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Lavender Latte: How To Make One & What Is It

On one hand, you love how the aroma of coffee gets you up and running. On the other hand, you adore how the scent of lavender calms you. So what happens when you have them at the same time? You get the lavender latte, also known as the perfect pandemic beverage.

Lavender Latte

What is a Lavender Latte?

A Lavender latte is what you get when you combine the relaxing vibe of lavender with coffee’s energizing effect, making it a must during these social distancing times. You need something to help you plow through your tasks, but you want to do that minus stress and worry. When self-empowerment meets self-care, lavender latte happens.

When self-empowerment meets self-care, lavender latte happens.
When self-empowerment meets self-care, lavender latte happens.

What You Need to Make a Lavender Latte

Four things should come to mind when making this drink: espresso, lavender, milk, and sweetener.


This is the base for this beverage, so choose your coffee beans wisely. Finely ground ones are your best bet because they can then be easily processed in the espresso machine.

Go for dark roast beans, as this guarantees that you will get a stronger-flavored latte. And always use freshly roasted beans – never reuse leftover coffee grounds, which will only yield flat-tasting coffee.


Think culinary when buying lavender flowers for your latte. Pick English lavender, as this variety lends a sweet taste and a light floral scent. Pick other varieties and your latte ends up tasting soapy. You will only need the flowers, which should be fully opened, with bright-colored blooms.


If using freshly roasted beans is the secret to getting a full-bodied latte, then using fresh milk is your lavender latte’s secret to tasting oh-so-creamy. Whole milk always gives the best results, especially when it’s fresh. Other types of milk may not give you the rich foam that makes lattes so popular in the first place.


You can pick any sweetener you want for this beverage, although granulated sugar always works well. Regular sugar lends the desired sweetness without taking the spotlight away from lavender’s naturally light, floral sweetness.

How to Make a Lavender Latte

You can do this!

How to Make a Lavender Latte
How to Make a Lavender Latte

1. Assemble your ingredients

  • espresso (3 ounces)
  • fresh lavender flowers (1/4 cup)
  • whole milk (6 ounces)
  • regular white sugar (1/2 cup)
  • water (1/4 cup + 1/2 cup)

2. Make your espresso

  • With an espresso machine: If you already own an espresso machine, congratulations! You can rest assured you will get the best latte each time. Firmly press the coffee grounds into the portafilter, tamp with all your might, and there should be no trouble with the extraction process. Rich crema is always yours for the taking when you have an espresso machine.
  • With a French press: If you don’t have an espresso machine, count yourself lucky still! You can achieve that real espresso flavor by using a French press instead. The crema on top may not be as decadent as that produced by an espresso machine, but the latte you get from this device is well worth its price.
  • With a manual coffee maker, an Aeropress, or a Moka pot: You are guaranteed a great-tasting latte as long as your coffee turns out strongly brewed.

3. Prepare the lavender

  • Place your lavender flowers in a pot filled with water (1/4 cup).
  • Heat to boiling.
  • Let the flowers steep for 15 minutes.
  • Strain the liquid into another pot.

4. Cook your lavender syrup

  • Add the white sugar to the lavender liquid.
  • Heat to boiling, then simmer until syrupy.

5. Prepare the milk

  • Steam the milk with the help of your espresso machine, or
  • Froth the milk using a French press, handheld frother, or whisk.

6. Bring it all together

  • Pour the espresso into an 8-ounce glass or mug.
  • Stir in 1 tablespoon of lavender syrup, adding more if desired.
  • Add the milk.
  • Enjoy.


Can I put the garnish on a lavender latte?

Everything looks and feels a little more special when you add in extras, and this applies as well to the lavender latte. A swirl of raw honey gives the drink a coffee shop aesthetic, but if you’re feeling homier, sprinkling a pinch of chopped rosemary flowers should do the trick.

Will an iced lavender latte taste as good?

You better believe it will. The beverage you get from this cheat sheet turns out delicious whether you serve it hot or cold. If you would prefer your lavender latte to be iced, just skip the milk steaming part, add a few ice cubes, shake to create froth, and drink up.

You better believe it will.
Will an iced lavender latte taste as good?

Can I use other types of lavender, milk, or sweetener?

Yes, you can.

  • Use dried lavender buds instead of fresh flowers, but keep in mind that the lavender taste will be more potent, so use sparingly.
  • Oat milk or evaporated milk would be great substitutes for whole milk.
  • Honey makes a good stand-in for regular white sugar.

Final Thoughts

Living through this pandemic can sometimes feel unbearable. But when you have a lavender latte to turn to, especially once you made yourself, you can say to yourself that life is so beautiful.

If you may have questions about other beverages you can make at home, don’t hesitate to comment about them. It would be so great to hear from you!

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