Does Starbucks Sell Tea? – How To Order Tea At Starbucks Guide

Comforting and rejuvenating, aromatic and awesome, tea is one of the healthiest and most beloved drinks on the planet.

It is appropriate anywhere at any time. It is enjoyed at formal and casual occasions alike, celebratory and somber events in equal measure.

It comes in so many flavors and with so many different style options (you can even give good-quality fruit tea to babies, as long as it’s pure and not caffeinated) that it’s a safe and respectful addition to any table. Starbucks tea is no exception.

All the tea at Starbucks is made with triple-filtered water and Teavana brand tea. So they are high-quality blends, just like their coffees. Below is a list of all the flavors offered at Starbucks.

types of tea at starbucks

But keep in mind that you can also steep different flavors together or turn any flavor into a tea latte (like a coffee latte, but obviously with tea instead).

So your tea pleasure is only going to be limited by your imagination and sense of curiosity… (Curiosity may have killed the cat. sure. But every cat has nine lives. Why wouldn’t you use up a few trying something new and delicious?!)

Keep reading to discover all the wonders that Starbucks hot teas have to offer.

The Ten Hot Teas of Starbucks

The Black Teas:
Earl Grey Tea
• Royal English Breakfast Tea
• Organic Chai

The Green Teas:
• Emperor’s Cloud & Mist
• Jade Citrus Mint
• Matcha Tea Latte

Herbal Teas:
• Mint Majesty
• Peach Tranquility

The Tea Mixes:
• RevUp Brewed Wellness Tea
• Honey Citrus Mint Tea

What Is The Best Hot Tea You Can Get At Starbucks?

Great news! All the hot teas at Starbucks are excellent drinks. So the “best one” is going to come down to your preferences or your mood that day.


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Of the black teas, the Earl Grey is ordered the most often, with its essence of bergamot and its lemony, floral notes.

If you’re normally a coffee drinker wanting to make a switch, this would be a great option for you.

The English Breakfast is bolder, earthier. The Chai is the most fragrant as it is infused with clove, cardamom cinnamon, and ginger.

Any of the green teas would be perfect for anyone looking for the healthiest and most invigorating tea. All green teas have caffeine, but they don’t get you nearly as wired as caffeinated coffee does.

These options also have amazing antioxidant properties. The Emperor’s Cloud and Mist is going to be the gentlest choice- it’s softly sweet and smoky as its name suggests. The Jade Citrus Mint will be the most refreshing- it has hints of lemon and spearmint.

The Matcha is made as a tea latte, so it is smooth, fresh, and creamy. But if you aren’t in the mood for milk, you can get it; plain Matcha is simply ground Japanese green tea- but instead of steeping it. You actually ingest the tea itself to absorb greater health properties from this wonderful drink.

starbucks hot tea flavors
Matcha Tea

The herbal teas are best after 4:00 pm or for anyone that isn’t able to drink caffeine. Both the Mint Majesty and the Peach Tranquility are completely non-caffeinated

While both are delicious, it’s noteworthy that even on a warm day, ew flavors put smiles on people’s faces faster than that Peach Tranquility taste.

It fuses with pineapple, chamomile, lemon, and rose hips. If you’re in the mood for a palate cleanser, though, you can’t go wrong with the powerful Mint Majesty that has just a touch of lemon in it.

As for the mixes, RevUp Wellness Tea is black, oolong, and green tea mixed with fruit pieces, while Honey Citrus Mint is green and herbal tea mixed with lemonade and honey.

How Do You Order Hot Tea From Starbucks?

Choose what size you would like:

• A short” drink is 8 oz.
• A tall” drink is 12 oz.
• A grande drink is 16 oz.
• A venti drink is 20 oz.

Customize your hot tea or select one of the four hot tea latte options:

• The Chai Tea Latte. It is just how it sounds. Warming spices with steamed milk and topped with foam. A classic.

• The London Fog Tea Latte. Fancy Italian bergamot with a splash of lavender and vanilla. It, too, is blended with steamed milk and topped with foam to make you feel like you’re floating along the River Thames.

• The Royal English Breakfast Tea Latte. Strong and rich, this unique blend of Indian and Sri Lankan black teas is sweetened with liquid cane sugar, bolstered with steamed milk, and topped with foam, inviting you to feel like the monarch in your world.

