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Starbucks Dark Caramel Sauce (How To Make It At Home)

Have you ever pondered the reasons behind Starbucks’ widespread popularity? The solution is used directly in the production of their sauces and syrups. The Starbucks dark caramel sauce seems to have a rich reddish-brown appearance, a rich scent of caramel, and traces of malt. It is among the finest buys and is one of the best sauces available.

As the sugar combination progresses toward the dark caramel state, it changes color very rapidly, becoming a darker brown. The aroma of nuts is more pronounced, and the flavor of caramel is also more pronounced. And as if it was destined, we are about to reveal everything there is to know about this dark caramel drizzle right here in this post.

Starbucks Dark Caramel Sauce

What is Starbucks Dark Caramel Sauce?

What is Starbucks Dark Caramel Sauce
What is Starbucks Dark Caramel Sauce?

If caramel were not included in so many of Starbucks’ beverages, the chain would have to eliminate quite a few of them. Starbucks’ Dark Caramel Sauce is a decadent and velvety concoction that is produced by combining sugar that has been caramelized with creme fraiche, butter, salt, and vanilla flavor.

The consistency of the sauce is nice and smooth, and it is a shade of deep amber. It works wonderfully as a finishing touch for desserts and coffee alike. In addition, the Dark Caramel Sauce can be purchased in a form that can be simply dispensed from a pump.

Also, this sauce is used in the preparation of popular beverages sold at Starbucks, such as the famous Caramel Crunch Frappuccino.

Distinction Between Regular Caramel and Dark Caramel Sauce

The caramel adds a distinct flavor to beverages.
The caramel adds a distinct flavor to beverages.

The caramel adds a distinct flavor to beverages, and for some people, that’s what makes those drinks their favorites. But what distinguishes a standard caramel from a dark caramel, precisely?

The regular variety of caramel provides a very satisfying sweetness. Since it has a distinct nutty taste, it deviates from conventional sugar. The candy-like sweetness makes it suitable for solo consumption. Caramel is really sweet, therefore, if you prefer less sugary foods and drinks, you might not enjoy it.

In contrast, the taste of dark caramel is intensely burnt sugar and smokey. Moreover, it has a mildly bitter flavor. Many people, however, find that a more straightforward sweetness is more to their liking than the mild bitterness that some people are seeking. The bitter flavor prevents it from being widely used as a sweet.

Still, don’t misunderstand me. For various purposes, either dark caramel or light caramel is beneficial. They create a remarkable outcome when used in conjunction with the proper components.


An indulgent pleasure for the tongue, a shot of rich dark caramel sauce from Starbucks into your go-to beverage may sound like a good idea, but how about the calories? You might be on a diet, in which case you need to keep an eye on the number of calories you consume. But no need to worry about it because we have already solved the mystery for you!

Although Starbucks does not provide an exact calorie count, one pump of their dark caramel drizzle can potentially contain anywhere from 35 to 50 calories in general. Naturally, the number of calories in a sauce will vary based on its density and the ingredients included in it. The 35 to 50-calorie range is merely an estimate.

Other Starbucks Sauces

Starbucks offers a broad variety of sauces, including dark caramel.
Starbucks offers a broad variety of sauces, including dark caramel.

Starbucks offers a broad variety of sauces, including dark caramel, to customize the taste of your beverages. Below are a few of Starbucks’ alternative delicious sauces to try if you’re not a fan of caramel’s sugary sweetness.

1. Mocha Sauce

Mocha sauce is delicious if you like the combination of chocolate and coffee. It is versatile, and it may be used in a wide range of common beverages, both hot and cold. Patrons at Starbucks frequently order Hot Chocolate, Iced Caffè Mocha, Mocha Frappuccino, and Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino.

2. Pistachio Sauce

The pistachio sauce sold at Starbucks has a quite nutty and milky taste that complements coffee. It’s a staple ingredient in the Pistachio Latte, a seasonal favorite on Starbucks’ lineup. This sauce can be used in either warm or cold beverages. It’s available as the Pistachio Latte, Iced Pistachio Latte, and the Pistachio Coffee Frappuccino.

3. Pumpkin Spice Sauce

Pumpkin spice sauce is mainly made up of spices like ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves, all of which add warm undertones to the dish. Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino, Pumpkin Spice Latte, and Pumpkin Spice Crème are seasonal fall staples that feature this spice, which has a rich, comforting flavor.

