High Caffeine K Cup – Strongest K Cup Coffee Reviewed

Everyone likes their coffee different. Some people like weaker coffee with lots of cream and sugar. Others like it iced and topped with whipped cream and caramel. Then there are the people who like their coffee very strong to keep them going throughout the day.

This may be in the form of expresso or even just a regular cup of black coffee that you make at home with your Keurig coffee machine using a K cup, But what exactly is the strongest kind of K cup?

What brands offer extremely intense and dark roasts? Today we’re going to be looking at the strongest K cup that you can buy. Plus, include a buyer’s guide to answer some questions that you may have.

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What Is A K Cup? – Strong Coffee K Cups

You may be asking yourself, what exactly is a K cup? The K cup is one of the most popular coffee pods originally made by the brand Keurig. Keung offers tons of different coffee machines and coffee pods. A coffee pod is a single-serve coffee container that contains ground coffee beans of your choosing. To make a cup of coffee, you simply put the pod inside of your Keurig coffee machine, select your preferences then it brews a single, fresh cup of coffee in minutes.


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K cups are offered in a variety of flavors, such as French Vanilla. Irish Cream, and Pumpkin Spice. Keurig offers its own brand of K cups, but there are a lot of other brands that also manufacture and sell K cups as well.

Some of these brands include Green Mountain, Starbucks, and even Folgers. Even though there are plenty of brands that offer these unique coffee pods, K cups specifically are only compatible with Keurig coffee machines. Of course, there are other ones you can purchase for different machines, but any Keurig machine that you buy will only take either K cups or specific Keurig coffee pods made especially for these particular machines.

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Top 5 K Cups With Most Caffeine – Strongest K Cups Reviewed

  1. Black Label By Devil Mountain Coffee
  2. Dark Magic By Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
  3. Black Silk By Folgers
  4. Black Rhino By Good Times Coffee Company
  5. Death Cups By Death Wish Coffee Company

1. Strongest Coffee K Cup – Black Label By Devil Mountain Coffee

The first K cups on our list is the Black Label by Devil Mountain Coffee, and it is truly some of the strongest coffee that you can buy. The brand Devil Mountain Coffee produces fair trade and organic dark roast coffee from the highest quality coffee beans.

This coffee has extremely bold and aromatic flavors without a bitter after-taste, and it is packed full of 200% more caffeine than your regular cup of coffee to keep you energized and prepared for your day even with the tiniest amount of sleep.

As far as quantity goes, you can purchase these K cups in a pack of 10, a pack of 20, a pack of 30, or a pack of 60. These coffee pods are great not only because they are fairly inexpensive in comparison to other coffee pods on the market, but they also have very strong flavors.

They are highly caffeinated, and they are made from organic and fair-trade coffee beans.

2. Highest Caffeine K Cups – Dark Magic By Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

The next coffee pod on our list is Dark Magic by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. This dark roast coffee has deep and intense flavors as dark as the night sky. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters pride themselves in rich blends from Uganda, Sumatra, Columbia and South America.

These are 100% Arabica coffee beans that give off notes of dried fruit and chocolate with a subtle sweet finish. These coffee pods come in a pack of 24 single-serve K cups for you to enjoy. This brand also has other options if you are looking for strong, dark roast coffee, which includes the Double Diamond and the Sumatra Reserve.

The coffee manufactured by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters has unique blends with lots of flavor from all different countries to provide the highest quality of the coffee. This is the strongest k cup caffeine, and is one the most caffeine k cups.

3. Strongest Coffee K Cups – Black Silk By Folgers

Black Silk by Folgers is the next one on our list. I think everyone is familiar with the brand Folgers from their catchy jingle that is always played on the TV and radio: “the best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup. ” Folgers offers a wide variety of flavors and strengths, such as the mild roast Morning Cafe or the medium roast.

But something that may be unknown by a number of people is that they also offer one of the strongest coffee’s dark and luxurious Black Silk roast. This coffee is bold yet very smooth and extremely intriguing to all your senses. This beautifully dark blend is specially hand-crafted by master roasters to get the perfect balance of strong and intense black coffee.

There is a large variety of quantities that you can choose from when you make your purchase; You can buy a pack of 48, a pack of 72, a pack of 96, a pack of 128, and finally a pack of 192. This coffee is perfect for people who love the classic taste of Folgers but also love a strong and flavorful kick to keep them going all day long.

