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Highest Caffeine Coffee – What Is The Strongest Coffee?

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More than 150 million people in the USA drink between 1 -3 cups of coffee a day, and the demand keeps on increasing. There is a large group of people who can’t get their coffee strong enough, and today I am looking at the five strongest coffees consumed regularly.

Many countries boast really strong coffee, but a few brands stand out. This list is in no particular order.

What Is The World’s Strongest Coffee?

Biohazard is able to boast being the “world strongest coffee”. These coffee beans has the most amount of mg of caffeine per 12 oz cup than any other coffee bean on the planet, even more than death wish. However, Biohazard only use Robusta Beans, so while there may be a bit more caffeine, there is a trade-off in the flavor.

1. Biohazard Coffee – Super Caffeinated Espresso

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Biohazard ground coffee is made with Robusta beans a dark organic roast; it advertises that ‘it will wake you up from the deepest sleep.’

Robusta coffee. Coffea canephora which originates from sub-Saharan Africa is a species of flowering plant( Rubiaceae) which produces coffee beans. The coffee bean is a dark brown in color, the coffee is grown in full sun and matures very quickly, and this gives it a stronger flavor, and it is a quick process because it is resistant to disease.

Robusta coffee is said to have a slightly bitter flavor; this is because they contain more coffee and less sugar than other beans. Robusta coffee bean is the second most popular coffee in the world, making up 40% of the world’s coffee production.

Biohazard coffee contains 4 to 5 times the caffeine of a normal cup of coffee. 928 mg of caffeine per 12 oz cup. Many people rely on the jolt that it gives them to get their day started. The Biohazard caffeine content is very high,

Coffee beans require a certain climate; the temperature needs to be between 15-24 degrees C and like to be sheltered from the cold or extreme heat frost will kill the plant. So subtropical regions are optimal, and a good rainfall is also necessary. The world’s coffee belt spans the equator, so coffee can be widely grown in many different countries. It is easy to grow coffee in the right environment, so it is able to be grown in a lot of third world countries. The soil required can vary, but red volcanic soil well-drained is optimal. It is vital that the soil is well-drained around the plant and that water can drain away without rotting the roots. overall Biohazard is the coffee with the highest caffeine content and is a shock coffee.

2. Black Label Dark Roast – Strongest Coffee Brand

The black label dark roast coffee is grown at high altitude, an organic bean with a really great flavor; it is quite smooth and easy to drink.

The black label dark roast also claims to be the world’s strongest coffee. It boasts that it contains more than twice as much caffeine as regular coffee.

Some coffee companies make an excellent blend that does not appear to be bitter but still tastes exceedingly strong.

The black label dark roast contains 1.555 ml caffeine per 12 oz cup. But because it is not so bitter, it is easier to drink than some other coffee. This is probably because the black label uses 80% Robusta beans and 20% Arabica beans, and that seems to make the taste slightly nutty.
The best Arabica coffee beans are grown in Ethiopia, and it is the most popular type of coffee worldwide, making up to 60% of production.

Espresso Roast, Columbian coffee is sometimes added, and this creates a different flavor again, milk can be added to this blend without ruining the flavor of one of the world’s strongest coffees. The French also favor a dark brew, and you will often be served a strong expresso, which is most restorative as it has hardly any milk in it and often is pungent in taste, but probably no stronger than any other dark roast. Dark roast beans have less caffeine per bean than a light roast, and because they weigh less, you require more beans to brew the coffee. You tend to be served a very tiny shot in France, and I am not at all sure that it is the world’s strongest coffee.

There are dozens of coffee plantations in South America, and many of them grow coffee for the black label dark roast, every coffee growing area is unique with a slightly different flavor, and it takes a long time to research and to get the blends right for the various coffees. Coffee farmers are traditionally poor and do not make a lot of money from their crops, like many other farmers. They do take a lot of pride in their product, and many of them have been growing coffee for several generations. Coffee is such a universal drink that it sells in nearly every country in the world.

3. Black Insomnia Coffee – Extreme Coffee

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In South Africa, they say that Black Insomnia is the world’s strongest coffee and that it will keep you up all night. It is best served black with nothing added; it is said to be coffee at its finest As with the Black label, it is a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans, which are sent to a roaster in Germany to be roasted in small batches in an actual Italian tradition. The manufacturers say that one or two cups per day should certainly be enough.

