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Most Expensive Coffee In The World? – Top 10 Most Expensive Coffee Beans

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There are hundreds of coffee’s around the world, but if you’re here you’re wondering what is the worlds most expensive coffee? Well, we are here to help, were we will answer your question if what is the most expensive coffee in the world?

Among so many varieties and options in quality, aroma, and flavor, there are the most expensive types of coffees in the world, found in different regions of the world. Something special, of course, expensive coffees have, at cost and respect for the market. The price indicated is per pound and is subject to change.

Quick Answer: What Are The Most Expensive Coffees?

  1. World’s Most Expensive Coffee – Black Ivory Coffee
  2. Finca El Injerto Coffee – $500/pound
  3. Hacienda La Esmeralda – $350/pound
  4. Kopi Luwak – $160 pound
  5. Saint Helena Coffee – $79/pound
  6. Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee – More than $50/pound
  7. Fazenda Santa Ines – $50/pound
  8. Los Planes Coffee-$40/pound
  9. Mi Ezperanza Coffee – $35/pound
  10. Rwanda Blue Bourbon Coffee

So. coffee doesn’t trigger dreamy pleasure in everyone; however, the smell of the finest quality coffee freshly brewed and steaming with delight certainly does it for many of us. If you have ever wondered what will happen if the consumption of coffee was entirely prohibited for a week? It will be apocalyptic.

The streets will be littered with semi-functioning sleep-deprived zombies stumbling around without purpose or direction. For this reason, it seems rather honor and revere those fabulous beans which are cultivated and distributed with such delicate care. In order to understand the gravity and significance of coffee’s effect on the international economy, it’s worth sharing a few facts.

In 2019. Starbucks’ revenue was about $26.5 billion. Well, caffeine is the most widely used stimulant on the planet but without further ado. Let’s move on to our top 10 list of the most expensive coffees in the world.

10. Rwanda Blue Bourbon Coffee

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The Rwandan Blue Bourbon coffee is relatively new. With Rwanda having gone a brutal civil war in recent times, its economy was in tatters. There were absolutely no coffee plantations, and the country was desperate for investment. Starbucks saw the opportunity to improve its international image by philanthropy, by investing money in Rwanda. Starbucks is now able to boast one of the best fair-trade coffees in the world.

This coffee has a relatively high level of acidity that blends well with the aromas of butter, cherry, and spices. Not only is this premium coffee delicious, but by buying it. One can have a sense of satisfaction in helping to build an international economy where farmers from some of the poorest regions can gain financial independence.

9. Mi Ezperanza Coffee – $35/pound

This fantastic coffee in the San Juan region of Honduras. The central American country has grown in reputation for the quality of its beans and care-taken in cultivating them. The fertile soil of the San Juan region is said to blend well with warm, perfectly humid climates in order to make remarkable growing conditions. In this way. Mi Esperanza is renowned as one of the very best coffees that money can buy. This is because it lacks any bitter aftertaste and boasts a subtle aroma of nuts, fruits, and spices.

8. Los Planes Coffee-$40/pound

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This award-winning coffee takes single-origin coffee to a whole new level, and it is from a single estate. This delightful coffee is truly special in its cultivation and distribution. The Finca Los Planes coffee beans are grown in the picturesque valley of El Salvador by Sergio Ticas Yeyes and has continued to be run by his family ever since. With the explosion of international corporations dominating the coffee market, it is quite difficult to find an independent family-run business, but this is what exactly what Los Planes coffee is. Its popular flavors include brown sugar threads and tangerine with caramel.

This coffee is often described as having a sweet butterscotch taste with a refreshing tangerine twist. It is characterized by a medium body with an acidity that is lemon-like. It also has a hint of milk chocolate and nuttiness in the cup. The finish on this coffee has a shortbread cookie vibe with some baking spice notes.

The coffee became popular in 2006 when it was awarded the second best coffee at the Cup Of Excellence Awards. Connoisseurs suggest using a light sprinkling of unrefined brown sugar to bring out the authentic flavors of tangerine and caramel.

7. Fazenda Santa Ines – $50/pound

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This unique coffee blend is one of the oldest on this list. It’s been cultivated using some of the ancient methods for over a century. The first Fazenda plantations were founded more than a hundred years ago near the base of the Mantiquera mountains in Brazil. The region also boasts of the cultivation of some of the juiciest and most-sought-after tropical fruits and as a result. Fazenda has a beautiful light and fruity aroma which dances playfully on the palate.

