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Vacuum Coffee Maker: How To Choose The Best Syphon Coffee Maker

Siphon coffee making is not a recent fad; rather, it is a tradition that has resurfaced after being discovered by enthusiasts. It is a method of brewing that was able to withstand decades and is now becoming more and more popular worldwide.

During the late 1800s, people concluded that boiling ground coffee beans removes the very essence of the coffee.

They explored ways to extract the coffee flavor without relying on boiling, and this was when they used vapor pressure to brew their coffee. This is when the vacuum brewer, otherwise known as the Siphon coffee maker, was born.

syphon coffee maker
Gourmia Premium Siphon Coffee Maker
  • Despite being run by electricity, it has no cord.
  • Gorgeous Design
  • There is a one-touch option to control the temperature.
Bodum PEBO Stovetop Siphon Coffee Maker
  • It is a well-built device that uses a plastic filter, making it very easy to clean after use.
  • Consistency in brewing is expected compared to other siphon coffee maker alternatives.
 KCM08120B KitchenAid Siphon Coffee Maker
  • Brews Quickly
  • Modern Design
  • Precise Temperature Control
  • High-Quality Coffee
Hario Technica Siphon Coffee Brewer
  • Easy To Use
  • Great Tasting Coffee
  • Inexpensive
NISPIRA Belgian Balance Siphon Coffee Maker
  • Brewing your coffee will prove to be really fun and entertaining to watch.
  • Using the device is very easy as it is automatic.
  • This is one of the sturdiest coffee makers on this list – most parts are made of metal.

Top Picks: The Best Siphon Coffee Makers in the Market Today

The best way to understand siphon coffee makers is to explore the different choices in the market. In this portion, we will discuss the pros and cons of our top five picks:

1. Gourmia Premium Siphon Coffee Maker

A very edgy and sleek choice that is truly safe and convenient. The manufacturer boasts of the high-quality materials used in building this siphon coffee maker.

It is certified safe by authorities and boasts of its sleek and sophisticated design. This is the best siphon coffee maker, and the best coffee vacuum press on the market!


• Despite being run by electricity, it has no cord.
• Self-contained and eliminates the need for a stove or a burner.
• There is a one-touch option to control the temperature.
• The design is gorgeous.


• The brewing capacity is capped at three cups.
• It uses a cloth filter that proves to be really challenging to replace.

2. Bodum PEBO Stovetop Siphon Coffee Maker

According to experts, this is one of the best ways to optimally extract all the precious oils from your chosen coffee beans.

Formerly known as the Santos, despite it being in the market for a long time already, it remains a viable and competitive alternative among a vast array of siphon coffee maker choices.


• It is a well-built device that uses a plastic filter, making it very easy to clean after use.
• Consistency in brewing is expected compared to other siphon coffee maker alternatives.


• Careful when pouring your coffee – the Bodum Pebo can be very flimsy.
• When the seal is lost, there can be leaks and issue with the drainage.

3. KCM08120B KitchenAid Siphon Coffee Maker

Packed with a full immersion technology that boasts of precise control in temperature, this siphon coffee brewer has a modern design that appeals to the younger coffee drinkers.

This is the best syphon coffee maker, and the overall best siphon coffee brewer.


• Brews Quickly
• Modern Design
• Precise Temperature Control


• More Expensive

4. Hario Technica Siphon Coffee Brewer

This is a classic siphon coffee brewer that is popular among coffee brewers all around the world.

It does not only look good aesthetically, but it also is a very durable and practical option if you are on the lookout for a coffee brewing device. This is the best vacuum coffee maker, and a great chemistry coffee maker!


• Easy To Use. • Great Tasting Coffee.

5. NISPIRA Belgian Balance Siphon Coffee Maker

Coffee making is both a science and an art. Inside the siphon coffee maker, that is where the science of extraction of flavors happens.

Of course, it is a great plus if, on the outside, the brewing equipment looks luxurious and elegant. This is better than the kitchenaid siphon coffee maker! This is also the best electric siphon coffee maker!