4. Strongest Keurig Coffee – Black Rhino By Good Times Coffee Company

Now we’re going to be talking about a unique type of coffee pod. The Black Rhino by Good Times Coffee Company is perfect If your looking for bold and energizing coffee pods that embody the taste and feeling expresso gives you. Then you have found the right one!

Black Rhino is jam-packed with extra rich and powerful flavors that will excite your taste buds and leave you wanting more! Even with the strong and bold taste of Black Rhino K cups, you will never experience a burnt or bitter after-taste in your mouth, only purely decadent dark roast coffee. This coffee is produced in the United States in small batches using only 100% Arabica coffee beans.

Each pack of Black Rhino contains 12 K cups, and you have the choice to purchase one pack, three packs, or six-packs. Additionally, by purchasing the Black Rhino from Good Times Coffee Company, you are also donating to a great and very under-publicized cause Good Times Coffee Company not just about making money for themselves and their company; they are truly trying to make a difference in the world.

For every purchase of this coffee, the company donates some of the profits to endangered Black Rhinoceros conservation efforts in an attempt to prevent this beautiful species from going extinct.

Buying Black Rhino is a win-win situation for you. Not only do you get high quality, great-tasting coffee, but you are also contributing to saving an endangered species from extinction; how much better could it get? This is a stronger k cup coffee, and is one of the strong k cups coffee on the market today!

5. Death Wish Coffee K Cups – Death Cups By Death Wish Coffee Company

Last but by no means least is the Death Cups by Death Wish Coffee Company The Death Cups are everything you could ever want and more in a cup of coffee. Death Wish Coffee Company claims to have the world’s strongest coffee made from premium organic and fair trade Arabica and Robusta coffee beans.

This double caffeinated brew has notes of cherry and chocolate, which add to its already intense and aromatic flavors. This is a company that sees the benefits of roasting small batches at a time. In fact, Death Wish Coffee Company only roast batches that weigh 65lbs or less to guarantee that the coffee beans will be of consistent quality, and each bean will be dark roasted every time.

Another great thing about the Death Cups is that, unlike most other K cups, these coffee pods are compatible with not only Keurig coffee machines but also a variety of others, including Breville. Cuisinart and Mr. Coffee machines.

There are two options to choose from when deciding the quantity you would like to purchase. You can buy a small pack of 10 Death Cups, or you can opt for the larger pack of coffee pods with 50 Death Cups. This strong and extremely deep coffee is the absolute best way to start off a productive morning.

After you’ve finished your cup of joe, it will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to conquer your day! This is the one of the best extra caffeine k cups, and definitely one of the strongest Keurig coffee cups.

Buyer’s Guide

What Is The Strongest K Cup Coffee – What Is The Strongest Keurig K Cup Coffee?

The strongest K cups that you can purchase are definitely, without a single doubt, the Death Cups by Death Wish Coffee Company.

They are four times stronger than your regular cup of coffee, and on top of that, they are also double caffeinated. Death Wish Coffee Company doesn’t just offer K cups; they also offer numerous other types of coffee such as ground coffee, whole beans, and even premade cold brews.

The flavor options include the regular dark roast coffee, the Valhalla Java coffee, and their famous Pumpkin Coffee, infused with many aromatic spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, chai, and ginger. What is the strongest Keurig k-cup coffee? Well, the most caffeinated k cups has to be deathwish.

Death Wish Coffee Company offers a money-back guarantee that if their coffee isn’t the strongest coffee you have ever tasted in your life, they will gladly give you a full refund.

The company is able to achieve the strength of this coffee by strictly using organic and fairtrade premium Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. Also, when roasting their coffee beans, they only roast small batches at a time.

This method of roasting is optimal for full-bodied dark roasts because it allows each coffee bean to be roasted to perfection and achieve the same quality as the rest.

Additionally, their coffee includes notes and spices of bold and complex flavors to further intensify their already potent blends.

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Which Keurig K-Cup Has The Most Caffeine? – Strongest Coffee Pods?

The K cup that has the most caffeine is the Black Label by Devil Mountain Coffee. This coffee has an extremely high amount of caffeine. To be precise, it is 200% more caffeinated than an average cup of dark roast coffee.

