How Long Do Green Coffee Beans Last? – Storing Green Coffee Beans Guide

When you purchase green coffee beans, you are expecting fresh and top-quality coffee beans. But, imagine you buy green coffee beans with a foul odor and baggy flavor; unfortunately, we have heard of this happening too much in recent times.

Proper storage practices of green coffee beans are vital. All the way from harvesting to brewing, how your coffee beans are stored is vital to your green coffee bean experience. So, in this article, we’ll be giving you a guide on how you can keep your green coffee beans fresh for your customers or for your own pleasure!

how long will green coffee beans last

Methods Of Storing Green Coffee BeansStore Green Coffee Beans Safely

Well, there are a couple of different methods of storing green coffee beans. Firstly, you must know that green coffee beans absorb and retain moisture. So let’s say your green coffee beans are around ginger; they will absorb the taste and aroma of ginger. That’s why it is vital to keep your green coffee beans.

When packing green coffee beans, there are a few things you have to consider.

Pests: Old coffee packets were very vulnerable to pests, and because most pests need moisture to survive, they are attracted to unroasted coffee beans. Many insects can find their way into the coffee beans, so that’s why it’s important to use fully closed bags when shipping coffee beans.

Time: If you are storing coffee beans for a long time, it can lead to a steady decline in the quality of the beans. But there is good news; if you are able to store coffee beans in a stable, cool, and dark environment, they can last for a year or even longer. Make sure you are taking into account the age of your coffee beans.

Light: Many producers will leave their harvested coffee beans under the sun, and being under bright light is what a bean needs to lower the moisture levels. But, we don’t want to completely dry out the beans. So make sure you aren’t leaving your coffee beans in the sun after harvesting because it will dry out the beans.

How To Store Coffee Beans For Sale?

Well, the idea or a jute sack can be appealing because they are usually so cheap, but this can increase the risk for pests or just overall low-quality beans reaching your customer. So, there are packing companies around the world that will pack your coffee beans with a high barrier plastic that will keep the coffee beans fresh.

how long does green coffee last

How to Store Green Coffee Beans at Home

There are different kinds of coffee beans, and coffee lovers know it all. Green unroasted beans are probably the least popular but now receiving great reviews with having considerable benefits and known to even help lose weight. Since people are staying at home nowadays, how do you store green coffee beans at home?

  • Putting the beans in an air-tight non-transparent container to keep moisture out.
  • Jars should be dry and with a tight lid to avoid being soggy as beans might sprout.
  • Placing the well tight opaque jars away from light as it affects the taste of the green beans.
  • Green coffee beans are best kept at room temperature, specifically in a corner among the other containers in the kitchen.
  • If inside a cupboard, good to place it near the back so as not to catch the light when opening frequently.

So, how do you store green coffee beans at home? Away from direct light, keeping moisture out and in a cool. Dry place.

How long can I store green coffee beans?

It happens to the best of us: we buy some special, rare, delicious delicacy that we want to save to treat ourselves on special days, or when we have a particularly rough day at work, and then we keep postponing it until we even forget it was there in the first place!

If this has happened to you, and you have just discovered a big bag of green coffee beans that were on the back of the pantry, do not worry: they are very resilient and hardy!

Green coffee beans will lose aroma and quality after lengthy storage, but they can last up to 12 months without any decline as long as you stored them in a dark, dry, pest-free environment. However, you must know that if your beans came from India, Pakistan, South America, or Indonesia, they might be 3 to 4 months old when they get to you; and African beans might be up to 12 months old by the time they arrive, so take this into account!

Should I store coffee beans in the fridge?

If you really love coffee, it is natural to worry about how to store them to preserve its aroma and qualities to the maximum. However, storing coffee can be a complicated matter, as there are so many things that can affect its quality.

If you are wondering, “should I store coffee beans in the fridge” do not worry: you don’t need to go that far. It is OK to do so if you choose, as beans will be less affected than ground coffee by humidity, but it is not necessary to store them in the fridge.

Coffee beans should be stored in a cool, dark, dry place: a pantry is good enough. Once there, they can last up to months without losing quality and aroma, so you shouldn’t worry too much about using them right away. However, take into account that the beans might already be some months old by the time they get to you!


So, there you have it, our guide on how to store your green coffee beans. We hope you were able to enjoy this guide, and we hope you were able to learn something from this guide. Thank you for reading, and we wish you a CozyCoffee!

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