Low Acid Coffee Brands Reviewed – Best Low Acid Coffee Brands In 2024

Who does not have a morning wake-up routine? Have you ever been wonderfully woken up to the aromatic scent of a piping hot cup of coffee? Does hearing it trickle and brew in your coffee pot make you want to jump out of bed? After consuming, do you begin to wonder why you are not feeling so hot yourself? The acid level of a said cup of coffee may be the nasty culprit. In this article, we’ll be going over the best low acid coffee and the least acidic coffee brands for you!

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Quick Answer: The Best Non Acidic Coffee

When speaking about acid, I am talking about pH levels. The pH scale ranges from 0 (high acidity) to 14 (very low acidity); to give a reference, pure water usually falls at a pH score of 7, and a cup of coffee falls around a score of 5. Low acid coffee beans are naturally grown at a lower altitude.’ elevation in nations such as Brazil, Sumatra Guatemala, Peru and Mexico.

Listed below are a few of the top picks to taste test when trying to find a new one, a helpful alternative for your daily cup of coffee (or two!)

1. Best Coffee Without Acid – Lifeboost Low Acid Coffee

Lifeboost Low Acid Coffee is an all-around top pick for any low acid coffee out on the market right now Cooling-shade grew (no pesticides) amongst ancient native trees in Nicaragua; these coffee beans are ensured to be fair trade. non-GMO and of single-origin (single plant on one farm).

The best part is that Lifeboost Low Acid Coffee offers a variety of roasts ranging light to dark, allowing you, the consumer, to continue drinking your favorite blend with less to none of those unwanted side effects.

Naturally, the darker the roast, the less amount of acid is present. However, Lifeboost Low Acid Coffee doesn’t limit you or require you to change anything out of your ordinary morning routine. While a bit on the pricier side of morning necessities, the Lifeboost Low Acid Coffee blend is worth all of it simply for the meticulous, detailed care put into cultivating these unique, completely organic coffee beans. No wonder this coffee brand is among the top-rated throughout the years!

2. Best Low Acid Coffee Brands – Tyler’s No Acid Organic Coffee Beans

Tyler’s No Acid Organic Ground Coffee beans are 100% natural Arabica. Singly sourced from one coffee plantation in Chiapas. Mexico. Tyler’s No Acid Coffee has. Over time and with extensive testing, they perfected a unique ‘Z-roasting” process to eliminate those unwanted high acid levels from their coffee by not even allowing the adds to boom and cultivate.

This makes it the best option for those experiencing acid reflux and/or heartburn from their current cup o’Joe, unlike Lifeboost Low Acid Coffee who provides a wide variety of roasts. Tyler’s No Acid Coffee offers just a “regular* blend of Low/No Acid coffee leaning more towards a medium roast blend and a decaf option as well.

Never changing any natural process throughout cultivation, Tyler’s No Acid Coffee is able to maintain the USDA Organic Certification.

3. Best Reduced Acid Coffee – Folgers Simply Smooth Ground Coffee

A drastically less expensive and more widely recognizable coffee brand out in stores is Folger’s Simply Smooth Ground Coffee.

Folger’s Simply Smooth Coffee is in the same realm of the more popular medium roasts but has been the brand that has produced and created this medium roast into a new ‘mild” blend for those experiencing unwanted stomach discomfort, Specially roasted to lower the current acid levels (not eliminate) but still managing to produce that mellow and smooth flavor.

Folger’s Simply Smooth is an easy pick for those testing the waters in trying to move towards a coffee with lower acid levels but do not want to spend too much money trying it out or giving up and changing routine completely.

I would imagine this to be a good fit for many new coffee drinkers because of the overall tendency Folger’s Ground Coffee (Simply Smooth or other similar blends Folger’s Coffee brand offers) has to be of the more mild and less harsh flavoring and consistency no matter which blend you choose to purchase.

4. Best Coffee For Sensitive Stomach – Lucy Jo Low Acid Coffee Beans

Lucy Jo’s Coffee Company makes sure to alter no naturally occurring process in their coffee bean growth. They are utilizing only naturally low acid coffee beans based on the fact that plants grown in a lower altitude soil contain fewer acid levels and have a more earthy smooth taste overall.

Lucy Jo’s Mellow Belly Low Acid Blend has a record pH level of 5.6 keep in mind a “normal* cup of coffee ranges between a 4-5.