The after taste is incredibly sweet and helps to make Fanzenda extremely moreish. Due to its prestigious past and unique taste, its become a favorite of coffee connoisseurs around the world. The elites of China and Korea particularly enjoy this delightful blend, which is why many people want to taste this valuable coffee.

6. Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee – More than $50/pound

This coffee is farmed in the Jamaican Blue mountains, which is situated around 5.000 feet above the sea level. The rolling hills bursts with plant life and dance upon the ice with a vibrant, luscious green; also, this area has heavy rainfall and a lot of water supply. The name of the mountains origin can be found from the fact the area has the highest rainfall on the island and indeed most of the Caribbean. The temperature and blue humid climate in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica produce some exceptional and high sought-after coffee. It has a mild, slightly fruity, and not so bitter flavor.

In such a way from a distance, the mountain appears blue because they are almost and always shrouded by heavy rainfall. The fresh picking coffee beans are processed here before sent out to other places, this coffee is popular in Japan because Japan is the number one importer.
This climate gives the coffee a rich and strong flavor without any bitterness or harsh aftertaste. For this reason, it is highly revered among coffee connoisseurs. It is very popular in Japan, with about 80% being exported to the Japanese market.

5. Saint Helena Coffee – $79/pound

rarest coffee in the world

The history behind this outstanding coffee is rather fascinating; well, this coffee is farmed on the island of St. Helena hence the name. This island is located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, about 1.200 miles from the west coast of Africa. In 1815. Napoleon lost the battle of Waterloo and, with this defeat, failed in his megalomaniac ambition to take over the world. He was sentenced to live the rest of his life in exile on the remote island of St. Helena. Although, by definition, it was his prison, it couldn’t have been too bad of a way to live out his twilight years; indeed, he began cultivation coffee. So. the St. Helena coffee brand is a direct result of failed world domination by one of the most infamous military leaders in history.

To this day. It is cultivated on the island and shipped all over the world. The transportation costs from this place are quite expensive due to its remoteness, which accounts for its cost. However, the main reason people are willing to pay so much for this coffee is because of its incredible history and the sheer quality of aromatic flavor. Napoleon may not have had the best intentions when it came to international diplomacy, but he sure knew how to make a fantastic cup of coffee.

4. Kopi Luwak – $160 pound

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This coffee is world-famous for the way it is cultivated. It gained international attention a few years ago when Stephen Fry sent some to Prince Charles as a gift. He joked it was the only possible way of sending otter poo to a member of the Royal Family and be thanked for it. Kopi Luwak is grown in Indonesia, particularly around Bali. The area is inhabited by a huge number of wild Asian palm civets cats that consume the coffee beans straight off the tree. The tree coffee beans are fermented as they pass through the civet’s digestive system. The perfectly conditioned beans are then picked out of the animal’s excrement washed, roasted, and then distributed.

Because of its unique intestinal processing method, it has a much-reduced bitterness than when compared to regular coffee. It features a mellow floral texture, which is reminiscent of black tea. Kopi Luwak, in its traditional form, can cost you between $500 to $700 per kilo.

Due to the fact that this coffee has become so popular, there are many horrific practices now taking place by unlicensed and unregulated local businesses. Many Indonesians have decided to capitalize on tourist hysteria by capturing civet cats, caging them, and forcing them to eat the cheapest coffee fruit they can find; these types aren’t true Kopi Luwak. If you are interested in trying this delicious coffee, then make sure it’s come from a reliable source; otherwise, you may be drinking very expensive literal crap.

3. Hacienda La Esmeralda – $350/pound

This extraordinary coffee is farmed on the sides of Mount Baru in Panama. The coffee trees share their living quarters in the shade of guava trees. Legend has it that this creates a perfect pH level in the soil. Furthermore, the guava trees tower high above, which means that the coffee can take its time nurturing in the shade– the result is utterly stupendous.

Hacienda la Esmeralda has rich flavors of jasmine, honeysuckle, and tangerine. The crisp acidity is perfectly complemented by a clean white grape finish for these reasons, this coffee has won almost every international accolade possible for a coffee bean. Indeed it is so delicious and satisfying, and it could probably even win the Noble Peace Prize if everyone were able to get their hands on a cup. This rare coffee has a fantastic taste and rich flavor, it is sold for $350.25 per pound at a recent auction.