Black Insomnia has 54.2 mg of caffeine per fluid oz or 736 mg per cup and uses a blend of 80% Robusta coffee beans and 20% Arabica. The drum -roasting technique used seems to make it stronger, and it makes an excellent expresso coffee with surprisingly quite a smooth taste.

People love this coffee, and it is available quite cheaply on Amazon. Some others have also claimed that it is too strong and has induced cardiac arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat) in them. Other people say that they love it, but it is not a good idea to consume it daily, however, if they are working on a major project, they have it as it seems to give the drinker a burst of energy. Ethiopia is the origin of Arabica coffee with many varieties grown, including high altitude crops.

Africans have traditionally drunk very little coffee, but this is changing as more coffee shops, and restaurants emerge, and it could revitalize their economy to have a thriving coffee business. Coffee making is obviously a science and a lot must go into the processing to make it strong and full of flavor and extracted coffee typically contains the following caffeine, acids, lipids, sugars, and carbohydrates all very complicated in getting the brew exactly how we want it Expresso is a form of infusion but is quite strong as this method is extracted under pressure and brewed to make it stronger. In Portugal, a similar coffee to Expresso is consumed with a different name cafe pingado or coffee with a drop of milk.

This is a strong coffee not dissimilar to Black Insomnia.

4. Death Wish Coffee – Strongest Coffee In The World

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Death Wish is another slow-roasted dark coffee and is said to be double the strength of your average coffee. Here is our death wish review, and we will tell you the death wish coffee caffeine content.

This coffee’s caffeine content is 59 milligrams per fluid oz; an 8 oz cup has 472 mg of caffeine, and many people would drink a 12 oz cup, so it is pretty strong at 708 mg, which is slightly less per ounce than Black Insomnia.

Death Wish Coffee is made from a blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans that are sourced from India and Peru, and it claims to contain double the caffeine to an average cup of coffee. 8 oz of Death Wish coffee amounts to your whole daily recommended coffee intake ( about 472 mg). Only some people would drink more than this, depending on their size.

Death Wish comes in a black packet with a skull and crossbones on it, so I guess it is trying to tell us something. No one has actually died from drinking the coffee yet. But it says not to drink it cold, but to buy the cold brew in a can which only contains 15 calories and contains 300 mg of caffeine.

There is also a slightly sweetened cold brew, and the manufacturers say that it will give you some stamina.

In 2017 the FDA recalled the company’s 11 oz cans over Botulism fears. This was a bit of a worry as Botulism is a type of serious food poisoning that can be fatal. However, it appears that this problem has since been resolved, but it probably put some people off the product

Coffee grown in Hawaii is a valuable commodity with over 900 coffee farms over each island. Coffea Arabica is the most commonly grown bean, and the coffee served in the coffee shops is amongst the strongest and best in the world, it is also expensive, and only coffee from the Kona district can be called and described as Kona the conditions in the area appear to be ideal for coffee growing as it had such brilliant flavors. Kona coffee is rated as one of the world’s top coffees, and the trees are now more than a century old, which is apparently a contributing factor to quality.

It is actually roasted in Seattle. The Kona coffee is of a high quality due to the rich volcanic soil and can be brewed in a number of ways. The different Kona coffee farms all produce a distinct kind of coffee beans, and they are picked at the height of perfection. They are also a pretty crop and worth a visit.

5. Killer Coffee – Strongest Coffee Drinks

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A cafe in Adelaide Australia is reputed to serve the world’s strongest coffee. In 2016 the Vicious Cafe was touted to serve the world’s strongest coffee with coffee content over 50 times that of a regular coffee. It was said to be so strong that it came with a health warning they called it the ‘Asskicker’ coffee and used a quad of Expresso over four cups of ice cubes, then added 32 shots of coffee with more coffee ice cubes, sounds deadly.

Killer Coffee is another dark coffee that contains 180 mg of caffeine per 100 mis; this works out to about 400 mg for 4 oz. of Killer Coffee.

It is smooth and rich and made from roasted dark coffee beans and does not taste bitter. The beans used are 100% whole Arabica beans, and because it is roasted in Australia, it is known as Australia’s strongest coffee. You can also buy an Industrial Strength blend which tastes very strong.

There is a new blend (2019) Darker Side, which is even stronger than Robusta coffee beans; this contains much more caffeine than regular coffee. If you want to buy some merchandise, they have coasters with skulls available to put on your desk under the coffee cup. Australian coffee is locally grown, and consumption of coffee in coffee shops, cafes, and outlets for coffee has doubled in the last ten years. It is a country that appreciates quality coffee, probably due to the Italian and Greek emigration in the 1950s when a high standard of coffee making was originally set by the migrant workers.

