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Keurig Coffee Maker Problems – Keurig Not Working & How To Fix It

Keurig is one of the most popular and well-known coffee makers in the world right now. Keurig is a top-quality coffee maker, but just like most coffee makers, they have their problems. The best way to fix these problems is to troubleshoot them and get to the bottom of the problem.

So, in this article, we are going to be going over common Keurig problems and how to fix them effectively. Let’s get into it!

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Keurig Not Working – 10 Common Problems

  1. How To Fix The Leakage From Your Keurig
  2. Keurig Not Dispensing Water
  3. The Amount Of Coffee Keurig Brews It Too Little
  4. My Keurig Coffee Tastes Bad
  5. My Keurig Dispenses To Much Coffee
  6. Keurig Won’t Heat
  7. Keurig Duo Troubleshooting
  8. How To Reset Keurig
  9. Keurig Mini Won’t Brew
  10. Why Has My Keurig Slowed Down?

1. How To Fix The Leakage From Your Keurig

If your coffee maker starts to leak, be it hot water or hot coffee, that could be a big problem. With proper care, your coffee machine will give you years of service and hundreds of cups of coffee. If it starts to leak, you must find a solution as soon as possible.

If your coffee maker brews slowly because it just needs cleaning, then you’re in luck – cleaning your coffee maker is a simple task that can be done in the time it takes to brew a cup of coffee.

If your Keurig coffee maker is leaking from the tank, there are two ways to solve the problem. First, you need to buy a new tank, and on the other, you can follow the steps below to clean the vinegar coffee maker. If your Keurig won’t brew, here is a way to fix it.

Step 1: Cleaning

If the coffeemaker appears to be clogged, clean it with a mixture of white vinegar and water. Assuming your coffee maker has a 12-cup capacity, you should use 11 cups of vinegar and 1 cup of water.

Fill a coffee pot to the 11-cup mark with vinegar, then fill it with water to the 12-cup mark.

Pour this mixture into a storage container and turn the coffee maker on until it goes through a brew cycle as if you were making a cup of coffee. This will dissolve the deposits in your coffee machine.

If the coffee machine is leaking due to a pump clog, this can clear the clog and stop the leak. If it’s been a long time since you last cleaned the coffeemaker, you may need to run the vinegar through more than one cleaning cycle to dissolve any build-up.

Step 2: Check The Pump Valve

The water cannot rise and flow through the fill tube. When the coffee machine is working, the water must go somewhere.

If it can’t flow through the fill tube, it can get to the work surface. If the pump is off in the brewer, the entire pump will need to be replaced.

If the pump is not sealed, it should be checked to make sure it is not clogged by coffee grounds or mineral build-up.

Step 3: Take A Look A The Brew Switch

Check the brew switch to make sure it is working. Remove the motherboard to access the prime switch.

Next, you need to test the switch with your voltmeter. Touch the RX1 scale to the tester. If it reads 0, then you know the switch is working fine. If you have a number other than 0, it’s time to flip the switch.

Step 4 – Check The Pipe Connectors

If your coffee maker is leaking or stuttering, be sure to look at the tubing connections. Often the cause of a leaky coffee maker is faulty pipe fittings.

If you find the leak is at an angle, clean the surfaces before replacing them. If a tube connector is leaking, replace both tube and elbow to make sure the two pieces fit together correctly.

2. Keurig Not Dispensing Water

This is an attempt to shed some light on why my Keurig won’t pump water and how it could be repaired easily.

If your Keurig stops pumping water the moment you turn the machine on or off, try to turn it off, remove the container, turn it upside down, shake it lightly and tap the floor a few times until it switches on and off.

If your machine is brewing on cups or not in the right quantity or at all, it will function as new again by following the steps below, even if it is brewing in a tank or at work on Space. Keurig is a single cup coffee brewing system from Keurig (Dr. 0) that can be used without any problems.

This article will help you repair it if your machines are brewing only in tanks or if you discover it after you have repaired it and it doesn’t work like new, with this step-by-step guide on how to fix a kettle that doesn’t work in the coffee machine, with the help of our step-by-step instructions.

You should descaling and descaling the machine so that the pump can pump water into the reservoir so that you can brew delicious Keurig coffee again without washing or refilling the reservoir. 

If you do, it is highly recommended that you use a water filter on your Keurig coffee maker. The cleaning filter in the Keurig water reservoir is designed to last at least 3 months, in some cases up to 5 years or even longer.

If your Keurig does not pump water, you may have a problem if your water pump does not pump. This is due to debris disrupting the KeURig’s water pumps, or failing to function or being pumped.

Coffee grounds and minerals gather in your Keurig and clog it up, and you have a bad time. If the water pipe is clogged, you can get a few nasty chunks into the coffee of the keg and cause it to cause problems.

Now, stay calm and follow these Keurig troubleshooting tips to ensure that you do not cause any further problems with your coffee machine.

