10 Problems With Ninja Coffee Makers: How To Fix Your Ninja Coffee Maker

Like a personal barista at home, the Ninja Coffee Maker gives your caffeine fix various selections. From a perfect cup of coffee or cappuccino to a brisk cold brew and other iced beverages: it’s the most versatile piece of kitchen equipment.

A delayed brew can even be set if you want a fresh cup as soon as you wake. But what if you awaken to a cold coffee? Or if your brew cycle won’t start? I have put together a list of the ten most common problems with Ninja Coffee Makers and their quick fixes in case you encounter them.

ninja coffee maker leaking water

10 Common Ninja Coffee Maker Problems

  1. Ninja Coffee Bar Won’t Brew
  2. There Are Sediments Or Grounds In My Coffee
  3. My 2nd Cup Of Coffee Is Hotter Than The 1st Mug That I Brewed
  4. Ninja Coffee Maker Brew Basket Leaking
  5. My Cup Overflowed
  6. My Coffee Is Too Strong Or Too Weak
  7. Ninja Coffee Bar Clean Cycle Not Working
  8. Ninja Coffee Bar Clean Light Stays On
  9. Ninja Coffee Bar Stops Brewing
  10. My Coffee Bar Is Leaking

Ninja Coffee Maker Troubleshooting Guide

SharkNinja Operating LLC is a US company based in Massachusetts known for its household brands: Shark, with its vacuum cleaners and related equipment, and Ninja, which focuses on kitchen devices.

The Ninja Coffee Maker has been a favorite of many consumers as it makes coffee making so much simpler with its programmable settings, one-touch functions, and the diversity of concoctions that you can whip up with it is endless.

One consumer even said that it’s “the single most amazing appliance” she’s ever bought. With that said, some people encounter problems with their Ninja Coffee Maker and posted them on the internet because they don’t know what to do.

ninja coffee bar leaking from the bottom

When we bought it for the first time, our Ninja came with a manual to guide us through how to use our machine properly; there are also a lot of instructional videos and troubleshooting guides on the NinjaKitchen website.

Did you lose your manual? Is the website asking too many questions before you can get to where you want? And are you finding it hard to look for a decent fix online? This list is going to be your one-stop-shop.

It’s a compilation of the troubleshooting guide in the manual, the NinjaKitchen troubleshooting and FAQs, the actual problems people encountered, and helpful links to get you what you need.

1. Ninja Coffee Bar Won’t Brew: My machine is turned on, but the brew cycle won’t start

Check the light indicators. Is the power light indicator on? If not, then you might need to try another power outlet.

Check the water reservoir if there is water in it. If there’s none, then put in the right amount of water and then start your brew cycle.

If you heard five beeps, that means your Drip Stop is in the closed position (light indicator on water droplet with a slash icon is on). The Drip Stop should be in the open position for the brew to start. So if you are wondering why does my ninja coffee bar starts then beeps 5 times, this is your poem.

If the Drip Stop is already in the open position (light indicator on the water droplet icon is on), check to see if you might need to push the brew basket further to reach the brewer.

2. There are sediments or grounds in my coffee

Ninja recommends using a coarser grind or medium grind coffee. Fine-grind coffee can’t be screened thoroughly by the permanent filter.

3. Ninja Coffee Bar Leaking Water: My brew basket is dripping

Moving the Drip Stop to a closed position (water droplet with a slash icon) after a brew cycle and before pulling out the carafe will easily resolve this.

4. Problems With Ninja Coffee Makers: My 2nd cup of coffee is hotter than the 1st mug that I brewed

For a consistent hot temperature of your coffee from 1st mug to the last, allow your Ninja Coffee Maker to pre-heat for three minutes (after plugging it in or coming from Power Save mode) before starting a brew cycle.

Otherwise, you can pre-heat your mug or carafe by running it on hot water before using it.

5. My cup overflowed

Make sure that your cup is empty before brewing.

Do not exceed the Max Fill line on your water reservoir

Make sure that you are using the correct cup size: 12 oz for cup, 14 oz for XL, 16 oz for a travel mug, and 20 oz for the XL multi-serve.

