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Pup Cup Starbucks: A Complete Guide On Starbucks Pupichino

Starbucks has thousands of branches known in most of the counties. They offer various food and drinks that would satisfy customers’ cravings. Some can dine-in, take out, and others are via drive-thru. How great can that be, right? People have access to Starbucks branches anywhere at any time.

However, nobody wants to leave their pets behind. As much as we could, we tried to bring them with us. Did you know that Starbucks offers a dog-friendly secret menu? Indeed, this is a piece of exciting news for all dog parents out there.

Bringing our dogs during shopping, date nights, and a casual stroll around the city isn’t much of a hassle not until we notice how eager they are to dine with us. Although we can provide them with their food, it is still heartbreaking to see them wanting to try what we are having.

Now that most cities, malls, and enclosed spaces allow our fur babies to dine with us, especially on our coffee breaks, Starbucks released a dog-friendly menu called Pupccuccino which will surely be our dogs’ new favorite drink. Last May 2021, Starbucks decided to file Puppcuccino as a trademark. 

Puppcuccino is a term taken from the words “puppy” and “cappuccino.” They prepare the drink in a small espresso cup filled with whipped cream.

Quick Fact: Starbucks Puppccuccino is free, but one recommends purchasing a drink before asking for one. To order this, ask the barista if they serve Puppccuccino.

When they do, get this together with a glass of your choice. And, of course,  we cannot let our dogs be the only ones enjoying their coffee break, and we should have our favorite beverages with us.

Imagine a lazy afternoon at Starbucks drinking an iced latte that goes well with a slice of warm banana bread and having your dog as a companion with his puppy cup. It sounds good, right? Who doesn’t want to take a break from a busy week and spend it drinking coffee with our beloved dogs?

As responsible pet owners, we would often check on the ingredients that contain the food and snacks we provide our dogs. As for the Puppccuccino drinks, the whipped cream contains milk, full cream, sugar, fats such as mono, and diglycerides stabilize texture consistency.

It can prevent separation and carrageenan, which will help the liquid remain mixed. Each Puppccuccino or puppy cup contains approximately 50-110 calories and 5-11 grams of fat. Some of you may know that other dogs can be sensitive or allergic to dairy products. Dogs may experience acute intestinal distress such as vomiting, gas, and diarrhea.

No one can ever resist our dogs, and we often give them as much as possible. And sometimes, we forget that this may already be overwhelming for them. Dairy products have limited or no nutritional value for our pets. It is better if dogs consume this moderately and with precautions.

Starbucks Puppccuccino is free
Starbucks Puppccuccino is free

It is a good practice not to let your dog finish the whole cup the first time they’ll be having it. It is better to check for what side effects or symptoms may occur. Through this, it will be easier to prevent any illness. Aside from this, giving small portions during the first time may help not overwhelm the dog.

There is a need to check for any allergies as well. It is best to consult veterinary clinics before letting our pets have it. We don’t want our pets to miss the goodness of Puppccuccino, but we don’t also want them getting sick. Remember, we must prioritize their health as owners before anything else.

I am sure that not everyone has the leisure time to visit any coffee shop like Starbucks. Most of us would rather spend the weekends or holidays at home. But this doesn’t mean that our dogs can’t have a taste of it.

If you do not have enough time to grab the Starbucks Puppccuccino, why not make your version of it? The following ingredients must be prepared to make one: a store-bought whipped cream and a cup. But if you want it better, try making your own whipped cream using milk, full cream, and sugar.

Some recipes may include pumpkin, cinnamon, greek yogurt, and other healthy ingredients for dogs. Adding these may add flavor and richness to your cup. One may wonder why some go to Starbucks when one can prepare everything at home. It is only a matter of preference.

We love hanging out and socializing with others, but we cannot since no one will care for our pets for us. Now that our pets have access to most indoor and outdoor areas, we always want to bring them as fur parents. And we always love seeing them wag their tails just by being outside encountering other pets and people as well.

Some people might have wanted to feel the peaceful ambiance of coffee shops or parks. At the same time, some people prefer spending their weekends or holidays at home. We provide what’s best for them with the necessities and give them anything that makes them happy.

Let’s hope that Starbucks does not stop providing a dog-friendly menu. Also, it would be better if we could see additional menus that they can offer to our fur babies.

Remember that doing research is also an essential task for us pet owners. We offer them treats that we know they’ll enjoy considering what may be harmful or beneficial to them. Knowing what’s best for our dogs makes us responsible fur parents. A simple coffee date is a good break from everything that stresses us out.

We always want our pets to have a playful and happy experience every time we go out. May we always consider our pets not just to guard our homes but to treat them like babies of our own.  So what are you waiting for? Go now to the nearest Starbucks stores and grab your pets’ indulgence of Puppccuccino.

Let your babies enjoy the goodness in a cup, hurry and enjoy!

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