2. Finca El Injerto Coffee – $500/pound

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At $500 per pound. Finca El Injerto is one of the most expensive and sought out coffee in the world. It is known for its sweet earthy taste with a kick of chocolate. It has a smooth but heavy body and a buttery, milky texture with a pleasant aftertaste. These coffee beans are literally the diamonds of central America. Grown only in a few very small mountainous regions of Guatemala, these are some of the smallest coffee beans on the planet. They are so small, they look more like dark grains rice. These trees are guarded day and night by armed guards because each bean is worth more than most people will earn in a week.

It has also been hailed for being cultivated and distributed through a system of direct trade. This increases the price but ensures environmental conservation and sustainability. A true luxurious coffee that will set you back more than $50 a cup. The Finca El Injerto Coffee is made from rare. Rich, small beans. The beans are later washed in a single channel and broke into two pieces.

1. World’s Most Expensive Coffee – Black Ivory Coffee – $550/pound

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This coffee is renowned as the finest quality and flavor. Its cultivation method also makes it unique. Much like the Kopi Luwak coffee, black Ivory coffee must be plucked from excrement. This time though, it is from the dung of elephant. The black ivory plantations are situated in Thailand and work in conjunction with elephant sanctuaries. These Arabica coffee beans are consumed in huge numbers by the giant mammal. During the digestion process, the acids present in the stomach of the elephant breaks down the protein in the bean and create an utterly unique, robust flavor.

The first sip of this coffee has fruity notes being dominant with hints of butter, malt, leather, and earth. Rather than bitterness, you can taste fresh grass on your palate, and as the cup cools to room temperature, it develops enticing chocolate-like aroma. It has a delightful velvety aftertaste that lingers on your palate after every sip. It finishes full of extended caramel and chocolate notes that leave you craving more. It has a well balanced, resulting in a smooth taste.

The reason that these beans are the most expensive in the world is that cultivation methods are very inefficient. Most of the beans consumed will be completely broken down by the elephant’s stomach, and due to this, this coffee is always high in demand, just because it is so rare. This coffee is only produced in a small quantity at any time, which makes it even more expensive. The flavor is intense, dreamy, and unlike anything else in the world. If you’re visiting Thailand, we adamantly recommend visiting the plantations and trying some for yourself. However, you should be ready to pay upwards of $60 for a single cup. That makes it the most expensive coffee in the world.

How Does Coffee Taste Around The World?

Let’s talk about the different profiles of coffee been grown in different parts of the world: Central America. Eastern Africa, and Indonesia. Let’s start with central America:
Central American coffees usually come from Guatemala, El Salvador and Costa Rica. These coffees are really well known for their bright, tart acidity, chocolaty components, caramel sweetness, and the fruitiness that goes with it. A lot of people use words like clean or balanced are the characteristics of the coffees from Central America.

Next, we have coffee from Eastern Africa. These are coffees from Uganda. Kenya. Tanzania, or Luanda. Most Coffee from this region tend to be complex and diverse in their flavors, usually depending on the way that they were cultivated and processed, either washed or natural process. Washed coffees are ones that are usually on the fruity side, jasmine aromas, and give you this floral textures and tea-like structures. The other ones, which are dry-processed coffees that are usually dried with the fruit in usually provide these more complex fruity bolder and earthier tones. So. coffees from these regions have two different flavors depending on the way that they were processed.

Finally, we have coffee from Indonesia. Indonesian coffees are usually bigger, bolder, earthier in aromas and are lower in acid than the traditional other styles. Especially the ones from Sumatra are ideal for dark roast and espresso drinks. So. the next time you visit a coffee shop. I’ll highly encourage you to try either one of these three coffees from the three regions that I have mentioned, then you can tell by yourself and train your palate to select the ones that you prefer the most.

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This sums it up for our top 10 most expensive around the world. And even though this coffee might cost you a little, they are worth every dime of their price. I really hope this article was informative, and if it was then feeling free to hit the like button, also do not forget to share it with other coffee lovers like you. If you want more guides on our page, we have verisimo vs keurig and the best colombian coffee on our site!

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