• Brewing your coffee will prove to be really fun and entertaining to watch
• Using the device is very easy as it is automatic.
• The machine is guaranteed to be consistent – the resulting brew is always as good as the last one.
• This is one of the sturdiest coffee makers on this list – most parts are made of metal.


• The handle can be a bit too flimsy, so be cautious in pouring the brew.
• Its luxurious build is justified by its price tag.
• If you are looking for a cheap siphon coffee maker, then this will not be your top choice.

Choosing the Best Siphon Coffee Maker: A Concise and Comprehensive Guide

The best coffee brews are done at home.

If you are tired of spending a lot of money buying your coffee from your favorite coffee shop, then it is high time to learn how to brew your own coffee. It can be challenging at first, but of course, you will have to be backed up by the right equipment.

diy siphon coffee maker

As discussed earlier, Siphon coffee making proves to be the most consistent method of choice among coffee drinkers and enthusiasts.

If you are on the lookout for the best Siphon coffee maker, you must be clear about your priorities and consideration. From there, you will be able to narrow down your choices and arrive at a sound conclusion and a reasonable purchase.

Factors To Consider

Brewing capacity: Are you brewing coffee for yourself or for your family? How big is your family?

These questions will help you narrow down your choices as there are siphon coffee makers that are manufactured for different capacities.

In general, the range is between three to eight cups, so depending on your needs, you should be able to pick the idea brewing device.

Source of heat: With new and more modern designs being offered in the market, there is a vast number of choices available.

Note, however, that the following still prove to be the most effective, safe, and practical heat sources for your siphon coffee makers:

Halogen lamp – The halogen lamp utilizes rays of light to heat up and bring the water to boil. The resulting vapor from the boiling water then brews the coffee.

Who would have thought that light can do this, right? It is amusing to watch, but this is very expensive. Only choose this if you have extra money to spare.

Electricity – Most modern non-open flame options offer an electric heating source. This works very consistently and is 100% safe.

No open flames equate to a very low risk of catching fire, so this is a common consideration among many households. However, it can be very difficult to control the temperature.

Butane burner – Butane is a pressurized type of gas that can be used as a heat source.

It can be shot through a fine hole at the burner’s bottom side. It is safe as there is a very low chance of leakage, unlike alcohol from an alcohol burner. In terms of controlling the flame size, it is very easy to control, making it one of the top choices.

However, it is more expensive than an alcohol burner.

Alcohol burner – This is the most basic heat source choice because it is inexpensive. Usually, you can use any metal cup to act as a chamber, fill it with denatured alcohol, and light it up to start brewing your coffee.

The resulting flame is very steady and stable, which can help in giving a consistent source of heat during the course of the brewing process.

However, one should be very cautious not to know the cup over – spilling the burning denatured alcohol can pose very real risks to your safety.

Filter type for your siphon brewer: There are three popular types of filters available for your siphon brewing equipment in the market. Let’s discuss each option and find out which will work best for you:

Cloth filter – This type of filter is very efficient in filtering out even the tiniest remnant of ground coffee from your resulting brew.

While it does not allow the solid particle through your cup, it allows all the natural aromatic oils to pass through.

Metal filter – If you favor a cup of coffee that is has a strong aroma and a thick, punchy, and heavy, then a siphon coffee maker with a metal filter is for you.

The metal filter allows only the microscopic particulate matter along with the aromatic essential oils to pass through, making a strong and satisfying brew possible.

Paper filter – This is a cheap option that is all too common for us. If you have experienced drinking coffee from a coffee shop, then you might have already tasted how smooth, clean, and crisp the resulting brew is.

Not to mention that this is a cheap and practical alternative that is also very easy to clean.

Stovetop or stand-alone: There are two very popular designs that you can choose from. In this portion, we aim to differentiate between a stovetop and a stand-alone siphon coffee maker.

Stovetop siphon coffee maker – While this is a less sophisticated and less glamorous type of siphon coffee maker, one advantage that it offers is that you can easily control the heat level coming from the stove.

This is also a cheaper option as you will only have to buy the water reservoir and the brewing compartment.

