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How Much Caffeine Is In A Pink Drink? The Full Answer

Can’t bear the summer heat? Craving for refreshments? Calling out all Starbucks lovers! Check out Starbucks’ drink from the Refreshers line, Pink Drink!

Starbucks is one of the most popular choices when it comes to having coffee, Frappuccino, and other tasty beverages, and Pink Drink is one of the most popular and recommended drinks you may find there. Now you may find this drink familiar, you may even see it a lot online. This is because Pink Drink has one of the most Instagram-worthy aesthetic appeals.

Pink Drink Caffeine

Now, what is this drink?

Pink Drink is one of Starbucks’ most successful beverages in the Refreshers line.
Pink Drink is one of Starbucks’ most successful beverages in the Refreshers line.

The Pink Drink is not any other average drink, it is one of Starbucks’ most successful beverages in the Refreshers line. It is a coconut milk version of Strawberry Acai Refresher, and the original was made with water.

Coming from Starbucks’ secret menu, due to it becoming a popular internet sensation, it instantly made its way to Starbucks’ official menu. Garnering attention for its unique color and ingredients, it instantly became Instagram famous. With this drink, you’ll be able to add a new aesthetic to your feed.

Quick Fact: Contrary to its appearance, Pink Drink is surprisingly lightweight compared to a Strawberry Frappuccino and has a noticeable fruity taste. It is also dairy-free since it’s made with coconut milk, perfect for those who avoid dairy. What can get better than that?

Not only that, famous internet sensation beauty-guru James Charles joined in the trend and popularized the phrase “Pinkity Drinkity” (I know, even the baristas hate it) gaining the drink even more fame.

He is so obsessed with this drink he even made a YouTube video of him making his own drink, which other YouTubers have tried out. Feel free to watch and try it out too.

Moving on to its ingredients, it’s known that it is made up of Strawberry Acai base and coconut milk, along with freeze-dried strawberries or blackberries and a tiny bit of green coffee extract. If you are interested in making your own Pink Drink, you first have to make a Strawberry Acai base.

To do these you will need a set of ingredients. You are able to find the ingredients for your base online, it’s not that difficult since all you need to do is to mix them up! After that, add some coconut milk and freeze-dried fruits of your choice, strawberry or blackberry is highly recommended.

Don’t forget to add your own unique touch when making your own drink! You never know, it may turn out way better than expected.

Does the Pink Drink have caffeine?

Pink Drink has a teeny tiny bit of caffeine.
Pink Drink has a teeny tiny bit of caffeine.

Pink Drink has a teeny tiny bit of caffeine, though not as much that it becomes a coffee or espresso. Since it doesn’t have that much caffeine, Pink Drink became part of Starbucks’ Refreshing Line. The Pink Drink has a green coffee extract that made it lightly caffeinated, though it is still called a Refresher.

In a 16 fluid ounce, Grande is 45 milligrams of caffeine, 140 calories, 27 grams of carbs, and 2.5 grams of fat. It may not be that healthy, but it is still better than the other heavily caffeinated drinks! If you prefer it that way though, that is.

Just so you know, an 8-ounce cup of green or black tea has 30-50 milligrams of caffeine, and an 8-ounce cup of coffee contains closer to 80 to 100 mg. An 8-ounce energy drink is about 40-250 mg of caffeine. Compared to this kind of drink, the caffeine in Pink Drink is pretty much nothing.

When making your own drink, you have the choice to leave out the green coffee extract to have kids get a taste. It’ll be a child-friendly refreshment drink, especially in hot weather. Let the kids have a go at this sweet tasty beverage!

How much is the Pink Drink?

A tall one costs $4.35, and you’ll pay $4.75 for a Grande or Venti, and the Trenta will cost you $5.95. A few bucks for a good drink seems worth it, is it not? Not only do you get a good drink, but you’d also get a good feed. What an absolute win!

To make it short, Pink Drink is a sweet refreshing drink with a rich strawberry flavor. Contrary to looks, it has a bit of caffeine due to the green coffee extract. There you have it, folks. With all of that said, what do you think about this drink now? I’m telling you, it’s absolutely worth the try. Grab your toasts cause you’re in for a creamy ride. Get that delicious-looking drink and enjoy your day!

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