6. Ninja Coffee Bar Not Brewing Full Carafe: My coffee is too strong or too weak

If your coffee is too strong, make sure that you are using a coarser grind or lessen your coffee grounds on the next cycle

If your coffee is too weak, add more coffee grounds on your next brewing cycle, or for an extra concentrated cup, use the Rich Brew style.

7. Ninja Coffee Bar Clean Cycle Not Working: Ninja Coffee Bar Always Need Cleaning

Ninja Coffee Maker’s clean light turns on, advising you it has detected mineral buildup and that it is time to clean it. With this technology, you won’t have to keep track of when was the last time you cleaned your coffee maker or when is the next time to do so.

Before we start with the clean cycle instructions, unplug your Ninja Coffee Maker first and look for the four-digit date code on its metal prongs. The following instructions are for Ninja Coffee Makers with a date code ending in 16, and the 1st two numbers are between 26-52.

Fill the water reservoir with water up to the Max Fill line and use the descaling solution from Ninja Kitchen.

If you don’t have a descaling solution, you can also pour white vinegar up to the Travel Mug line and then fill it up with water up to the Max Fill line.

Make sure that the carafe is empty before putting it underneath the brew basket, and then choose Full Carafe on size.

Press the Clean button, and a 60minutes countdown will start. It’s perfectly normal for the machine to dim during the 60 minutes; please do not touch any buttons until the cycle is complete.

Once the clean cycle is done, you will see the word FLUSH on the clock display indicating to start the Flush Cycle. It is important to start the flush cycle within 15mins after the clean cycle.

Empty the carafe and water reservoir and clean them with a soft brush. Fill the reservoir up to the Max Fill line with water only this time and put the empty carafe back in its place.

Press the clean button again, and the Flush cycle will run for 8 minutes

The clean light will automatically turn off after the 8-minute flush cycle.

8. Ninja Coffee Bar Clean Light Stays On: I have run the clean cycle, but the clean light won’t turn off

You might want to run another clean cycle (just to be sure), or if you have done enough cleaning, try resetting the machine.

Unplug the power cord and leave it for 5-10 mins before plugging it back in. That should take care of the clean light indicator.

Remember that resetting your machine resets your brew clock, too, so make sure to adjust that again.

9. Ninja Coffee Bar Stops Brewing: My coffee maker keeps shutting off and does not complete a brew cycle

The light and sound indicators on your Ninja help you detect where the problem is coming from: if the clean light is on, you have to run a clean cycle; if the machine beeps and the Drip Stop closed light is on, then you have to open it.

Check your setup if all parts of your coffee maker are placed correctly.

Check if there is water in your water reservoir.

There is a plastic valve at the bottom of your water reservoir. Take out your water reservoir and inspect the plastic valve. Does it have any cracks on it? This valve controls the water flow of the whole machine, and if it’s broken, then your coffee maker will shut off.

If you need to have it replaced, you can order directly from Ninja and browse thru their other replacement products.

10. My coffee bar is leaking

Check where the leak is coming from

Check if the Drip Stop is closed

Check if all parts are placed correctly and securely

If your machine is still leaking, then you might need to call Ninja’s customer service for assistance at 1-866-826-6941


If all else fails, you can always seek help from the experts at SharkNinja. Their hotline is open on Mondays to Fridays from 9 am to 9 pm ET and Saturdays from 9 are to 6 pm ET.

Before you call, make sure that you have some important documents handy, like the model of your Ninja Coffee Maker and your receipt. Your coffee maker comes with a one-year VIP Limited Warranty.

If you haven’t yet, register your coffee maker thru their website for a hassle-free warranty claim.


Like any machine, the Ninja Coffee Maker requires maintenance to run well every time. Regular cleaning and checking out for cracks will prevent them from serious damage in the long run.

Give your Ninja Coffee Maker the care it deserves, and you’ll be enjoying its café-style coffee for longer. I hope I’m able to help fix your Ninja or be prepared for issues in the future. Thank you, and may your cup always be full!

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