These tips and tricks to get your Keurig out of a fix are generally applicable to most Keurig coffee machines, but if you have a more complicated machine, such as a coffee maker with a water pipe, then these are useful for that. If you have an older machine like a Kona coffee maker or even a new one, they can be used on it. 

I did not register that the water had been filled and put back into the machine, which I told my Keurig B150 and K150 over and over again.

If none of the previous methods gets your Keurig machine running again, it’s time to find a replacement water pump. If the cause of my Keurig not pumping water is not a damaged pump, then one or both of the above methods should fix it.

However, if there is a problem with the water pumps on your B150 or K150, or even your K 150, you may see a message like this: “If the pump is damaged, it should be repaired.

If you have any further questions about Keurig, please comment below and I will answer them so that the world can brew happily in its Keurig. 

If your Keurig machine is not able to pump water and complete the descaling process, you should resolve this problem as soon as possible. I hope this will help you with problems with the Keurig coffee machine.

Forget about soiling everything by hand, you probably need to do more than just descaling, because your KEURIG does not pump the water into the machine. 

This is where the problem with your Keurig comes in, as it continues to pump water, but without descaling.

If debris forms and interferes with your Keurig’s water pump, there is a good chance it is not pumping water. The most likely reason for the malfunctioning of the Keurig may be that the water pipe to the machine is blocked. 

The main reason your Keurig is blocked and your coffee last forever is a blocked water pipe or a blocked channel.

There is a crowded reservoir, so there is probably a good chance the Keurig stopped pumping water and could only pump a little. There are apparently two possible explanations for why your KEURIG stopped pumping water or why it was able to pump water but pumped “little.”

keurig won't brew full cup

3. The Amount Of Coffee Keurig Brews It Too Little

The amount of coffee Keurig brews is too little is a common problem. The project is wowing people who want to work on the effort. Think ahead about what new deals are on the way.

Check with the instructions to see if there is an explanation for the problem. There are many work around options that can be pursued. That helps the user learn more about what needs to be done.

The experience using the device can be made easier with a little research. Trust the brand name product to come through for people. That is a smart move to make as the device is repaired over time.

First, be sure to look over the device before using it. Sometimes, the water level is just too low to use it properly. The amount of coffee Keurig brews is too little tends to come up often for people.

That helps the user learn a little about how the machine should work. The project is going to amaze people who want to work on the new deal in time. The project can show off how the machine actually works for people. That is instructional and helpful to new owners who need more advice.

They can also read up on what the corporation says about the machine for in home use.

The new details also show that other problems might persist. The filter can be clogged or dirty after repeated usage.

There are ways to change or clean the filter as is needed. Check to see how the filter is removed and later changed over time. Some models actually make it possible to clean the filter in time. That allows purified water to drip through as the machine is working. The amount of coffee Keurig brews is too little may disrupt how it is utilized.

Protect the machine by just routinely cleaning the device in time. The cleaning session is usually maintained by just paying attention to it.

The reviews for the product can also share info for people today. The amount of coffee Keurig brews is too little tends to be discussed. Other users often complain about the problem and the corporation will tend to respond to the question.

The reviews for the product have amazed people who work with the machine. That helps new buyers discover new options for the device. People want to keep their machine working for the time being as well.

Then they can write new reviews to show off their knowledge. That aids in the development of knowledge about the device in time. If your Keurig not brewing full cup, and how to fix my Keurig,

The cost of repairing the machine is worth a look. People often splurge when it comes to repairing the device. But it pays to do proper repairs to get the machine going in real time. Invest in the repair work and see if it pays off in time.

Find a repair team that can get the work done right. People are often amazed by the results that they get when a repair team works.

4. My Keurig Coffee Tastes Bad

This a common problem that many people have been having with their Keurig. The reason we buy a Keurig is too indulge in high-quality and good tasting coffee. But this can come down to a few reasons.

Firstly, it depends on what K-Cup you are using. If you are constantly using the same K-Cup, you will get the same flavor with your coffee. But, there should be no reason why your Keurig coffee tastes bad if you are using the same K-Cup.

But, if your machine is clogged up, the older coffee grounds can build up, and little nasty bits of old coffee grounds and calcium can leak into your new coffee, which will effect the taste of your coffee.

Most Keurig’s will tell you when it needs a clean, but sometimes if your coffee starts to taste off, this is a good indicator that your Keurig needs a clean, and can protect you from a bitter tasting coffee.

Also, another reason Keurig coffee can taste bad is because of the water you are using. Be sure to change your water in your water reservoir pretty often, because using old water can effect the taste of your Keurig.

So overall, if your Keurig coffee is tasting bad, maybe try and change up the K-cup and flavor you are using, but if you used to enjoy the flavor and now your Keurig is just producing low-quality and bad tasting coffee, give your machine a thorough clean!

my keurig 2.0 won t brew

5. My Keurig Dispenses To Much Coffee

Is your Keurig no longer brewing the correct amount of coffee?

