How To Make Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam

You have probably bought hundreds of cups of the Starbucks cold brew coffee with swirled vanilla sweet cream on top. 

You love the drink. That’s why you keep coming back for more. If you love the drink for the cold foam, then you must have been wondering all this time how Starbucks does it.

This post will give you an easy-to-follow recipe to come up with your version of the sweet cream vanilla cold foam ala Starbucks. This way, you can recreate the famous Starbucks cold foam right in the comfort of your home, and top all your favorite cold brews and iced coffee drinks with it.

The best part is, once you learn to make your version of the Starbucks vanilla cold foam, you can enjoy your homemade cold or iced coffee drinks to a higher level.

how to make cold foam for coffee

Making a batch is quite easy. You will only need a handful of ingredients that are easily accessible. We guarantee that this recipe is so much better than the vanilla-flavored coffee creamers you can buy at the grocery store. Unlike these store-bought creamers, your version will carry no artificial flavor.

What You Need to Know

You are reading this post because the Sweet Vanilla Cream Cold Brew is one of your favorite drinks and you want to copy the vanilla sweet cream portion of the beverage.

Well, you will finally get what you want!

The ingredients and proportions used in this copycat recipe are the same as those used by Starbucks. You can verify it later with a Starbucks barista if you know one.

Before going any further, however, there are some things that we need to clarify first. These include knowing the difference between cold foam, sweet cream, as well as sweet cream cold foam.

Throw in whipped cream into these options and you make things a lot more confusing. One thing is sure though, any one of these options is creamy and yummy.

What Is Cold Foam?

The Starbucks cold foam is the whipped nonfat milk sitting on top of your cold brew coffee blends. Take a sip from a coffee drink with a cold foam topping from the new strawless cup, and you will agree that it is the perfect sip – a delicious combo of coffee and cream.

vanilla sweet cream cold foam

To clarify, the Starbucks cold foam is not just the regular aerated cold milk. It’s a lot more than that. A bladeless special blender whips the nonfat milk at an extremely high speed. This results in a foam that is similar to melted ice cream.

Sure, you can request a cold foam topic for your favorite Starbucks beverage. However, it is intended to, and best served with a cold or nitro cold brew. 

Also, baristas can produce cold foam from any kind of milk. But, the result will not be as foamy as that produced by nonfat dairy milk.

What’s Vanilla Sweet Cream?

After cold foam, let’s now discuss vanilla sweet cream. It is a result of combining 2% milk, heavy cream, and vanilla syrup. The vanilla-flavored cream is great for adding a creamy touch to cold brew coffee.

The Sweet Cream Vanilla Cold brew is among the most popular drinks in summer. However, if you ask for a beverage with sweet vanilla cream, you will get a drink with the cream unblended into a foam. Imagine a thin layer of unwhipped cream.

Try looking at the pictures on the Starbucks menu. You will notice the sweet cream cascading through the cold brew. You won’t find any pillowy layer on top.

What Is the Sweet Vanilla Cream Cold Foam?

By now, after learning what cold foam and vanilla sweet cream are, you may already have an idea of what to expect from a sweet vanilla cream cold foam.

The Starbucks Sweet Vanilla Cream Cold Foam is just regular vanilla sweet cream. The difference is that it has been whipped into a creamy foam. You only have to pour the cream mixture into a special cold foam blender. The device will then transform the mixture into sweet vanilla cream cold foam.

What you will get is what Starbucks calls a “cloud” of sweet vanilla cream cold foam.

Making Your Sweet Vanilla Cream Cold Foam – DIY Style: How To make Starbucks Cold Foam

Starbucks uses only three ingredients to create sweet vanilla cream cold foam. 

These are 2% milk, vanilla syrup, and heavy cream. These are the same ingredients you will need to make your homemade cold foam.

You have different options on where to source your vanilla syrup. You can buy a bottle of the vanilla coffee syrup of any brand you prefer from your local store, online, or even from a barista you know if they have a bottle or two to spare. You also have the option to make your vanilla syrup at home.

Making a bottle of vanilla coffee syrup on your own is no rocket science. It’s very simple. You only need some vanilla extract, sugar, and water.

To create some vanilla sweet cream, just mix the milk, heavy cream, and syrup in a clean bottle, and presto! You have just made some delicious vanilla creamer you can use for all your favorite coffee drinks.

How to Create Cold Foam from the Sweet Cream

To create sweet vanilla cream cold foam, just blend a small amount of the vanilla cream. Blend only the amount of cream you need for one cup of coffee.

The idea is to attain a creamy consistency, or something similar to the texture of melted ice cream. This will allow some of the cream to mix into the beverage, with a nice creamy cloud remaining on top.

To blend the cream you can use a whisk, blender, mixer, immersion blender, or even an electronic milk frother if one is available.

However, if you prefer to do it in a non-electric or manual method in turning the sweet cream into a sweet cream cold foam, you can use a cold jar. Place the sweet cream in the jar, then shake it vigorously.

Make sure to put a lid on the jar and freeze it for a few minutes before using it. It helps to create better foam and the process faster by keeping all ingredients and tools cold.

Another good thing about this method is it creates a less messy work area. This way, you don’t have to thoroughly clean up your kitchen later just to enjoy a cup of creamy coffee.

Easy Starbucks Sweet Vanilla Cream Cold Foam “Copycat” Recipe

As mentioned, this vanilla sweet cream recipe requires only three main ingredients (similar to Starbucks). 

By going one step further, you can turn the sweet cream into cold foam by blending it a little bit. It is the perfect topping for your preferred coffee drink or cold brew.

Following is the easy recipe:


· ½ cup of 2% milk

· 1 cup of heavy cream

· 6 tbsp. of vanilla syrup


For the Sweet Vanilla Cream

1. Put all the ingredients together – milk, vanilla syrup, and heavy cream – in a lidded bottle or jar.

2. Refrigerate the vanilla sweet cream. Pour only the amount of creamer you need into your cold brew coffee. You can also blend some to create a foamy consistency.

Making the Sweet Vanilla Cream Cold Foam

1. To create sweet vanilla cream cold foam from the sweet cream, whip, shake, or froth about half a cup of cream until you achieve a consistency similar to melted ice cream.

2. Other methods you can use include shaking the cream vigorously in a lidded cold jar, frothing cream using an electric milk frother, whipping the cream using a mixer, or thickening the cream into a cold foam with the use of an immersion blender.

Serving the Sweet Cream Cold Foam

1. To allow easy access, refrigerate a lidded bottle of sweet cream. Whenever you need to use some for the drink you are preparing, use a little amount to create cold foam. Typically a 16-oz beverage would need around ¼ to ½ cup of sweet cream.

2. Serve the cold foam as a topping for your iced cold brew coffee. Similar to Starbucks drinks, a bit of cream will come flowing down into the drink. A cloud-like foam layer will remain sitting on top.

sweet cream cold foam

Final Word

Now you can create your version of Starbucks’ Sweet Vanilla Cream Cold Brew Coffee through your homemade sweet vanilla cream cold foam. If you want a different flavor, just use a different syrup flavor of sweet cream.

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