How To Make Keurig Hot Chocolate – Keurig Hot Chocolate Guide

There’s nothing better than sitting inside on a cold morning and having a nice warm hot chocolate. If you have e a Keurig, you may have experienced some difficulty creating a nice Keurig hot chocolate, as Keurig is infamous for creating not great hot chocolates.

To make your K-cup of hot chocolate better and tastier, you need to change the way you make the hot chocolate, and through this article, we’ll be telling how to make a Keurig hot chocolate and how to make Keurig hot chocolate taste better.

how to make keurig hot chocolate taste better

How To Make Hot Chocolate With A Keurig

The process of making a hot chocolate with a Keurig is quite simple, but we’ll tell you hot to make it because to improve it, you first need to have the basics on how to make it.

  1. You will first insert the hot chocolate pod into the Keurig; you have to lower the bail.
  2. Then on your Keurig, press the “Hot Cocoa” button on the screen; this will tell the Keurig to brew a hot cocoa/chocolate.
  3. Finally, to brew your hot chocolate, you must press the brew button on your Keurig and wait for your hot chocolate brew.

Overall, it is relatively easy to make a hot chocolate with Keurig, but the hard part is making a tasty hot chocolate. Well, here are five in-depth tips to make a tasty hot chocolate.

5 Ways To Make Your Hot Chocolate Taste Better

Thicken It

A way to create a better hot chocolate is to thicken it. You want a hot chocolate that has flavor throughout, so you can use a slurry solution that will thicken your hot chocolate. Another way to thicken hot chocolate is to use whipped cream. Thickening hot chocolate will make it taste much better, and it is quite easy to do. This will stop your hot chocolate from being watery and give your hot chocolate a better sense of flavor.

Spice It Up

Listen, if you have the same hot chocolate every day, you may be limiting yourself. You can spice up your cup of hot chocolate by adding a marshmallow to spice up the flavor of your hot chocolate. Another way you can spice up a Keurig hot chocolate is by using a different pod flavor. This may allow you to get a new tasting hot chocolate, and can improve the taste!


If your searching for that creamy texture for your hot chocolate, you will have to give your hot chocolate that high-quality texture. You are able to add froth to your coffee by putting milk in a cup, and shaking it up, and adding it to your hot chocolate. This will create an amazing brew, and you won’t regret it. If you are looking for a non-dairy option, this won’t be possible as to add froth; you need to add milk to your hot chocolate.


Milk is one of the key ingredients in turning a Keurig hot chocolate from an average tasting hot chocolate to a high-quality, tasty hot chocolate. To do this, just add warm milk into your cup of hot chocolate; this will give your hot chocolate a thicker and creamier taste. You can get any milk you want. Make sure you leave enough space for your hot chocolate to be poured into the cup.

Or, you can do it the other way round and add the milk after, it depends on what is easier for you. Overall, milk is one of the best ways to improve your hot chocolate taste; you will not regret adding milk to your Keurig.


To make your hot chocolate pop in taste, there are a few things you can add to improve the flavor of your hot chocolate. There are many things to add; these include flavors such as espresso, cinnamon, mint, and nuts. All these flavors are great ways to improve your hot chocolate and will definitely improve your hot chocolate experience.

Will Hot Chocolate Clog A Keurig?

This is a common question we receive, but the easy answer is no, it will not. Unless you use an everyday brand for your Keurig, you will be fine. To make sure you don’t clog up your Keurig (which can be a huge pain), just make sure you use fine cocoa powder or K-pods to make your hot chocolate. Otherwise, it may clog up.

Best Hot Chocolate For Keurig?

The pod is the most important part of brewing yourself a hot chocolate. You want a pod that will create the best hot chocolate for a Keurig. The Keurig brand has K-pods for brewing hot chocolate with its machines; however, there are a variety of brands you can use. Some of the best brands you can use to create an amazing hot chocolate include Starbucks K-Cup, Grove Square Hot Chocolate, and the Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa.


There you have it, our guide on how to make a Keurig hot chocolate, and how to make a Keurig hot chocolate taste better. We hope you were able to learn something from this guide, and like always, enjoy your CozyCoffee! Check out our Does coffee go bad guide, and what is espresso guide! Or even our guide on how many watts a Keurig uses!

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