They used stovetop coffee makers to introduce us to expresso coffee, which Australians had never seen. In the early 1970s, ongoing to Britain, I was surprised to find that you could not get proper coffee, just weak Wimpy Bar coffee; hopefully, that has changed.

Some of the Turkish coffee found in Australia is also extremely strong, and culturally it has been readily accepted. Cappuccino, which is not usually strong, is being made with greater strength and depth.

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Coffee Strength By Country


In Scotland, Bones Coffee Company advertises something called a High Voltage Coffee. It says that it is a strong tasting coffee that will give you the kick start you deserve and that it is never bitter. It comes in a recyclable box that looks a bit like a wine cask and will give you 12 cups of coffee. A very unusual way of serving coffee.


Cafe Bustelo is a Cuban style dark roasted coffee brand. The caffeine is 60-90mg per 6 fluid oz serving. Cuban coffee is noted for its strength and flavor and tastes slightly sweet based on a dark roasted Bustelo whole bean, it has similarities with the Robusta bean which makes the Biohazard coffee, but has a slight sweetness which the Biohazard definitely lacks, it was bought to the USA by Cuban immigrants who took it to New York.

Earlier in 2020, Colombia announced that it would increase coffee exports to protect farmer’s earnings, which were falling. Sadly Arabica coffee has posted the largest decline, among 22 raw materials dropping 24% this year. Robusta coffee has fallen 16% This means that the revenue of Ethiopian coffee growers will be hit with even lower revenues. Heavy rains in Kenya are affecting the coffee crops and causing damage to the coffee. Anything grown outdoors is also at the mercy of the elements, and coffee crops are no exception.


Brazil is the world’s largest coffee producer and, in 2016, produced 2.595.000 metric tons of coffee beans. Brazil has been producing coffee for 150 years, and the plantations are mainly located in the South East of the country. Many people, including Italian emigrants, came to work on the coffee plantations. Their production has declined slightly since the 1950s due to other countries planting coffee plantations. The early coffee industry depended on slaves who picked the coffee free.

The slave trade ended, and a second boom commenced in the 1880s to 1930s, and this was more of a coffee house boom. During that time, a railway was built to haul the freight around the country and to the ports for export. In the 1920s, Brazil monopolized the world coffee market and supplied many countries with coffee. The second wave of slavery after slavery was abolished was so-called because the former slaves of the coffee industry were very poorly paid and their conditions poor, meaning that the people at the top made all the money, and this has affected coffee production in Brazil.

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What Kind Of Coffee Has The Most Caffeine?

Bio hazard coffee is the coffee with the most caffeine content. With 928 mg of caffeine per mug, it beats all competitors by a landslide. Bio hazard coffee has a strong kick to it, and even beats the death wish coffee caffeine content.

What Is The Strongest Cup Of Coffee

In Adelaide, Australia, a coffee served in a local coffee was served, having 75 times the normal caffeine content of a espresso coffee. This is by far the strongest coffee served. If you are looking for the strongest coffee on the market, death wish coffee or the bio hazard coffee and by far the strongest coffee available.

Is Death Wish Coffee really the strongest coffee?

Well, in caffeine death wish is not the strongest coffee. But in taste it definitely is the strongest coffee available. After Death Wishes success being known as the strongest coffee, obviously other companies would swoop in and create something stronger, so it all depends on your taste buds.


Making and producing the world’s strongest coffee is a lot more complicated than we once thought. So much time and research go into the coffee, and new blends are always emerging. When we look back 25 years, coffee was very boring and bland this is certainly no longer the case even the names are more exciting.

Macchiato is a strong expresso with a dash of milk. This was invented by a Barista in Italy in the 80s. You can order a long macchiato, which is two shots of espresso coffee in a tall glass, it is usually quite strong and sets the recipient up for the day. It can either be made with a bit of milk or just with the foam.

We are now finding that recipes differ in different places, and many Baristas are making things slightly differently. We then have the coffee roasters who are pushing the boundaries and also trying to do their own thing, so coffee will continue to evolve and definitely get a whole lot stronger. In a way, the future success of the drink may well depend on the skills of the person who is making it and on the strength of the coffee beans. The roasters are able to bring out the best characteristics of the coffee beans, and these may tend to vary from region to region.

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