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Do Mormons Drink Caffeine? Here’s The History Between Mormons & Coffee

While a lot of people can’t go on a day without having their cup of coffee as part of their routine, mixing the topic with religion is another thing, as it could make things a bit complicated. Coffee, being a staple in every household, imagine what it would be like if you were asked to refrain from drinking them.

In the case of Mormons, more commonly known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS), they have been prohibited to consume coffee by their leaders as part of a health code for them to live healthier and happier lives.

There are several beverages that they do miss out on too, so why don’t we dig further and find out to learn more about them.

Can Mormons drink coffee?

While coffee and tea are not clearly outlined in the Word of Wisdom, followers are encouraged to abstain from caffeine since they are known to be addictive which may lead to health problems in the future.

Through the years, coffee drinks have gone with a variety of different names such as latte, Caffe, mocha, espresso, or anything similar that ends with -ccino, it does not matter how fancy their names are, because they are still against the Word of Wisdom.

Can Mormons drink coffee?
Can Mormons drink coffee?

To answer the question, we go back to the 27th of February 1833, when Prophet Joseph Smith received a revelation from God whom he was asked to follow a distinct diet. Published in Doctrine and Covenants, it contained a set of rules that states how Mormons could live a healthy lifestyle.

And because of this, it had received and generated both curiosity and a few jokes on the side of the public.

Latter-day Saints, however, are given the option to choose, but to qualify for ceremonies such as baptism or temple worship, they must abide by the guidelines as stated in the Word of Wisdom and abstain from drinking coffee or even go to coffee shops.

On the other hand, younger generations nowadays seem to have a different view on the Word of Wisdom, which then means there’s a possibility of uplifting the ban on coffee. For now, it seems unlikely unless scientific findings prove great benefit from them, this rule would still be followed.

What happens if you drink coffee as a Mormon?

 What happens if you drink coffee as a Mormon?
What happens if you drink coffee as a Mormon?

It is a common misunderstanding for both members and non-members that the guidelines set in the Word of Wisdom are only for the promotion of their members’ health. Based on research, Mormons will unlikely be excommunicated if they are caught consuming caffeine.

However, drinking coffee will have its consequences as they will not be granted entry to temples as they cannot have the spirit within their bodies.

Quick Fact: As stated in the official guideline, followers are encouraged to abstain from ordering or even asking whether there’s caffeine in their drink. In addition to this, they also recommend avoiding ordering anything hot or cold with tea leaves.

Why can’t Mormons drink hot coffee?

Why can’t Mormons drink hot coffee?
Why can’t Mormons drink hot coffee?

During the time of the revelation of the Word of Wisdom, coffee and tea were the most common hot beverages. With this, “hot beverages”, known to be harmful to the health and unfavorable to have a good and healthy lifestyle, have been prohibited and avoided by Mormons.

These drinks are not only considered bad for your body, especially your belly, but also are due to caffeine’s addictive nature that functions as a stimulant in the brain and nervous system.

Others believe it may also cause cancer of the stomach. While others see this as a form of living a healthy and happy lifestyle, Mormons believed that once they adhere to the teachings of the Word of Wisdom, they would be immensely rewarded with great wisdom and good health.

This may seem like an unusual choice for diet and lifestyle, but coffee companies may soon adapt and develop new ways to offer coffee without caffeine for a chance to cater to them. Furthermore, if you’re still curious whether they are allowed to consume decaf coffee, the answer is still no as they are considered a hot drink as well.


Just like any other culture, the Mormon religion has its customs, beliefs, and traditions. People interpret the Word of Wisdom differently, which can be likened to when people avoid drinking soda while others consume more.

Now that we have a much deeper understanding of why Mormons abstain from coffee and caffeine, we must respect their beliefs and traditions of abiding by their guidelines. Above all, no matter what your interpretation of these religious guidelines is, it is how you live or abide by which weighs more.

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