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Tassimo Vs Keurig – Tassimo Or Keurig?

Keurig and Tassimo are 2 of the best single serve coffee makers brands on the market today. Throughout my life, I have bought many single-serve coffee machines, and I have tried both of these machines. To find out what coffee maker is better, we dedicated hours to studying both the coffee makers, and we have come up with a clear conclusion.

Picking a coffee maker is no easy task, and if you’re wondering whether you should buy a Keurig or a Tassimo coffee maker, you have come to the right place. For this side by side comparison, we are going to compare 2 of the most popular models of each brand. We are going to be comparing the Tassimo Twilight Titanium Single Serve Coffee Brewer against the Keurig K-Cafe Coffee Maker.

So, let’s get into our in-depth guide! Firstly, we are going to give you a quick review of each product; then we can compare them much easier.

tassimo vs keurig

Tassimo by Bosch Single Serve Coffee Maker Review

This is one of my favorite coffee makers I’ve ever had the privilege of owning. The taste, ease of use, and speed are just some of the amazing features this coffee machine comes with.

With this coffee machine, you are able to customize your beverages and change your beverage with just the click of a button. The noise reduction system is also perfect for the quiet preparation of beverages, so you can make the morning coffee without the screeching noise of a coffee maker. Also, this machine is an absolute energy saver. With its low energy consumption mode, it takes zero watt-hours in standby mode, and even so, it doesn’t use that much energy!

This machine also makes top-quality coffee. The bar code technology is also quite unique to Tassimo, as the technology allows you to prepare each coffee with the exact water, temperature, pressure, and this creates the perfect coffee every time. Overall, this coffee maker is top-quality and won’t let you down!

Keurig K-Cafe Coffee Maker

Now, the Keurig K-Cafe coffee maker has a lot to live up to. Keurig is one of (if not) the biggest coffee maker brands in the world. They produce some of the best coffee makers on the market today and have shown their dominance in the coffee market. This machine is a good coffee machine and is able to brew some great coffee.

The Keurig K-Cafe Coffee maker has some of the easiest controls I’ve ever seen; all you have to do is insert any K-cup pod, and with the press of a button, you are able to brew delicious coffee, or hot or iced lattes and cappuccinos. Also, this coffee machine has one of the largest water reservoirs on the market today; over 60oz of water can be stored.

This means you are able to brew 6 cups of coffee before having to refill, making this coffee machine very time efficient. The coffee maker is also very energy efficient and will automatically turn off after 2 hours, saving you valuable energy and money.

Overall, this coffee maker produces great tasting coffee and has some good features that come with it.

Comparison: Tassimo vs Kurig

Now, let’s go over the machine comparison of the two, comparing the two general brands’ machines.


Price is one of the most important things to think about when buying a coffee maker, you want to make sure you are getting your money’s worth, and I can assure you when it comes to that, both of these machines will fit your criteria.

When it comes to price, Keurig comes out in front. Overall, Keurig coffee makers are normally much more affordable, and you are able to purchase a Keurig coffee maker for under 100 dollars on places such as Amazon.

Tassimo doesn’t come too far, though, with their cheapest coffee maker just being over $100 dollars. Overall, Keurig wins these factors as it is able to provide much lower prices than Tassimo.

tassimo k cups

Brew Time

Our lives are busy, and there’s no time to be standing around and waiting for your coffee to brew; that’s why brew time is so important. When it comes to brewing time, many of the Tassimo machines will come out in front.

This is because, on average, after our hours of testing, we saw that Tassimo, on average, was able to brew coffee 24 seconds faster than a Keurig coffee maker. So, for this factor, if time is of the essence, we recommend a Tassimo.

Beverage Options

Sometimes it’s good to change it up. Even if you have guests over, you may want your coffee machine to brew different types of beverages. Luckily, both of these machines have a large range of beverages they are able to brew.

The Keurig is able to brew all types of hot beverages; this includes coffee, decaf coffee, hot chocolate, and espresso. In comparison, Tassimo is able to brew all of those, including Mocha drinks. So overall, we can’t really give this factor to either side because they are both able to brew basically the same amount of beverages, making both of the machine great options.

tassimo k cups

Model Options

We listed two specific models of the brands above, but these are not the only options on the market. Tassimo has a total of 4 models on the market at the time of writing, whereas Keurig, at the time of writing, has over 15+ plus models to their name. This gives Keurig a much larger variety of pricing and quality, so we have to give this factor to Keurig.

Machine Quality & Look

Just like a car, you want a machine that will look good and also last a long time without any breakdowns, etc. First of all, let’s go over the look of the machines.

Personally, the look of the Tassimo isn’t appealing at all. It looks like a little alien space pod, and the color isn’t the nicest. The Keurig coffee maker does have a much nicer design than the Tassimo. The colors are much nicer, and the overall design is simple yet powerful, so if I had to choose one of these coffee machines in my kitchen, it would definitely be the Keurig.

The machine quality is also a huge factor, as people want their coffee makers to last as long as possible. Tassimo has a much sturdier build than a Keurig, and Keurig coffee makers are infamous for breaking down and having many problems.

But, during the time we tested both of these machines, we had no problems, and they both ran quite smoothly. Overall, due to the infamous breakdowns of Keurig, the coffee maker with the better build has to be Tassimo.

tassimo coffee maker reviews

Coffee quality

This is the most important factor of a coffee machine, as, after all, the main purpose of a coffee maker is to brew high-quality coffee. The Keurig does produce nice coffee, and it depends on the brand you buy. Tassimo, I believe, has much better-tasting coffee, and the espresso that I was able to brew with the Tassimo was amazing.

But, coffee quality opinions are subject to your taste buds. But personally, I believe while owning both of the machines, I felt that Tassimo had a much better tasting coffee and created a smoother and better aroma than Keurig.

Ease Of Use

You want your coffee maker to be easy to use and not cause you any problems. The Keurig has a larger reservoir tank by 1 oz, but the machines do vary. Both brands normally are able to brew 5-6 cups of coffee before having to refill, which is quite nice. Clean up on both machines is also quite easy to do, and clean-up is quite easy.

I believe clean up is easier on Tassimo as you can remove the drink tray with ease, making the whole machine easier to clean. Tassimo is also a much smaller coffee maker, making it easier to fit in your kitchen, and it will take up much less space than a normal Keurig coffee maker.

Overall, Tassimo is a bit easier to clean, but they both are very easy to use, and this should not be a problem for any shoppers.

What Coffee Maker Should You Buy?

So, what coffee maker should you purchase. Well, during my time of using both machines, I believe the overall better machine I used was the Tassimo. It was easy to use and tasted great. There are still great Keurig coffee makers out there, but in this comparison, I believe Tassimo comes out on top. Thank you for reading! If you are looking for more guides, we have guides on Vertuoplus vs evoluo, best burr grinder under 100 and chemex vs v60!

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