4. White Chocolate Mocha Sauce

This White Chocolate Mocha sauce has a taste and texture very similar to chocolate-flavored condensed milk with sweetener. Starbucks uses it in a number of its products, such as the White Hot Chocolate, White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino, and White Mocha.

5. Caramel Brulée Sauce

The subtle smokiness of the syrup balances the sweet flavor in the Caramel Brulée sauce. This sauce is an excellent alternative to the typical caramel drizzle if you find its buttery taste unpleasant. Starbucks’ Caramel Brulée Latte, Caramel Brulée Crème Frappuccino, and Caramel Brulée Frappuccino are some of the holiday beverages that have this flavor.

How to Make Starbucks Dark Caramel Sauce?

How to make Starbucks dark caramel sauce?
How to make Starbucks dark caramel sauce?
  • Expected Preparation Duration: 30 mins
  • Yield: 1 cup

Try your own skills at making this easy recipe for Starbucks’ dark caramel sauce, which only requires a few essential ingredients and can be prepared in just a few moments.


  • Water: ¼ cup
  • Granulated Sugar: 1 cup
  • Vanilla Extract: 1 teaspoon (optional)
  • Whipping Cream: � cup (room temperature)


Step 1: To begin, get a pot and add the water and sugar. Change the heat setting on the stove so that it is moderate. Do not whisk the ingredients together!

Step 2: When you see sugar crystals starting to build, give the contents inside the heated pan a quick spin to hydrate the granules. There should be a noticeable color shift in the liquid.

Step 3: After the shade of the syrup has changed to a moderate brown, continue to heat it for an approximate amount while keeping a close eye on it until its changes in color to a dark brown.

Step 4: As quickly as when the syrup reaches a dark brown color containing golden sparkles, take it off the stove instantly and add the whipped cream in a slow and steady stream.

Step 5: There will be a brief period of bubbling in the mixture. After the foaming has ceased, start whisking the ingredients together until they achieve a smooth, creamy texture.

Step 6: Permit the sauce to reach room temp before serving. After it has properly cooled to the suggested temp, put it into a bottle that will keep out air. You have the option to store it in the refrigerator for a maximum of one month.

Friendly Reminders for Making Dark Caramel Sauce

Caramel’s taste is enhanced by being cooked to a darkness that is as deep as feasible. You can accomplish this by heating your caramel for a longer duration of time while observing to prevent it from burning. When you are making dark caramel syrup, please keep the following helpful hints in mind and remember to follow them.

1. Cook with a thin pot

Dark caramel is made by dissolving sugar in a little pot, which results in an inconsistent cooking process. As a result, some of the sugar may catch fire before it completely dissolves. Select an appropriate metal pan with high sides and a weighty bottom instead.

So that you can observe the subtle hue shifts in the dark caramel, a white or bright bottom is preferable.

2. Choose only granulated sugar

Avoid the temptation to use premium sugar in your caramelized recipe. White refined granulated sugar is still the best option. Produced from either sugar beets or sugarcane, this sweetener dissolves quickly and silkens the caramel. Unlike some other sugars, they can’t even form lumps when stored.

3. Take the temperature with a candy thermometer

The same is true of dark caramel sauce, which relies heavily on temperature. It’s all about the heat, after all, if you want to avoid a hard, overdone caramel. Using a candy thermometer, one can tell when the dark caramel has reached the ideal degree of doneness before allowing it to chill.

4. Always Stir Gently

The sugar will undoubtedly solidify once your caramel with a rough, gritty texture. If sugar spills up over the edges of the pan, it will lose its hydration and harden again. The reactivity that results can lead the caramel to harden and spoil the whole production.

Instead, give the pan a gentle spin as you proceed, and use a damp dough brush to sweep away any material that has clung to the edges.

5. Follow Safety Precautions

Liquified sugar can spew and leap from the pot if you add water, milk, or butter to the mixture at the end to put rich flavor towards the caramel. A net filter or splatter shield is an essential protective accessory. Sugar wounds are not pleasant, and melting sugar is quite hot.

When adding each of these fluids to the saucepan, drain them through the fine mesh sieve.


There’s a solid reason why the Starbucks Dark Caramel sauce is a customer preference at the coffee shop. There are numerous ways to savor dark caramel since its taste, which is described as rich and creamy, goes perfectly with warm and chilled beverages.

You can buy it from Starbucks in their Frappuccinos and you may prepare your own homemade dark caramel syrup to put in beverages at home. Pancakes, tarts, and of course milkshakes all benefit from their use to a significant effect.

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