To fix this problem, firstly you want to check the cold water reservoir is seated in your machine. Make sure that your machine is aligned correctly, and do this to check.

A blocked water line is often responsible for preventing your machine from properly brewing a full cup of coffee. Luckily, this is a pretty simple problem to fix. We’ll talk you through a few Keurig troubleshooting tips.

To begin, simply run the brewing cycle through several times with water only. If you find that your machine is still being stubborn and stingy with its pour, try running equal parts vinegar and water through the brewing process. The vinegar will breakdown any minerals or coffee grounds clogging the line.

After using vinegar, be sure to run a few brewing cycles through with only water to wash out any vinegar taste.

In addition, it’s also important to clean around the needle, which is responsible for puncturing the K-Cups during the brewing process.

The base of the needle can trap coffee grounds, which can affect the amount of coffee brewed. With a clean water line and unclogged needle, you’ll be enjoying a full cup of coffee in no time.

So overall, here are the steps.

  1. Do a water only brew on your Keurig, and see if your Keurig is dispensing the right amount of water, check by using a measuring cup.
  2. Check to see if you are using a water filter inside your machine.
  3. Power off your machine fully and then unplug it.
  4. Clean up your Keurig’s needles, but be careful. Here is a in-depth guide on how to clean Keurig needles!
keurig issues

6. Keurig Won’t Heat

If your Keurig is not heating, it may be due to the water pump is not functioning correctly.

Your heating mechanism may have fully shut off, which happens when water is not being pumped correctly through the brewer, and when this happens the heating device in the Keurig will shut off fully to prevent your coffee maker from overheating.

So, the way to fix this is to reset your water reservoir. Then, try this method of fixing it. Hold the brew button for 5+ seconds then your Keurig will purge the remaining water in the tank. if this doesn’t fix the problem, give your machine a hit to re-align any parts that may be out of place.

Dried coffee, dirt or dust can get trapped in your Keurig, and this can cause huge problems.

But, it could be something bigger than this such as a motherboard problem. This would require you to contact customer service to fix this. Troubleshooting Keurig is hard, so contact customer service.

7. Keurig Duo Troubleshooting

Keurig Duo troubleshooting is quite hard, and Keurig problems with the Keurig duo can be harder to fix. Keurig Duo can be fixed by powering the machine off and giving the machine a deep clean. But if none of those things work, you should contact Keurig customer service.

8. Where Is The Reset Button On My Keurig? – How To Reset Keurig

Just like any electronic device, your Keurig might suffer a malfunction or a glitch that leaves you without your delicious cup of coffee in the morning.

Oftentimes this gets resolved by turning the machine on and off again but sometimes you will need to reset the machine before it starts working again.

If your machine didn’t go back to working order after turning it on and off, press the medium and small mug buttons and release at the same time. After releasing the button press menu three times. If you did it correctly, the clock should read 6:09.

Press menu and the display will change to “brew 0:00”. Press the medium mug, and as you keep it pressed press and release menu. Without releasing medium mug, press small mug and release both buttons at the same time. This will do a full reset of your machine.

If after this, your machine still doesn’t work you should contact customer support and they will be able to provide more help. If you’re wondering why my Keurig isn’t brewing still, or why my Keurig stopped working, read the next paragraph!

9. Keurig Mini Won’t Brew

If your Keurig mini won’t brew, you may need to clean your machine fully, or do a full reset. The do a full reset on your Keurig mini, you will need to hold down the power button fully, then unplug the machine.

Remember, you may be wondering why this Keurig malfunction is happening, but remember the Keurig Mini turns of automatically every 60 seconds.

10. Why Has My Keurig Slowed Down?

This is a common question we see in the Keurig community, as Keurig coffee makers get older, they start to get slower and slower.

The Keurig is slowing down because of a water line, and then the small concentrated needle line where your coffee will pass through will get blocked. If this happens, your Keurig will not work properlly.

This is why your Keurig will slow down, so to fix this, you have to unplug the water lines inside the machine and clean them out of any gunk.

Contact Customer Support

Troubleshoot Keurig Coffee Maker is no easy task, whether it’s the Keurig K55 troubleshooting or Keurig K-Duo Troubleshooting, if hard to find the exact problems at times, so, sometimes it best to contact Keurig’s amazing customer support team.

This team is experienced in fixing Keurig’s and will definitely be able to help you.

I have talked to these people, and they are all lovely and do their job, so just give them a call!

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If your Keurig not brewing, or your wondering why my Keurig won’t brew, we hope this article on Keurig problems was able to help you! So, there you have it, our guide on how to troubleshoot your Keurig and how to fix common problems on your Keurig.

We hope this guide was able to help you fix your coffee maker, so you can enjoy coffee once again! Thank you for reading, and remember to enjoy your CozyCoffee!

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