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Keurig Vue Cups Vs K Cups – Difference Between K Cup And Vue

Keurig is one of the most popular coffee brands in the world today. Two of their most famous products are the Keurig Vue and the Keurig K Cup. These two products are both pods that go into Keurig machines, but what one should you buy?

Well, in this guide I’ll be discussing everything you need to know between the two and I will be helping you to choose the best choice for you!

keurig vue vs k cup

So let’s get into the K Cup Vs Vue

What Is A K Cup

A K-Cup is a Keurig cup and can be found in stores around the world. It is Keurig’s first product ever released. K-Cups came out much before the Vue cups and are small plastic cups that contain coffee filters and coffee grounds. You normally use them in Keurig single-serve coffee makers, and that is how you brew coffee.

What is A Vue Cup

Well, the Keurig Vue is very similar to the K-Cup, just a newer version. It has the same functions and the K-Cup, but it is a different coffee pack. The K-Cup will use the K-Cups, and the Vue cups will use the Vue packs. They both work in different machines.

Keurig Vue Cups Vs K Cups

Keurig Vue is the newest version. The brewing is similar between the two, with the main difference being the brew. The Keurig Vue will brew a much stronger and bigger coffee, compared to the K-Cup brewing a much smaller and different flavored cup of coffee.

vue k cup converter

What’s the difference? – Vue Cups Vs K Cups


Price is always something you want to have a look at. When it comes to price, the newer version is more expensive than, the older. Keurig Vue at the time of writing is more expensive than the K-cups, but it can depend on what brand and where you buy it from.

Coffee Pods

Both of these cups use different coffee makers. The K-cup brewers can only use the K-cups, and in the new version, the Vue pods can only be put into Vue machines. These two coffee cups can be found in popular coffee brands around the world, such as Starbucks and Green Mountain. Both of these cups have a large range to choose from.

The Keurig Vue and K-cup both have different controls. The Keurig Vue is much newer and modern to use, which makes it much easier to use. The Keurig K-Cup machines have an LCD display. Both of these controls are usable and shouldn’t sway your decision.

Max Cup Size

The Vue machines are able to handle 18oz of cup size, whereas K-cups can only hand 12oz cup size, making a big difference between the cup sizes and brew you can drink.

K-Cup Review

The K-Cup is, no doubt, an iconic product within the coffee industry. K-Cups can be found in all different types and sizes. There are Starbucks K-Cups and even Dunkin Donuts K-Cups. There are so many different K-Cups you can use, and they ensure a high-quality brew every time.

You are buying this product with the knowledge it is the best in the market. Everyone has used this product once, and it has a reputation for being the best. The taste is amazing, it easy to use, and if you’re looking for a top-quality coffee experience, we definitely recommend the K-Cup!

Keurig Vue Review

Now we have the new rival to the K-Cup, the Keurig Vue. The Keurig Vue has just not been able to create the reputation the K-Cup has, and this may because of the lackluster design or bad marketing, but the K-Cup stands on top. Now, the Keurig Vue is still a great product and is reusable and refillable, but it doesn’t have as many unique flavors and the K-cups.

This is meant to be used with your own fresh coffee so you can reduce coffee pod waste, and it is made out of high-quality materials, but it just isn’t as good as the K-cup experience.

FAQ – Vue packs Vs K Cups

Is Keurig discontinuing Vue cups?

Yes, Keurig has decided they will be discounting the Vue cups. The Vue cups were discontinued and to be replaced by the Keurig 2.0, but the Keurig Vue can still be purchased on Amazon. The Keurig Vue wasn’t able to perform as well as previous Keurigs, so innovation was needed.

Can I use regular K cups in the Keurig Vue?

No, not normally, you won’t be able to use regular K-cups inside a Keurig Vue. But there is a way you can actually do it by using the K2V adapted coffee pod inside the Keurig Vue. It is an adapter that allows certain coffee pods to brew inside certain machines.

What is Keurig Vue pod?

It is a reusable pod that allows you to brew your own fresh coffee, unlike the K-cup. It allows you to choose the perfect coffee for you and brew it into your Keurig Vue machine.


So, there you have it, our guide on the Keurig Vue vs K Cup. We hope this article was able to clear up any confusion between the two, and we hope we were able to provide you with the best choice. Thank you for reading this article, and we hope you have a great day and enjoy your CozyCoffee!

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