• The Matcha Tea Latte. Normally most tea drinkers would not add milk to their green tea. But in this case, it is a terrific treat. The wild, healthy wonder of matcha and steamed milk (and, like the rest, topped with foam, of course) will power you up like you’re a superhero.

Here are the other ways you can customize your tea:

• Add sweetener (doesn’t cost any extra): raw brown sugar, cane sugar, Splenda Equal, Sweet N’ Low, stevia, agave, or honey

• Add milk (doesn’t cost any extra): 2%. Whole non-fat, heavy cream, half and half, almond soy, oat, and coconut If you order milk but don’t specify which kind, the standard will be 2% at any Starbucks.

• Turn any tea into a latte, which means half tea, half milk. Again, the default will be 2% milk unless you order otherwise. This will cost extra.

Add a pump of syrup: classic, vanilla, caramel, mocha, white mocha, hazelnut, toffee nut liquid cane, honey blend. These will cost extra, and one goes a long way. But you can order as many as you like.

• Add a steamed drink that isn’t milk: steamed lemonade or steamed apple juice. Subject to additional charges.

(Note about customization: it’s important to remember that sometimes locations run out of some of the above choices. Each Starbucks is stocked slightly differently, and some of the smaller, kiosk-type coffee bars may have an especially difficult time providing all these variations at all times.

So if your first desire isn’t available, be patient with your barista and brave something new! Look at all the many available possibilities.

what tea does starbucks have

Try to view it as a perfect moment to be adventurous. After all. there was a very first time that you tried each of your favorite foods and drinks… today might uncover a new one you wouldn’t otherwise know about!)

Two additional things to be aware of if you are ordering your tea in the drive-through:

  1. Ask for an extra empty cup one size bigger than your tea (or a second vend cup if you ordered the largest size).

Having a double layer insulates your drink, both keeping it warm longer and protecting your hand better from the sometimes-scalding temperature of the tea.

Even though the Starbucks cup sleeve, these drinks can sometimes be too warm to hold. Additionally, you can tuck the tea string and its label in between the two cups; if you don’t, the tea leaks out and drips all over you and your cup holder.

  1. Don’t sip your drink right away

Let your tea steep a little longer and let the temperature come down. If you want to add milk, ask for a small amount of milk on the side so you can wait to add it after the tea is done steeping.

Whether you are taking your tea straight up or not, you should let it steep for about 3 to 5 minutes (depending on how strong you like your tea).

If you prefer it on the weak side, you could also use your second empty cup to save your tea bag for an additional steep at a later time. This also works well when you order a grande or venti tea (the two largest sizes) as those each come with two tea bags apiece.

One additional thing to be aware of if you are ordering your tea inside:
You can always get a free brewed hot tea refill (brewed coffee too) if you drink your original drink on the premises, use a registered Starbucks card or the Starbucks app to buy your first drink, and use the same card or app to buy* your free refill You don’t even have to get the same drink you originally ordered!

What a generous deal that is. Encourage them to keep this policy around by being using it and by expressing kind appreciation to your barista for the freebie.

Which tea in Starbucks has the most caffeine?

Starbucks offers a wide selection of tea on its menu, but what is the most caffeinated tea drink at Starbucks?

The tea with the most caffeine content is the Chai Tea Latte. A short cup of Chai Latte provides about 50 mg, the tall cup provides about 70 mg, the grande size provides about 95 mg, and the venti size provides about 120 mg.

starbucks tea names

This drink is brewed with strong black tea to balance the spices infused in the drink. It consists of clove, cinnamon, and other spices, mixed with some warm milk.

Now, what are you waiting for? Go grab a cup of Starbucks’ Chai Tea Latte today!

What Else Should You Know About Getting Hot Tea At Starbucks?
Essentially, there is no wrong way to order tea- except perhaps maybe to not order tea at all.

It can make a thoughtful gift to brighten someone’s day or say thank you. Tea pairs well with every food at every meal, and it certainly has the power to make you feel better when you’re not feeling well.

So next time you spot a Starbucks, take advantage of their great rewards program and delicious teas by going in and treating yourself to a nice cuppa.” as they say in Great Britain. Cheers!

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