainly hope you love it once you try it.

How To Make Espresso Freddo

Espresso Freddo was founded in the early ’90s. We can all thank the Greeks for our iced coffee. They first invented the frappe’ in the 1950s. Not long after that, they found the cousin to our subject today, which was the Freddo cappuccino. Then of course they founded Espresso Freddo over a decade after that.

Now I am going to tell you how to make Espresso Freddo. It is one of the best-iced coffees life has to offer. How do you make Espresso Freddo?

How do you make Espresso Freddo?
How do you make Espresso Freddo?

Well, it is fairly easy to make once you go over the steps. You want to start off by making two espresso shots. Use any coffee of your choice. As for me, I like dark brew coffees. Some people may even want to use instant coffee. That is just fine.

You can even choose to make decaffeinated coffee. If you do not have an espresso machine do not worry. I do not have one. What I do is take my Keurig machine only put a little over an ounce of water and brew one coffee pod.

I do this twice and make two espresso shots. If you want to sweeten it you might want to go ahead and add it to your freshly brewed espresso shots. It’ll be hot and steaming. That way it will be well mixed. Mixing it in after it’s cold will make it hard for sugar to melt.

Unless you are using syrup then you could add it in after it is cold. Still mixes better when it is hot. Add a sweetener of your choice. You could use regular sugar or if you want, Splenda or Truvia is also options. If you are on a diet or need to cut back on sugar those are great choices.

Then you will pour the two sweetened espresso shots over one cup of ice in a container with a lid. You can use a recycled jar or a bottle that has a lid. You may also use a cocktail shaker if you are fancy like that.

Shoot you can even use some Tupperware. Shake and shake until your heart is content. Next, you pour your well-mixed concoction over into a glass of your choice with fresh ice. Last but not least enjoy your very own Espresso Freddo with a straw or no straw. Your choice, no pressure.

Presto! You have made an Espresso Freddo all on your own with ingredients from your very own house.

Down below is a list of ingredients you will need:


Freddo Espresso Ingredients
Freddo Espresso Ingredients
  • 2 Espresso shots (your choice of coffee)
  • 2 cups of ice (one for mixing and one for your glass)
  • Your choice of sweetener (or none if you prefer) (ex. Truvia, sugar, syrup, etc.)


Directions On How To Make Freddo Espresso
Directions On How To Make Freddo Espresso
  1. Brew your two espresso shots
  2. Add in the sweetener of your choice
  3. Pour your two sweetened espresso shots over one cup of ice in a container with a lid.
  4. Shake it! Shake it until a nice foam is made on the top of the coffee
  5. Pour into your glass with the other cup of ice
  6. Enjoy!

Quick Fact: If you are looking for an Espresso Freddo from Starbucks then unfortunately you will find that they do not have that on their menu. Finding the Espresso Freddo in restaurants or cafes like Starbucks actually is not easy.

They are more common in Greece than they are in the United States. They do serve a Freddo cappuccino. It is close to the Espresso Freddo but definitely not the real thing. They are actually closely related and considered cousins.

Starbucks has an espresso machine that makes their espresso. It is an espresso machine that is exclusive just to Starbucks. It is called the Mastrena. They take the espresso and pour it over the ice (not mixing it). They then use a blender. They blend the milk to get a cold foam. Lastly, they pour it over the top of the cold espresso, and voila. This is how Starbucks makes it.

It is not authentic but it is close to it. Although, you now know how Espresso Freddo is made if you read the article above. So, next time you go to Starbucks and you want an Espresso Freddo here is a little hack. Ask your barista for two espresso shots shaken.

You can ask for a sweetener added to the espresso shots like syrup. They have many to choose from. Try getting chocolate or caramel. Mmmm sure sounds tasty. You can experiment with all the different flavors. It could definitely be fun to do. Then ask for a tall scoop of ice in your cup and poof, Espresso Freddo.

They might ask you if you want a whipped topping. I’m not against it could add some flare. They might have other similar ones, they should definitely add it to the menu. As for now, we will just have to settle for the Freddo cappuccino or the hack I have shared with you.

So, I have explained to you how to make Espresso Freddo. If you have coffee and ice then you can make your very own from home. There is really nothing to it. Brew your espresso and get your ice and shake shake shake. Get your glass and pour. Do not worry if you do not want to make it yourself you can get Starbucks to make it.

They do not have it on their menu but you can use my hack or simply order the Freddo Cappuccino. Either way, you make it or get it just be sure to enjoy every drop of it. Thank you for reading my article. I hope you enjoyed it just as much as the Espresso Freddo that you make.

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