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Red Bull Vs Coffee: Red Bull Caffeine Vs Coffee Caffeine

coffee vs redbull

Everyone likes caffeine. We crave it, even. But are some sources of caffeine are better than others? There is a wide variety of drinks to satisfy our caffeine kicks, from coffee to teas to energy drinks. Today, I’ll be covering two specific sources of caffeine: Redbull and coffee. Here will compare things such as taurine vs caffeine, caffeine in coffee vs redbull, and answer all your questions!

What is coffee?

Coffee is a popular drink brewed by running hot water through ground coffee beans. Depending on the coffee, the amount of caffeine can change, the caffeine in coffee is generally around 40mg.

What is Redbull?

Redbull is a synthetically made energy drink. You may be wondering how much caffeine in red bull, well red bull caffeine content is around 30mg of caffeine. Coffee and Redbull share similar traits, but red bull compared to coffee has around 10mg less of caffeine. So the common question does Redbull have more caffeine than coffee, well it does not.

coffee with redbull

Pros of Coffee

Coffee is all-natural. Coffee heightens your senses and sharpens your focus. Coffee wakes you up! Coffee is customizable to your taste preferences.

Coffee has been linked to improved heart health and boosted metabolism. Coffee contains antioxidants. Coffee has been known to lessen the effects of diabetes. Coffee is made fresh and can be heated or cooled.

Cons of Coffee

Coffee may cause heartburn with its acidity. Coffee may stain teeth. Coffee may not have as strong of a kick as Redbull. Coffee can take longer to make on your own, especially if you want to add cream, sugar, and flavorings.

Coffee can be a diuretic, which can dehydrate you if you are not careful. Drinking too much coffee has been linked to kidney stones because of the raised level of minerals, such as calcium. Coffee also has a much higher caffeine content than Redbull, so if you’re looking caffeine in coffee vs Redbull, coffee has more.

how many cups of coffee in a red bull

Pros of Redbull

Redbull gives you a strong, fast kick to wake you up. Redbull is ready-made and does not have to be brewed. Redbull keeps you alert. Redbull may give you added vitamins.

Cons of Redbull

There is nothing natural about Redbull. It has many added ingredients that the body may not necessarily need. It is synthetically made. Redbull is not customizable. Redbull contains taurine, which can be harmful to your body in some cases. Is Redbull worse than coffee, well if you do red bull vs coffee health you may see that they both have negative side effects to them.

Similarities Between Redbull and Coffee


They are both cheap and easy to access. They’re both a quick fix to wake you up. If you’re not careful, both can become addictive due to their caffeine content.

Differences Between Coffee vs Redbull

Redbull has a lot of extra additives that are typically not present in coffee, including taurine, added sugars, and vitamins.

Coffee is natural and derived from coffee beans. Redbull is synthetically made. Coffee tends to have lower sugar content. Contrary to popular belief, coffee actually has more caffeine than Redbull.

Redbull contains taurine, which is an added stimulant that bolsters the effects of caffeine. Coffee contains healthy antioxidants, which Redbull does not have. Coffee can be served hot or cold, while Redbull is only cold or room temperature.


Though coffee and Redbull share some commonalities, they are vastly different. Coffee or redbull, they both share high caffeine counts. How they’re made, what they may contain, and their health benefits contrast greatly.

One is natural, while the other is man-made. Ultimately, it is your decision on which to drink, but I hope this article has helped you choose!

I also hope this article has shed light on the similarities and differences of these favorite beverages. If you’re looking for more guides, we have guides on the smallest keurig, and brazilian coffee on our site!

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