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The Charli Dunkin: Everything You Need To Know

Charli D’Amelio’s favorite Dunkin’ drink has been called “The Charli” and it’s accessible in Dunkin’ establishments and through the Dunkin’ Application’s Buy Ahead feature. Dunkin’ Donuts launches a new challenge for an opportunity to virtually hang out along with Charli, as well as an exclusive Charli-inspired track and special social material.

The Cold Brew Dunkin’ with full milk and 3 caramel swirl pumps will now be known as “The Charli”, a special limited menu product.

The partnership might have appeared logical to the thousands of Charli-watchers. In her extremely successful TikTok choreographed dances, the nice and fresh 16-year-old diva is frequently seen drinking a Dunkin’ iced coffee.

The Charli Dunkin


The Charli is accessible at Dunkin’ restaurant chains and through the Dunkin’ Application’s Buy Ahead feature, allowing customers across the nation to order the Dunkin’ beverage shown in numerous Charli videos after she rose to fame last year.

Dunkin’ is allowing fans to have "The Charli" together with the celebrity herself as well.
Dunkin’ is allowing fans to have The Charli together with the celebrity herself as well.

Presently, DD Perks subscribers who Order Ahead a mid-sized The Charli on the Dunkin’ Application will get 100 reward points until September 4, which is halfway to the incentive of a free drink, as an additional benefit for Dunkin’ customers who are devoted to Charli.

Dunkin’ is further allowing fans to have The Charli together with the celebrity herself as well. The Charli x Dunkin’ event begins on September 9, and fans are encouraged to use the hashtag #CharliXDunkicontest to publish a picture on Instagram replicating a famous Charli x Dunkin’ experience.

On the National Dance Day on September 19, 5 amazing winners will be chosen for an exceptional invitation to digitally chill with Charli and figure out how to create iconic and entertaining videos from the online superstar.

In September, Charli will take on Dunkin’s social media platforms, where supporters will be able to see unique Charli content, extraordinary Augmented Instagram stickers, filters, effects, etc. Dunkin’ will indeed allow fans to post their greatest Charli-approved actions to the whack of their track influenced by The Charli on TikTok.

Everybody recognizes Charli is powered by Dunkin, and so now Dunkin is powered by Charli” stated the Vice President of Brand Stewardship at Dunkin’, Drayton Martin.

As Charli with her Dunkin’ Cold Brew in hand initially started dancing on TikTok, supporters have been cheering for this relationship. Charlie is also one of our greatest admirers, and we feel the same way about her.

Dunkin’s Cold Brew can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, including “The Charli.” Dunkin’ soaks a particular deep roast mixture of coffee grounds for 12 hours in cold water to release all of the flavors gradually into a velvety brew, creating a super, full-bodied coffee unlike any other.

Dunkin’s Cold Brew may be produced from a range of flavors, like pumpkin, which is accessible for an exclusive time in Dunkin’ locations this fall, and also oat milk, almond milk, milk, and cream, Dunkin’s latest dairy option, which is now widely available.

The Charli Drink

For a short time, Dunkin’ worked with TikTok sensation Charli D’Amelio to introduce a beverage called “The Charli.” The Charli is Charli’s go-to order, a moderate cold brew with the whole milk and three pumps of caramel swirl.

Quick Fact: Although the drink is only accessible for a limited period, the ingredients are accessible throughout the year, therefore the drink can be purchased at any moment. Dunkin’ has two Charli beverages: “The Charli” and “The Charli Cold Foam.”

How it tastes

A delicious <a href=
A delicious drink is made with caramel swirls, cold brew, and whole milk.

A delicious drink is made with caramel swirls, cold brew, and whole milk. The cold brew coffee provides delicious while the caramel swirls, which are flavored syrups, sweeten it considerably. The whole milk lends a richness to the dish. It’s a simple and well-liked flavor combination.

What’s in the drink

The drink contains:

  • Caramel swirls
  • Cold-brew coffee
  • Whole milk
  • Swirls are sugary syrups that have been flavored.
  • Dark roasted ground coffee soaked in a cold brewer for 12 hours.

How to order ‘the charli’

How to order The Charli drink
How to order The Charli drink

Since “The Charli Cold Foam” is now available, it’s advisable to order The Charli without saying her name to avoid confusion. Plus, The Charli Cold Foam is more expensive than The Charli, and you don’t want to be overcharged.

Rather than ordering The Charli by name, try this:

  • “Can you make me a medium cold brew with whole milk and three pumps of caramel swirl?”
  • Request two pumps of caramel swirl for a small drink.
  • Request four pumps of caramel swirl for a big drink.

Drink cost

The Charli in medium-size costs $3.99 including tax. The cost usually depends on whatever Dunkin’ shop you visit.


Charli D’Amelio, TikTok’s most popular performer, is known all over the world for her famous dance move and her self-proclaimed passion for Dunkin’ Donuts. Now, Charli and Dunkin’ are bringing their long-brewing mutual crush to another level, announcing their love and performing the duet that her supporters have been requesting.

Charli’s favorite coffee order, a Dunkin’ Cold Brew with whole milk and three pumps of caramel swirl, will be officially branded “The Charli” on Dunkin’s menu worldwide starting today for a short time. Although you’ll not be able to dance like Charli D’Amelio, Dunkin’ has made it easy to sip coffee like her.

The doughnut company has partnered with TikTok’s reigning queen, whose signature dances have allowed her to gather 85.8 million followers, to place her top coffee order on its menu, making it accessible countrywide at restaurants and for ordering ahead through the use of the Dunkin’ Application.

In a press statement, Dunkin’ declared, “Charli and Dunkin’ are taking their long-brewing mutual crush to another level, causing their romance official and presenting the duet her supporters have been longing for.”

In line with the premiere of “The Charli,” Dunkin’ and D’Amelio are collaborating on a challenge that begins today, September 9, and allows supporters to virtually see the TikTok superstar.

Fans may join the Charli x Dunkin’ challenge by posting a picture on Instagram remaking a famous Charli x Dunkin’ experience and labeling it with the hashtag #CharliXDunkinContest.

On National Dance Day, September 19, five winners will be selected to interact online with D’Amico and receive advice on how to create their videos more captivating in the chances of them becoming popular.

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