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Starbucks Drinks TikTok: 15 Tik Tok Drinks To Try

Beverage concoction is now among the hottest things to behold in Tiktok. One compelling activity that many people are so crazy about in that video portal is the creation of Starbucks drinks. Here are 15 of those mouth-watering products that you really should check out.

1. White Mocha Iced Coffee

Starbucks White Mocha Iced Coffee
Starbucks White Mocha Iced Coffee

Known for its distinctive strong caramel taste, most people would mistake this for another Starbucks product which is White Caramel Mocha. According to consumers, the white chocolate mocha sauce in the drink appears more like a sweetener, so coffee can’t be instantly tasted.

Quick Fact: Some Starbucks branches make “espresso on the white chocolate sauce” as their signature product which they mix with milk and ice, depending on customer preference.

It may also come laced with sweetened whipped cream in creating the supreme white chocolate delight that is highly attributed to it.

To order it: “Can I have a grande iced coffee with no classic syrup, with one a half pumps of white mocha sauce?”

2. The Tiktok Drink

Starbucks - Strawberry Acai
Starbucks – Strawberry Acai

Technically speaking, this is an offshoot of the iced white mocha drink of Starbucks, though there have been a lot of variants that are just imitations from other sellers. In its original form, the drink was actually called “Strawberry Acai Refresher”. It later evolved into “The Tiktok Drink” due to its immense popularity among consumers of all ages.

As of this writing, two of the most favorite Tiktok drinks among Starbucks visitors are the Venti Mango Dragonfruit Lemonade Refresher, with a splash of peach juice and floating dragonfruit syrup, and the Grande Mango Dragonfruit Refresher blended with strawberry purée.

To order it: You may say, “Can I get the Strawberry Acai Refresher?” or you may also just put “Dragonfruit Lemonade Refresher” and its other counterpart at the end of your sentence.

3. Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Traditionally, Vietnamese coffee is brewed in a phin – a small metal cup built specifically for a mug or a cup that allows the brewing process right there and then. In Starbucks, a similar kind of coffee is adapted which resembles a thicker, more caffeinated espresso.

The Vietnamese Iced Coffee is often served as iced quad espresso which has four shots of the latter, with three pumps of white mocha chocolate. This popular drink is known for its perfect balance of bitter and sweet.

Its strong combination of coffee and sugary milk makes it perfect in giving a surge of morning energy in addition to the great flavors it provides.

To order it: “Can I have an iced venti double shot with classic syrup and extra vanilla sweet cream?“

4. The Kinder Bueno Drink

Starbucks Kinder Bueno Drink
Starbucks Kinder Bueno Drink

This one is popular for its similarity in taste to the chocolate bars that we can buy anywhere. Credits to its popularity should go to Amy Burrows who produced a video that went viral with around 600,000 views in just a few days.

It can be described as having a white chocolate cream Frappuccino with hazelnut syrup and cookies inside and on top. Because this drink features white mocha and hazelnut which are famous crowd favorites, the Kinder Bueno is expected to be among the most famous Starbucks drink ever.

To order it: “Can I please have some white iced mocha with a shot of hazelnut syrup and ice?”

5. Red Gummy Bear Refresher

Starbucks Red Gummy Bear Refresher
Starbucks Red Gummy Bear Refresher

Typically made with Strawberry Acai Refresher, peach juice, and raspberry syrup, the Red Gummy drink also features sweet flavors of strawberry. It is very vibrant in appearance due to its distinctive reddish color.

Quick Fact: The container for this drink is very similar to that of standard lemonade ones: Trenta (30, ounces), venti (24 ounces), grande (16 ounces), and tall (12 ounces).

To order it: “Can I have a Strawberry Acai Refresher with no water, with peach juice, and 2 pumps of raspberry?”

6. Strawberry Sunset Refresher

Starbucks Strawberry Sunset Refresher
Starbucks Strawberry Sunset Refresher

Known for the tagline “The drink that’s too cool for school,” the Strawberry Sunset is a mixture of peach syrup, strawberry sauce, green tea, and lemonade components that makes it refreshingly delicious. Making it starts with a Mango Dragonfruit Lemonade without the berries.

Baristas often leave some space on top to make room for passion and peach tea. Having it iced is a must. It is not meant to be done with a blender because doing so would not show the colorful trademark the drink is known for.

To order it: “Can I have a cool lime refresher to the first line, lemonade to the second line, and a few pieces of lime as a third? Please top it up with ice and black tea.”

7. Strawberry Foam Matcha Latte

Starbucks Strawberry Foam Matcha Latte
Starbucks Strawberry Foam Matcha Latte

If the barista blends a beverage of pure matcha with a velvety black sesame sauce topped with a frothy layer of aromatic purple taro foam, it will result in a perfect blend of distinctive flavor profiles now labeled as Strawberry Foam Matcha Latte.

Appearing as nutty, earthy, and richly flavored, the drink can be taken hot or iced. Either way, you would be on a treat of one distinctive concoction.

To order it: “Can I have a Strawberry Frappuccino with vanilla sweet cream, with strawberry puree at the bottom of the cup? Top it please with mocha drizzle.”

8. Draco Malfoy Refresher

Starbucks Draco Malfoy Refresher
Starbucks Draco Malfoy Refresher

If you’re a Harry Potter fanatic, you can indulge in this Frappuccino made to suit your taste and your Hogwarts house, if you will it so. This wizard-themed refresher is concocted with a Venti Star Drink with no inclusions. The mixture would be added with 2 pumps of pineapple syrup, and a cold foam made from coconut milk.