This coffee is great to drink when you need a boost, or you need to feel more energized at any point in the day. Another perk about Black Label is that it is really healthy for you and can help you detox your system.

Plus, even with the high amount of caffeine that this coffee contains, you will never experience any sort of shakes, jitters, or energy crash at any point after consumption.

The owners and operators of Devil Mountain Coffee traveled around for two years in search of the perfect coffee beans to start their brand and ensure that each and every customer that purchased their products would be satisfied with the highest quality coffee.

They explored South and Central America, visiting coffee farms and talking to the farmers and their families to enhance their knowledge about the type of coffee they produce on their farms. T

The coffee beans used in the Black Label K cups come from some of the highest altitudes in the world to achieve their smooth and full-bodied taste and aroma.

All of the time and effort that was taken to seek out the perfect coffee beans really shows in the quality of their products and leave people coming back for more.

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How Can I Make My K Cup Coffee Stronger?

There are a few ways to intensify your K cup coffee even more. When it comes to the Keurig coffee machine, you have two options.

Your first option is to buy the single-serve K cup coffee pods and use those. Your second option is to purchase a universal K cup to use in your Keurig coffee machines.

A universal K cup is basically a reusable coffee pod that you put your own coffee into, and it can be washed and used over and over again.

If you decide to go with the first more common option of buying pre-made K cups, then when you go to brew a cup of coffee, use two K cups at a lower setting instead of one K cup at a higher setting.

This will allow you to get twice the strength of a regular cup of coffee because you are using double the amount of coffee that you usually would use. Another thing you should do is stick to using the 6oz cup instead of using the 8oz or 10oz cup.

The bigger the cup is, the more water that the machine has to add to the coffee grounds to fill up the cup. But it ends up watering down your coffee.

If you opt for the 6oz cup or the smallest cup option, then the machine will not have to add as much water to compensate for the size of the cup, making your coffee stronger.

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If you decide to go with the second option, instead purchase the universal coffee pod. Then what you want to do is buy whole coffee beans and grind them yourself, then add them to the universal K cup by grinding your own coffee beans, it will allow you to not only pick your favorite coffee that might not be available in K cups, but you will also be able to use as many beans as you want.

You also want to make sure that when you grind your coffee beans that the consistency is just right If you grind your coffee beans too coarse and chunky then your coffee will be weak and watery. But on the other hand, if you grind your coffee beans too fine, then it might dog up the machine and get the grinds into your cup of coffee.

The next tip may seem obvious, but if you want to have very strong coffee, then you are going to want to buy the darkest and strongest roasts that you can find. Using a Keurig coffee machine can dilute your coffee a little bit, so if you buy a roast that is darker and stronger, then you would usually get a good way to make up for it being slightly watered down. All of the K cups that we previously talked about are great options for bold dark roasts that are sure to satisfy all your strong coffee cravings.

Another thing you can do to strengthen the flavor of your coffee is to turn up the temperature on your Keurig coffee machine. Usually, on Keurig, the water doesn’t get as hot as it should to extract the maximum flavor from the coffee beans. By turning up the temperature on the coffee machine, you’ll be able to get more out of your coffee pod or grinds.

The last tip is small but can make a big difference. The last drops that come out of your coffee machine are mostly water, so by removing your cup of coffee before those drops get into your cup. Then your coffee will be less watered down. If you’re wondering how much caffeine in ak cup, it depends on the amount of coffee and what brand.

Which Starbucks K Cup Is The Strongest?

The strongest Starbucks K cup is the Dark Roast. The Dark Roast coffee pods contain two times more caffeine and pack a bold punch of flavors. It also has a lot of really healthy elements incorporated into the coffee. The Dark Roast has B vitamins, biotin, and spices, including turmeric, ginger, and cinnamon, to enhance your experience.

In conclusion, there are many different types of strong and flavorful coffee on the market. But the strongest K cup coffee that you can buy is the Death Cups by Death Wish Coffee Company. With four times the strength of a regular cup of coffee and notes of bold flavors, these coffee pods come out on top. But the nice thing about the Keurig coffee machines is that it is so versatile with lots of options of coffee to choose from So no matter how you like your coffee there is a K cup perfect for you.


So, there you have it, our guide on the strongest K cup coffee! We hope we were able to help you, thank you for reading, and enjoy a CozyCoffee!

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