What Is Star Anise? – Benefits Of Star Anise Tea

A rather distinct-looking spice with seeds within its eight points.

Star Anise is very prominent in Asian and Indian cooking. The use of Star Anise is rather diverse because of how complementary its taste is in savory cooking; in fact, Star Anise is one of the five spices used in Chinese five-spice powder.

While five spice has made quite a mark in the culinary world, Star Anise has a place in traditional Chinese medicine, with the users believing it helped with relieving ailments such as colds and congestion. This Star Anise tea guide will hopefully help you understand the benefits of Star Anise tea are and how to best enjoy this spice.

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Benefits Of Star Anise Tea

1. Anti Inflammatory

Star Anise is similar to turmeric, with having anti-inflammatory characteristics. The anti-inflammatory properties can aid with stomach discomfort that comes with either bloating, gas, or constipation.

2. Constipation

It was and still is common for people in Southern Asian countries to drink Star Anise tea as a means to help ease gas or bloating.

3. High-Fiber Levels

That is not the only thing that helps with constipation, though – this spice packs more fiber than you would expect, and that added fiber in the diet can also help with any reoccurring digestive issues.

It should be noted that while it has fiber, there is no concrete evidence that only drinking Star Anise tea will get rid of any digestive problems.

4. Vitamins

Other than anti-inflammatory properties, Star Anise has many different vitamins found in it, such as linalool (this aids with anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial issues), vitamin C (an antioxidant that is known to fight colds and infections), anethole (helps with brain health, diabetes inflammation, and skin detoxification) and shikimic acid (a lot of medication for the flu has this ingredient in it).

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5. Sleep

People have also found that Star Anise oil helps with sleep and so when they have a cup of tea with the main ingredient being Star Anise, the scent of it promotes a nice calm state that readies the mind and body for sleep. Others have also found out that it has helped with decreasing their anxiety which contributes to a restful evening.

With such benefits, it only fits that the spice is used in a tea to encourage others to reap all the riches Star Anise sows. The process of making Star Anise tea is simple, and there are many different ways of making it!

Different Ways To Make Star Anise Tea

Many people find that the spice is very warm in itself, so it pairs up nicely with cinnamon and honey.

A rather common way of making Star Anise tea is to step the Star Anise with cinnamon sticks and either black or green tea.

This cup of tea is perfect for cold nights where all you want to do is look outside at the snow falling with a warm cup in your hands.

If you find that the taste is not as sweet as you would like, feel free to add in honey or agave and date syrup if you are vegan.

There are other spices that people like to add to their tea, such as cardamom, ginger root, and cloves – these spices with Star Anise really bring out a strong spiced tea that can be made in a cup with boiling water or in a pot over the stove.

Chai is also a type of tea that uses many spices, including Star Anise, cloves allspice, cardamom, cinnamon, and peppercorns.

All these spices are mixed with black tea (the most common choices are either Assam or Darjeeling because those are the most common types of tea grown in India) and milk to create a one-of-a-kind drink.

To make the chai, boil the chosen spices with milk and water until you can smell all the spices melding together. The liquid should be at a simmer before the tea is added in Remember to strain out all the tea leaves and spices before serving in a cup!

As usual, feel free to add sugar or a sweetener of your choice to have the perfect cup of chai.

It may be a little jarring to have a cup of Star Anise tea if you have never had it before because the flavor is very strong. The most dominant flavor is licorice (anethole is a very special compound in it that gives Star Anise its very distinctive licorice-like flavor, and it is also carrying antifungal benefits), and it has a very slight undertone of sweetness as a finish.

People who find the tea far too licorice-like and bitter for their taste add honey or maple syrup into it to dilute the flavor a little

Of course, most things that have such benefits need to be taken in small considerate doses. Star Anise tea is not recommended as a choice of beverage when the consumer is pregnant or breastfeeding

Properties Of Star Anise Tea

There are some properties in Star Anise that make it similar to estrogen, and it has a similar effect to those who react more sensitively to hormonal changes; and because of the possible effect it can have on hormones, it is also advised that those who are diagnosed with hormone-dependent cancers such as breast ovarian and liver cancer avoid drinking and consuming Star Anise if possible.

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Star Anise is very distinctive in itself, but it is very similar to a more toxic version that is called the Japanese Star Anise. It is very difficult to tell the two apart, so do take care to ensure that you are purchasing the correct spice Japanese Star Anise is known to cause nausea and hallucinations because of the neurotoxins that are found in it.

It is this particular reason that many people advise against giving children any Star Anise tea; it can induce children to have vomiting episodes or even seizures.


However, you choose to enjoy your tea. Always remember that you can always mix up the kinds of spices you choose to brew with the Star Anise.

There is the joy in feeling like a mad scientist adding in a little more ginger root than usual and say omitting the cloves.

No matter how you choose to make it, the tea has many health benefits, and as long as you are happy with the finished product, there is nothing wrong with that.

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