Urine Smells Like Coffee: Why Does My Pee Smell Like Coffee?

If your pee smells like coffee, don’t freak out right away because it could very well just mean that you need to cut back on your coffee in taking.

However, there is a reason for the coffee making your urine smell like coffee, with its beneficial components down below. I will talk about these components and much more.

poop smells like coffee

What Is The Cause Of My Pee Smelling Like Coffee?

If you enjoy drinking coffee and your is beginning to smell just like coffee, then there is a reason for this you could be drinking way too much coffee.

Coffee has some beneficial components, and once it becomes broken down into your body, it then turns to waste, and this waste is called metabolites.

It forms from the compounds in your delicious coffee like polyphenols and even hydroxycinnamic acids. Once the metabolites make their way to your urine, they can very well make your urine smell like coffee.

The caffeine in coffee also has a weak diuretic which will cause you to urinate a lot more than usual.

So if you drink large amounts of coffee, it could make you dehydrated. Lack of water will make the smell of coffee more noticeable once you have become dry

The mayo clinic recommends people who drink caffeinated coffee should limit themselves to only four hundred milligrams a day.

I Don’t Drink Coffee, and My Pee Smells Like Coffee.

• Urinary Tract Infection: Also known as a UT, can also cause your urine to have a strong odor. UTI will also cause you to urinate more often with a burning sensation during urinating. The cause of UTI is bacteria in your urine, and you will need to seek a doctor for antibiotics.

• Bladder Fistula: When you have an injury to your bladder, or maybe you might have defected bladder. You get bacteria from your intestines, which then enters your bladder: Crohn’s Disease Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and even Ulcerative Colitis

urine smells like coffee but i don't drink coffee

• Liver Disease: A liver disease can also cause your to have a powerful odor which would be a sign of this Disease. If you are experiencing any of these other liver disease symptoms, you need to seek medical help.

  1. Vomiting
  2. Nausea
  3. Abdominal Pain
  4. Jaundice is yellowish color in your eyes
  5. Bloating
  6. Weakness
  7. Dark Colored Urine
  8. Weight Loss

• Phenylketonuria: A genetic condition that you could be born with and makes it hard for you to break down the amino acid, which is called phenylalanine.

So when the metabolites get into your urine, it can cause you to have a musky smell. If not treated right away, it can lead to a handicap or ADHD. There are also other symptoms:

  1. Intellectual Disabilities
  2. Slow-Developing Social skill
  3. Decreased Skin Pigmentation

• Maple Syrup Disease: There is no cure for this disease, and if not seek medical attention can lead to having brain damage or even death Other symptoms of Maple Syrup Disease:

  1. Weak Sucking Ability
  2. Maple Syrup odor in sweat, urine, or even earwax
  3. Poor Appetite
  4. Lethargy

• Diabetes: Your body has the hormone insulin that will move sugar from your blood to the cells.

Which are then stored for energy, and if you have Diabetes, then it is because your body either can not use its insulin or your body does not produce enough.

Diabetes can also cause your urine to have a sweet smell. But. if you have Diabetes and you do not seek medical help, it may cause:

  1. Eye Damage
  2. Damage to your kidneys
  3. Nerve Damage
  4. It could even put you into a coma

Pregnant Women

When women become pregnant, their bodies produce a hormone called HCG; this hormone will increase women’s urine to have a strong odor.
Women also have an intense sense of smell which could also result in the strong smell of urine

If a pregnant woman becomes dehydrated, it can become much more complicated for her uric acids to build up and cause pregnant women’s urine to have a powerful odor.

So, pregnant women should make sure to drink a lot of water throughout the day.

How To Determine What The Cause Is?

The only way to find out if a medical condition causing your urine to smell like coffee then there will be several tests that your doctor would most likely run on you.

Scans Or Imaging: Not used too often in this case, but if the odor continues with no other signs, you may have an infection, and your doctor may also do an ultrasound or even an x-ray

Urine Analysis: Your Doctor may want to sample your urine and test for bacteria and other elements in the urine.

Cystoscopy: Your doctor may want to do this test on you. and it is a thin tube with a camera on the end of it that will be inserted into your bladder so that your doctor may see what is going on.

What Is Healthy Urination?

You want to urinate roundabout five to seven times a day, and if not, you need more water in your diet.

You only urinate when you feel like you have to go if you can sit down instead of hovering while urinating and even taking your time and not forcing your urine out.


So, if you believe you have any of what was listed above. You will want to seek a medical doctor as soon as possible.

You will need antibiotics for a UTI. For Mable Syrup disease, you will need lifelong therapy so that you can keep an adequate diet, and someone will have to help you watch your metabolic conditions.

Diabetes, you may have to take insulin. Either through a pill, or you would have to give yourself shots.

Also, Diabetes consists of checking and monitoring your blood sugar levels, often

For a lot of these cases, it is very wise to seek a doctor immediately, and if you drink quite a bit of coffee everyday, then you may want to cut back first, and if the odor seems like it does not want to go anywhere, then that is when you will then want to seek a doctors help.

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