Again, pH levels are scored from 0 (very, very acidic) to 14 (very, very basic), meaning that the Lucy Jo’s Mellow Belly Low Acid Blend made from 100% certified organic Arabica coffee beans is a leader in smoothness and overall stomach comfort

5. Non Acidic Coffee Brands – Puroast Low Acid Ground Coffee

Puroast Low Acid Coffee; Organic French Roast brings out the best coffee bean blends from the cool foothills of the Andes Mountain range in beautiful Venezuela. While a naturally more smooth coffee bean, thanks to the location of farming/growth (lower elevation), the Puroast Low Acid variety of coffees are unique in their art of roasting.

They are taking the time to polish a craft. Puroast Low Acid Coffee focuses more on the quality of how the seeds are heated and ultimately roasted. Because of these tested and tried techniques, this coffee roasting process is able to reduce pH levels up to 70% and furthermore allowing the bean to be producing about seven times more healthful antioxidants than green tea naturally can.

One of the more promising cups of coffee to keep you alert, energized, healthful, and most of all, not leaving you regretting having another cup or more! Genuinely one of the more promising coffee blends in terms of gastrointestinal health, acid reflux, and comfort.

Low Acid Coffee Buyers Guide

Unfortunately, some coffee bean plants, no matter what the circumstance, may just naturally have a higher acid content than other similar coffee plants. As previously mentioned, the coffee bean plants that are placed and naturally grown at lower altitudes/elevations will always yield a lower acid content.

Always be sure to look, make sure and shop around for coffee beans that are grown within regions such as Brazil. El Salvador, Sumatra, and India since they have a more natural, organically lower acid level.

Contrary to popular belief, the lighter the coffee roast, the more acid that is contained within the coffee beans. Light coffee roasts have a softer tan/brown color to them, with little to no natural oils covering them. Lighter coffees have a real crispness (almost citrusy) to them yet produce very mellow and ‘bright’ flavors.

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Many people refer to a light roast as a “blonde” blend, which does describe it quite accurately, smooth, almost golden, and sometimes sweet. Light roast beans are much denser than darker roasts, leading to slightly more acid more caffeine, etc.

Putting lighter coffee grounds through a cold brew could lessen the acid content if you just cannot say no to a particular blend you enjoy. Be mindful that ensuing a cold brew process takes adequate time and may take a few trial and errors.

Personally, any of the Lifeboost Low Acid Coffee lighter blends would be my ideal personal choice for a low to no acid light roast.

The Folger’s Simply Smooth Ground Coffee blend is not technically acid-free* however. Folger’s tried their best to create a special roast that is noticeably easier on consumer’s stomachs and lessens the intensity of acid reflux and heartburn.

As stated before, this ground coffee blend is the most ideal for those who maybe do not suffer as harshly as other coffee drinkers. While labeled as to its own “mild* roast, Folger’s Simply Smooth is a great alternative to begin switching over to less and less acid content.

The Folger’s Simply Smooth Ground Coffee mild roast is a great middle-ground for those looking for a lighter coffee roast but still would like to experience flavor profiles of a medium blend.

The happy in-between of a mild and medium roast would be Tyler’s No Acid Organic Ground Coffee, the first of its kind containing no acid. Tyler’s Organic Coffee can be bought either pre-ground or whole bean.

Through the brand’s state the art ‘Z-Processing, Tyler’s No Acid Coffee is able to eliminate problematic acids from ever even blooming within the coffee plant, making this coffee the best in reducing Acid Reflux IBS and severe 1C. The unique “Z-roasting process also allows the coffee beans to retain at least twice the amount of naturally occurring caffeine, and for the coffee blends to be able to never need the addition of any artificial ingredients or flavoring,

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What Good Brands Are There?

I would highly recommend this specific coffee brand (Tyler’s No Acid Organic Coffee) to those who are quite positive that a switch to low/no add coffee is an absolute must in their daily routine since it is a bit on the pricey side of store market value. Be sure to remember that Tyler’s No Acid Organic Coffee comes in just two simple roasts ‘regular* (medium roast) and their decaf option.

Medium roast coffee beans are exactly that right smack dab in the middle of light and dark With a slightly more brown hue and scarce natural oils on the beans Gust like the light roasts), a medium blend embodies the best of both worlds in terms of smoothness yet boldness.

