What Happens When You Snort Coffee – Snorting Coffee Grounds Explained

Snorting coffee has become a sort of craze ever since the hit TV show ‘Orange Is the New Black’ popularized the stunt. People are wondering, what happens if you snort coffee, and what can be the side effects of snorting coffee? Well, you have come to the right place as today I’ll be going over the effects of snorting coffee.

Sometimes, you maybe staying up for long hours to finish that assignment or work project, and some coffee doesn’t sound too bad. Now, there are stories going around the internet that people in this situation have resorted to snorting coffee grounds.

Snorting is known as insufflation and gives people easier access to highs as the nasal airway get’s straight -forward access to the brain when used in the appropriate form. Many drug users snort the drugs because it gives them the quickest high as the drug will enter the bloodstream and bring out the effects of the drug the fastest.

This works for drugs such as pure cocaine and ketamine as the drugs will move through the nostrils through the mucus membranes and enter the bloodstream; after that, they will start to act on the brain receptors and give the brain a psychoactive effect.

In the short-term, it will give you an energy-high because the caffeine found within coffee grounds will enter your blood vessels in the nasal passage, and this allows the caffeine to reach your brain much faster. This is just like how certain drugs such as cocaine are used to get a faster high.

Snorting will work for these drugs because these drugs are taken in their pure form, which is much more comfortable for your body to dissolve, and they are made to stimulate the brain. Here’s the problem with snorting coffee grounds, that coffee grounds are not pure. The caffeine element of coffee is best extracted using water, and this is why we make coffee rather than eating or snorting the coffee.

what happens when you snort coffee

What Happens If You Snort Coffee – Negative Effects

  • Vomiting
  • Defecation
  • Respiratory Infection
  • Blocked Nasal Airways

When you snort the coffee, caffeine will find its way into your bloodstream, and you will get a quick energy boost, but the negative effects are not worth it. The coffee grounds you have just snorted will not dissolve, rather it will get congested in your nose, and you will experience unbearable pain. Also, if you snort coffee, you will end up with a high chance of infection as coffee grounds could be found inside the body, and this can cause large amounts of vomit and defecation.

If you want to snort caffeine, there are much better ways to do it than actually snorting coffee grounds. You can find pure caffeine (which is dangerous and not recommended by TheCozyCoffee). But, despite getting a quick burst of energy from snorting coffee, the negative effects are too much worse to actually do.


Despite the quick high, you will get from snorting coffee grounds; there really are no other benefits. We think you should just stick to drinking coffee because unless you want to end up vomiting endlessly, you are better drinking coffee rather than snorting coffee.

The dangers of snorting coffee are much more significant than the boost of energy you get, and there are much better ways to get energy into your body rather than snorting coffee. Make sure you calculate your caffeine intake per day, as you don’t want to be intaking too much caffeine as it can be bad for your kidneys. Snorting caffeine is also dangerous. So can you snort coffee grounds or is snorting coffee beans, no it isn’t.

But overall, just stick to drinking coffee, as it will be much better than snorting coffee.

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