Starbucks Cup Sizes: All Sizes At Starbucks Explained In 2024

Starbucks is a popular coffeehouse brand with locations in more than 75 countries around the world. This coffee brand, which originated in the United States, has become so popular that it is now a part of many people’s daily lives in cities and suburbs.

If you’re in the mood for a cup of bitter coffee to wake you up or simply want to treat yourself to a cup of Starbucks drink but aren’t sure what amount to order, then here is a guide that can help you on deciding. 

This guide will show you the different sizes of cold and hot drinks available at Starbucks. In addition, you will also learn the number of tea bags, the amount of shots of espresso and amount of syrup pumps used in each cup.

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Starbucks Size Drinks

  • Short (8 Oz.)
  • Tall (12 Oz.)
  • Grande (16 Oz.)
  • Venti (Hot – 20 Oz., Cold – 24 Oz.)
  • Trenta (30 Oz.)

Short (8 oz.)

It is the smallest cup size offered in Starbucks, which is only available for hot drinks including brewed coffee and espresso drinks. Because this size isn’t listed on the menu, you’ll have to ask the bartender for it. If you’re buying a hot drink for a child, the short cup might be the best option.

Shots of espresso – 1 (excluding flat whites)

Pumps of syrup – 2

Number of tea bags – 1

Tall (12 oz.)

If you order a “small” drink from the barista, whether hot or cold, you will receive this size, which is half the size of the short. If a short cup size is recommended for a hot drink for a child, you might want to order a tall cup size for a kid’s cold drink.

Shots of espresso – 1 (excluding flat whites, Americanos and iced shaken espressos)

Pumps of syrup – 3

Tea bags – 1

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All Starbucks Cup Sizes.

Grande (16 oz.)

In Spanish, “grande” means “large,” yet in Starbucks, it refers to the medium size of coffees, which is the “normal” size of drinks in Starbucks. It’s suitable for both cold and hot beverages, although it’s the only size offered for smoothies. Many people today strive to limit their use of plastic by purchasing reusable coffee cups. Starbucks cups are available for purchase on their official website or on Amazon. Use a VPN iPhone app to unblock any website and enjoy online shopping if these websites are not available in your location.

Shots of espresso – 2 (excluding flat whites, Americanos and iced shaken espressos)

Pumps of syrup – 4

Tea bags – 2

Venti (Hot – 20 oz., Cold – 24 oz.)

In Italian, the word “venti” means “twenty,” but you might be puzzled if you order a venti cup at Starbucks because it comes in two different sizes.

The coffee in hot venti drinks is 20 ounces, while cold venti beverages are 24 ounces. Both cups are tall and are the size you will get if you order a “medium,” despite the fact that the cold drink is slightly larger.

Shots of espresso

Hot – 2 (excluding flat whites and Americanos)

Cold – 3 (excluding flat whites, Americanos and shaken espressos)

Pumps of syrup

Hot – 5

Cold – 6

Tea bags (both hot and cold) – 2

Trenta (30 oz.)

This newest Starbucks size, “Trenta,” which in Italian means “30,” was introduced in 2011 and is only available for cold drinks such as iced coffee, cold brew, brewed iced tea, refreshers, and lemonade.

Sadly, cold rinks such as frappuccinos, iced espresso beverages, and nitro cold brew (such as Americanos, flat whites, lattes, macchiatos, shaken espressos, and mochas) are not available in this size.

•  Shots of espresso – N/A

Pumps of syrup – 7

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Espresso Shots

If you can observe, the numbers of espresso shots for flat whites, Americanos, and iced shaken espressos have exemptions and different than the other beverages. Listed below is the different amount of espresso shots for the said drinks.

 Flat WhitesAmericanosIced Shaken Espressos
Venti (Hot)34N/A
Venti (Cold)454

Pumps Of Syrup

Aside from the espresso shots, there is also an exemption to the amount of syrup pumps for various drinks.

Iced Shaken Espressos

Although it may appear like Iced Shaken Espresso beverages and other espresso drinks of the same size have the same amount of syrup pumps, the brown sugar syrup bottles of Starbucks feature pumps for half-doses.

Meaning, most other espresso-based beverages include half as much sweetener as an Iced Brown Sugar Shaken Espresso.

Caramel Macchiatos

Both the iced and hot Caramel Macchiatos have a single fewer syrup pump than other espresso-based beverages of same proportions.

The thick caramel sauce on top of these Starbucks caramel drinks can be thought of as syrup pump thought of as the “missing” syrup pump.

Bonus Facts!

• If you want your drink to be more caffeinated?

Then keep in mind that ordering an espresso drink in a larger cup size does not always imply that it contains more caffeine. In fact, because both short and tall espresso drinks have the same amount of espresso in them, the caffeine content of the two sizes is the same. This is also true for the grande and venti sizes.

• You can upgrade your short or tall drink to a grande or add an extra shot if you desire more caffeine in your Starbucks drink.

Another option is to buy a cup of freshly brewed coffee as the caffeine content of brewed coffee increases with the size of the cup. Unless, of course, you order decaf coffee.

• You can order a smaller drink in a larger cup if you need more capacity in your cup for whatever reason.

If you’re concerned about the additional charge, don’t be; you’ll only be charged for the lesser size.

Many people returned to Starbucks several times, owing to the shop’s ambiance as well as the high quality of the drinks. Starbucks, as a meeting or study place for colleagues, coworkers, friends, or loved ones, has no doubt piqued the interest of coffee lovers all over the world which is why it has quickly risen to popularity in the industry.

If you’re still curious about how Starbucks’ drinks taste, now is the time to get a cup of cold or hot coffee from this well-known coffee store. When buying at Starbucks for the first time, their coffee sizes may be puzzling, but we hope that this guide will help you in determining which cup size to order. Just remember that everyday is a brew-tiful day to have Starbucks!

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