There is a lot more room to play around with flavor profiles and aromas within a medium roast blend. The closer you get to a med-dark roast, the more bittersweet of an aftertaste it will have Lucy Jo’s Organic Mellow Belly Low Acid Blend would be my personal choice for that perfect medium-dark roast.

Mellow Belly has got a unique mix of smooth sweet, and yet still bold and earthy flavor profiles Ifs organic pesticide-free beans straight from the ground to cup is hard to match. Lucy Jo’s Organic Mellow Belly Low Add Blend is a nice even mix of both a Brazilian and Indonesian blend giving it real character and flavor.

Surprisingly, the most soothing cup of coffee your stomach may enjoy is one of a hot deep dark roast. Many would never have imagined that would be the actual case. Darker roast coffee beans do naturally contain the absolute least amount of acid within them compared to both medium and lightly roasted beans.

With the most recognizable, deep dark brown hue and being more than graciously covered in natural oils, darker roast beans are the least dense (roasted more) yet still withhold their signature deep aromatic scents and intense flavoring profiles. Less caffeine and acidity than both medium and light roasts, a hot cup of dark roast coffee is one of the better bets to make for those experiencing the less than favorable intestinal unease.

It almost seems like everything we have all thought about coffee and how it affects us is completely opposite than in true actuality!

Low Acid Coffee Beans Guide

If you are almost to the point of giving up on coffee altogether, it would not be a bad idea in the slightest to try out cold brewing a darker roast coffee bean. Combining both the naturally low acid (pH) score of a dark roast plus the (slightly time-consuming) smooth, easy-going process of cold brewing, you are almost ensuring yourself there will be no uncomplimentary effects after your desired serving size of coffee.

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The best way to make cold brew coffee at home is to get a large, preferably plastic or glass jar and mix your coffee grounds with the same amount of cold water as you would ratio when hot brewing your coffee (1 1/2 cups cold water for every serving of coffee grounds). The next step is to cover the jar secure and tight.

Then, you will let the mixture sit and rest overnight or for at least 12 hours, which seems like forever, but you’ll be glad you did it. Strain the mixture twice, or however many necessary times, through a coffee filter or any kind of fine-mesh sieve or cheesecloth material; this is to make sure all the coffee grounds in the mixture are completely filtered out.

Remember now that this is a cold brew concentrate (technically, a concentrate is a substance made by removing water or another diluting agent, making it a concise condensed form of a substance), so when you are ready to grab some ice and glass, make sure that you mix equal parts cold brew concentrate with water, milk. etc., or mix to your desired taste (some like it stronger than others). All that is left to do is to simply sit back and enjoy each sip!

Some people solely, plain-out do not believe in a cold cup of coffee, and to those steadfast hot cup of coffee aficionados, there are a few other tweaks available out there that you can perform to your morning coffee brewing routine.

The following slight ‘tricks*, if you will, allow any coffee blend to be comforting to your sensitive stomach. A slightly more well-known tactic is to just simply add milk (cow. soy. almond, etc.) or creamer to the mix, and that instantly helps neutralize any acid content within the freshly brewed hot coffee.

Personally, I love and look forward to my hot black cup of coffee in the early morning. The boldness of it all wakes me right up, yet after a short period of time goes by, my stomach is feeling quite tangy and upset itself.

A lesser-known expedient is to add a pinch of iodized salt or two to your ground coffee, although many prefer to skip this extra step simply by doing a tad more research on different blends and brews with naturally lower acid levels.


I would like to appreciate you for taking the time out of your busy day or scrolling through with some free-time in order to do some simple investigating research and or light reading to find out about some more healthful, easy, and enjoyable ways of drinking that much-needed cup of coffee in the morning.

There’s nothing more frustrating than growing accustomed to a daily morning routine only to have to change it up again later on in ways that no longer benefit you (stomachaches, pain, discomfort). While it may seem too meticulous, too pricey, or simply just not worth it to do a few taste tests and “travel the world” through special, different coffee blends and flavors, just keep in mind that it is a process completely customizable to each and every individual and there is no wrong way of doing it.

Try a few of the different blends mentioned above, and believe me. Your stomach and your peace of mind will also be thanking you in a short amount of time.

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