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How To Store Coffee Beans: Best Way To Store Coffee Beans Guide

how to store coffee beans

When it comes to coffee, what people want most is a strong taste, aroma, and freshness with each cup. To successfully achieve this, it is important to ensure that you are always following the proper way of storing coffee beans, which will guarantee that they will manage to retain their enticing smell and a special taste for as long as possible. If you are a coffee drinker and enjoy a cup of energy-giving brew in the morning or in the afternoon, you should learn how to keep your beans in the best condition possible, to keep your coffee aromatic and full of flavor in every cup. The following tips you will read here will help ensure that your coffee beans stay fresh and appetizing.

Roasted coffee beans tend to lose their beautiful scent and aroma if exposed to environmental factors for too long. The air and humidity in the atmosphere change the quality of the coffee extremely quickly, so it is important to know how to keep the coffee in the freshest condition for a longer time which you will find it is not difficult to do with common items in your household and by following a few key methods.

When thinking about the best option on how to achieve longevity of your coffee bean freshness, you need to consider certain conditions that affect the aroma and freshness of your coffee, such as heat and light, which are some of the main factors that influence and affect coffee beans the most Exposure to light, or sun.

Makes coffee beans taste and smell stale. For those reasons, it is good to keep your coffee in opaque containers and cool places. To stay fresh and flavorful for a long period, coffee must be stored in its natural form. Therefore it is recommended to grind as much coffee daily as you need to prepare the brew at any given time and to not create a stockpile of ground coffee. So here is our guide on the best way to store coffee beans!

how to store coffee beans long term

The type of coffee you tend to purchase

Ideally, whenever possible, you should purchase un-roasted coffee beans; the reason for this is because they can be stored much more conveniently and for a longer period of time without losing their particular qualities. You can find coffee roasters available for purchase, it will be a fun activity, and apart from having the freshest cup of coffee every single day. It will fill your kitchen with the wonderful fragrance of freshly roasted coffee. But if you don’t want to burden yourself with the task of roasting the beans every time you need to brew a cup of coffee, consider purchasing roasted coffee beans from a store, ideally a store which specializes in this, there is a big chance they have on offer recently roasted beans. If you are not sure of the origin and age of the coffee beans offered by the store seller, choose to purchase vacuum-sealed coffee beans containers.

Regardless of the type of coffee you buy. Refrain from asking the seller to grind your beans at the store, as ground coffee loses its properties faster than coffee beans. There is a risk that it will no longer retain its lovely taste by the time you get home, which will result in a big disappointment, and a less than ideal cup of coffee. Coffee beans have a naturally occurring protective coating that retains natural oils and. Once broken, leaves the beans exposed to environmental influences such as the air or natural light. Make sure you get familiar with grinding your own coffee beans at home to benefit from all its nutritional and antioxidant wonderful qualities and for a great tasting brew every time.

storing whole bean coffee

1. Store the coffee in an airtight container

A classic coffee box. made out of metal or ceramic and covered by a lid. It is a good choice for storage, but coffee beans can be stored even better if kept in an airtight container. Coffee should be stored away from light and heat, so it is advisable to keep a jar or box of matte ceramic with a sealed rubber lid. As most special coffee containers are produced to comply with this principle of tightness, to ensure that the coffee beans stay fresh. It is advisable to fill up the jar or box to its maximum capacity, always allowing in as little air as possible between the beans and container lid. Properly stored, the coffee beans retain their freshness for longer. Still, it is nevertheless recommended that they are consumed a few weeks after the purchase. This is why it is a much better idea to buy smaller amounts of coffee more often, instead of purchasing a large stock in a single shopping session. This is the best way to store coffee beans, and if you were wondering how to store whole coffee beans, this a great way.

If you choose to keep the coffee in its original packaging, be sure to close the bag tightly after opening it for the first time, sealing with a clip or peg if you have one to hand. Also, before sealing the bag. Remove as much air as you possbily can from it to prevent air and moisture from entering. With the air removed and packaging sealed, you are guaranteed to keep the freshness for longer.

The quality of the coffee beans

Keeping the coffee beans fresh and enhancing their aroma begins at the moment of their purchase. The essential condition for making a good cup of coffee is buying the highest quality coffee beans available and affordable to you. Cheaper coffee usually translates to lower quality, neither maintained nor ground as well as good coffee. It is ideal to buy only as much coffee per week as you need to prepare your energizing brew and purchase again once the supply is exhausted. For the best morning cup of coffee, the beans must be or the best quality. Fresh, well-roasted coffee should not be very acidic, and its aromas should be delightful and intense. Spend some time getting to know coffee types and brands and research what is the highest quality within your price range and suited to your particular taste.

how to store ground coffee

Look for the roasting date on the coffee packaging.

We all know about the importance of nutrition for our health and vitality. Whenever we purchase food, whether it is vegetables, fruits, meat, and all the rest, the date of production is an essential aspect. Coffee is also an agricultural product, part of our daily diet. Coffee beans are rich in vitamins, minerals, and natural fats, which bring many benefits to the proper functioning of our bodies. Because it is a perishable product, we must assign a lot of importance to the freshness of the coffee we consume. Therefore, it is much more useful to look at the packaging for the roasting date and shelf life. Doing so will ensure that you are fully benefiting from the health qualities coffee can bring to you as part of your diet.

Do not freeze the coffee.

You may read or discover that there is an idea that coffee beans keep their freshness for a longer period of time if they are kept frozen in the freezer, but this is far from being true, quite the contrary, in fact. Coffee has the property of absorbing the scent and taste of other foods meaning that if stored in close proximity of other food types may start to lose the coffee aroma. Excessive moisture will also accelerate the damage of the coffee beans and start to degrade them. For this reason, it is not a very good idea to store them in the refrigerator or freezer. Each time the container is opened or subjected to temperature changes, condensation will occur, compromising the beans.

If you do want to store coffee in the refrigerator or freezer, it is advisable to use airtight containers whenever you can. In addition to this, do not subject the coffee to a freeze-thaw cycle. There is a risk of condensation, and thus the coffee loses its freshness, delightful aroma due to the disintegration of the existing natural oils and freshness of the beans, leaving you with a bland and disappointing coffee taste and minimizing the health benefits mentioned previously. Freezing Coffee beans is not a good way to store coffee, and if you were wondering how to keep coffee beans fresh, airtight containers. Also do not refrigerate coffee as it makes go stale. The best way to store ground coffee beans, is a airtight container.

How Long Do Coffee Beans Last

If you wondering how long do coffee beans last, you should know that ground coffee retains its freshness for only 10 days after roasting and coffee beans for 30 days after roasting.


So the next time you purchase coffee, regardless of its type, buy only the necessary amount of coffee beans for a short period of time. Keep in mind, that when it comes to the best way on how to store your coffee beans, it will always boil down to the classic method, which is storing it in a tightly, opaque, closed container, away from factors like heat sources, in a place away from light, moisture and avoiding cross-contamination with other food products. That way, you 100% will avoid a lot of disappointment and ensuring its delicious aroma will stay intact for you to enjoy for many days to come. If you want more guides, we have guides one the best coffee syrups and best coffee scales on our site!

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