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Mellita Coffee Pots Review – Melitta Coffee Machine Buying Guide

Melitta us a smaller brand than many coffee maker brands on the market, but they do offer multiple coffee makers that are of high-quality. Melitta coffee makers make silky and very smooth coffee, so we felt we had to review these coffee makers! So here is our Melitta espresso maker review!

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Melitta Coffee Review – Best Melita Coffee Machine

Here we have the Melitta Coffee maker SKG model. This Melita coffee maker is one of the best Melita models. It has a 5 cup capacity, so you can make coffee for the whole family at once! We love this coffee machine because it is so easy to clean and easy to disassemble. It is also a very durable coffee machine and will last a while after purchase. The design is also very clean and it is small, meaning it is not inconvenient in your kitchen!

This coffee machine also brews top quality coffee and makes it taste great. The only problem I had with this coffee machine, it that it can overflow easily! But overall, this coffee machine is really great and will provide you with a quick and easy coffee.

Melita Coffee Pots – Melita Coffee Carafe Review

Here we have one of my favorite pour-over coffee brewers on the market, the Melitta pour-over coffee maker! This coffee maker allows for quick and easy handcrafted brewing, which allows you to make some quick and easy coffee.

This is a great way to make a pot of gourmet coffee, and when your purchase this coffee machine you will also receive a carafe, brewing cone, a lid, and Melitta #4 cone filters, not too bad is it?

The design of the Melita coffee pot is quick slick, allowing you to monitor your pour and avoid one the most thing that can happen with these types of coffee machines, overfilling. This coffee brewer produces some of the nicest coffee I have tasted, and for a cheap price!

Overall, this coffee machine will provide you with some of the best-tasting coffee, and best value you could ever ask for!

Melitta 12 Cup Coffee Maker Review 

Here we have the famous Melitta 12 cup thermal coffee maker. This coffee maker produces bold and rich-tasting coffee for all.

This is quite an advanced coffee machine compared to rest on this list. The Melitta 12 cup coffee maker has a programmable option where it can automatically shut off in 2 hours, and has an automatic pause and serve feature. These features may not seem like a lot, but actually help you out a lot!

This coffee machine is also quite cheap compared to the rest of the market! The cone filter design is amazing for coffee extraction, allowing to extract every single drop of coffee from your coffee beans! The durable stainless steel on the coffee maker allows for a durable and long-lasting coffee maker. 

Another feature I wanted to cover about this coffee maker is its iced coffee ability. For many coffee lovers, we also love Iced coffee.

This Melita coffee maker has the ability to brew some beautiful iced coffee. The next time you have a scorching hot day, fill the reservoir with water then fill the thermal carafe with ice too around the rim. After you’ve done that, simply brew a double-strength coffee. This will brew a yummy and cool ice coffee, not too shabby right?

This coffee maker is also very easy to clean and regular cleaning will definitely extend the life span of the coffee maker. It may seem like a hassle, but the improvement in taste it day and night clear.

Melitta Coffee Maker Buying Guide

Is Melitta a good brand?

A question you may have is, is Melitta a good brand? Is this brand reliable? Well after hours of research and actually testing there products, we think they are!  Melitta have great customer support, and the products we received from Melitta are top-quality. The only problem I had with Melitta is the long shipping times and high shipping prices, and this is because they are actually based in Germany. Many of there products are crafted in Florida though. 

Melitta History

In 1908, a lady named Melitta Bentz who at the time was a 35-year old from Dresen, Germany actually invented the first coffee filter. She then patented the product and founded her company the same year. Melitta then innovated the paper filter and improve shape, performance, and material.

Melitta then expanded into the USA, headquartered in Clearwater, Florida. Melitta started to expand there a range of products, dipping their toes in coffee makers and beans, which instantly became a success. They continue to expand their company to this day, competing with coffee giants such as Breville and Cuisinart. 

Melitta Factory In 1958

Who makes Melitta coffee makers?

Another common question, Melitta coffee makers are made by Melitta in their own factories, located in Florida, USA. They also have another branch of Melitta in Germany, where they also make coffee makers.

Where is Melitta based?

Melitta is based in Germany. Melitta also has a side branch of there company Melitta USA, which is based in Florida, USA.

What are Melitta coffee filters made of?

Melitta coffee filters are created from 40% bamboo and contain patented flavor enhancing tech. The bamboo Melitta use is made sure to be renewable. The coffee filters are very high quality and create a great taste for the coffee.


Overall, we believe Melitta coffee makers are some of the best coffee makers on the market today! They provide great tasting coffee for a cheap price. If you are looking for a high-quality coffee maker that will last a long time, brew great coffee, and looks great, we definitely think you should purchase one of the Melitta coffee makers above! Thank you for reading, and enjoy your coffee! If you enjoyed this article, take a look at our DeLonghi EC 860 Review, or our Cuisinart DCC 2650 review!

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