Stand-alone siphon coffee maker – In such options, the lower bulb (which is where the water is stored and heated) is raised to make available some room for the source of heat.

As discussed, the source of heat can be a butane burner, alcohol burner, a halogen lamp, or an electric heat source.

This gives you more flexibility on where to do your brew as you do not need to be near a stove to heat up your water.

The price tag: You do not need to break the bank to experience the richness of siphon coffee brew.

Of course, if you have some extra dollars to spare, you will have more alternatives, but it does not rest of money alone. By having a clear knowledge of what you want and what you need, you can come up with the most practical choice.

Collision of Art and Science

Of course, it helps to be well-versed in the process behind the siphon coffee maker.

It is not only fun to watchmaking coffee using this method, but it also gives you a cup of delicious and clean coffee which makes the process even more satisfying.

The method is gaining ground and popularity by the day as it is used more and more in your local coffee shops due to the high quality of the resulting brew.

But how does it actually work?

The science behind siphon coffee making is very simple, to be blunt. There are two chambers contained in the coffee pot – at the bottom is a compartment called the carafe, and at the top is a coffee brewer.

The carafe contains the water that will be heated. The coffee brewer is dedicated for the ground coffee. When the carafe is subjected to the source of heat, the water boils and vaporizes.

The vapor builds up pressure at the carafe compartment. When there is enough pressure already, it makes its way to the top compartment where the ground coffee is.

Once the vapor and the ground coffee meet, the brewing finally takes place.

Once the siphon is removed from the source of heat, the compartments cool down. The pressure at the carafe decreases, and the liquid at the top compartment then returns to the lower chamber.

When all the liquid from the top compartment is drawn down to the lower compartment, it passes by the filter, effectively removing all the ground coffee particles. The resulting brew is usually very aromatic, full, rich, and strong.

What makes the siphon coffee brew better than others?

According to studies, siphon coffee brewing does not only preserve the coffee beans’ essential oils – but it also enhances the aroma of the coffee compared to other popular coffee brewing methods.

The process is oriented towards producing a vibrant and rich cup of coffee that other methods cannot truly imitate.

Most methods involve boiling the ground coffee beans that proves to be a flavor killer. Also, in the siphon coffee brewing, the resulting brewed coffee is very clean due to the process of vaporization, condensation, and filtration.

In a nutshell, siphon brewed coffee is better because of the following:
Arguably, the coffee produced is the best tasting compared to other methods of brewing.

There have been hundreds of processes created and explored through the centuries, but siphon coffee brewing was able to survive the test of times.

The process offers a complete experience that stimulates the senses. It satisfies not only the taste. Watching the brewing process can be very entertaining.

The smell that fills the room excites you with anticipation. You can hear the water boiling and feel every drop of the condensing brewed coffee. Of course, at the end of it all, you get to taste a top-quality brew.

The coffee brewer has a high degree of control over the process, and each decision taken has an effect on the resulting brew.

Each variable controlled is very important, and therefore needs to be studied carefully.

The intensity of the aroma is very high; you can enjoy the coffee more. As they say, if you can smell it better, you can taste it better.

While it is described as a science and an art, it can be done at home. You can buy a siphon coffee maker to aid you in the process.

The Winner: Best Siphon Coffee Maker

Among the siphon coffee makers reviewed, the Hario Technica Siphon Coffee Brewer is the best choice.

Its good looks will add sophistication to your home, and you don’t have to spend as much as the other alternatives.

Also, the Hario Technical siphon coffee maker is very durable and sturdy. With proper handling, care, and maintenance, you can use it for a long time.

Best of all, it is very consistent, so you can expect a top-quality cup of coffee every single time you do the brew.


There is a vast number of choices available today in the market when it comes to siphon coffee makers.

Despite this, they all adhere to the time-tested method of brewing developed in the 1800s.

Indeed, the available siphon coffee makers today make the process easier and more fun to do while ensuring the best quality coffee brew every single time.

Thank you for reading this review. Hopefully, it helps you in making that important decision!

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