On top would it would be a scoop of matcha powder to further enhance its flavor.

To order it: “Can I have some Venti Star Drink with no inclusions? (White Mocha Creme Frappuccino is also a great alternative.) It must have two pumps of pineapple syrup, and some cold foam made with coconut milk and one scoop of matcha on top.”

9. Cookie Butter Latte

Starbucks Cookie Butter Latte
Starbucks Cookie Butter Latte

As one of the most notorious recipes that belong to the “Starbucks Secret Menu” this drink is hugely taking TikTok by storm. The sweet-creamy taste it has is said to be very reminiscent to that of Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter.

If cookie butter is among your favorite sweet bites, which usually appears in a spoon straight from the jar after dinner, this drink should suit you nicely. It’s both sweet and spiced which makes it strangely addictive. Making it involves the usage of brown sugar simple syrup, chai tea concentrate, and oat milk.

Quick Fact: Due to the simplicity of this latte, it gets served in a few minutes at a very low cost.

To order it: “Can I have an iced chai latte, with brown sugar syrup and oat milk, please?”

10. Chai Violet Drink

Starbucks Chai Violet Drink
Starbucks Chai Violet Drink

This one is for those who thirst for something that’s not too sweet, with a mixture of some nutrients on it. The violet in this drink is a base of grape juice. It also has green coffee extract with sugar and a bit of vitamin C.

The coconut milk on it might have some saturated sugar and fat, but it also has vitamins A and D which makes the Chai Violet one of the healthiest drinks of its kind.

Some of its variants are laced with sweet blackberries and tart hibiscus. They are the most preferred beverage swirls together with the creamy coconut milk and ice that comes along with it.

To order it: “Can I have a berry hibiscus refresher made with coconut milk and ice, and finished with a scoop of blackberries?”

11. Boba Milk Tea Dupe

To put it straightly, milk tea is not exactly known as a Starbucks trademark. However, there are those who are in very close affinity to the product which urges them into ordering it in the place. With a very accommodating barista, you can order a Boba Milk Tea which is among those that aren’t too common in Starbucks’ servings.

They might not typically offer the typical red beans, boba, and pudding, but the baristas in Starbucks can mimic the milk tea-with-sinkers concoction at their establishments. As of this writing, many of us might not easily find Boba Milk Tea at most outlets.

But due to its increasing popularity, however, they may add it to the menu in all branches at some point.

To order it: Telling your order to the barista should be very detailed and specific. But with a seasoned barista, you can just say you want a “boba milk tea with black iced tea, with no extra water, and no liquid cane sugar.”

12. Hot Cocoa Cold Brew

Starbucks Hot Cocoa Cold Brew
Starbucks Hot Cocoa Cold Brew

Even though cold brew is usually served iced since it is named as such, you can actually order it hot instead. Just recently a variant called “Starbucks Iced White Mocha” went viral on Tiktok. It comes with sweet cream foam and extra caramel drizzle. Like the Boba Dupe, it’s a customized drink which means it belongs to the Starbucks secret menu items.

Quick Fact: You can’t order it by name alone which makes getting it a bit tricky. If you want to have it mixed with brewed coffee, you should be aware that it’s not available in decaf.

You can have the assurance though that adding it will not diminish the flavor you hope for in any way.

To order it: “Can I have two pumps of vanilla on a Venti Sweet Cream Cold Brew, with one pump of toasted white mocha on 4 pumps of plain mocha?”

13. Nutella Nitro Cold Brew

Starbucks Nutella Nitro Cold Brew
Starbucks Nutella Nitro Cold Brew

All drinks mentioned in this article are calorie-heavy, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. But if you’re the type who’s curious about a similar drink that gives the fewest calories to your body, the Nutella Nitro should be your top choice.

Appearing rather proud of the 50 calories that it provides, this drink can be one of those “guilty pleasures” you can sip without ever feeling guilty at all.

To further enrich its flavor, you may ask the barista to mix it with milk to add some extra creaminess, though experts claim that the standard mixture is superb enough. The Nutella in the drink gracefully merges itself into the coffee, should you opt for it too.

To order it: “Can I have a Venti Cold Brew with three pumps of mocha and three pumps of hazelnut syrup?”

14. Iced Caramel Macchiato

Starbucks Iced Caramel Macchiato
Starbucks Iced Caramel Macchiato

Amounting to just around 190 calories per standard serving, this drink is a combination of rich, full-bodied espresso with vanilla-flavored syrup. Milk and ice also come along with the mixture which will then be topped with caramel drizzle.

Starbucks macchiatos can also be made with shots of coffee or espresso on top as per customer request. As the drink is processed, you may notice that the coffee floats at the top of the drink.

To order it: “Can I have an iced caramel latte macchiato? I also need you to add vanilla syrup in a cup, with shots of espresso, and drizzle it with caramel sauce on top.”

15. Frappuccino

Starbucks Frappuccino
Starbucks Frappuccino

Since its inception 26 years ago, the Frappuccino is by far, the most popular Starbucks product in the milkshake category, which makes it the most recognized Tiktok Starbucks Drink yet. It is comprised of crème base, or coffee, blended with ice and flavored syrups. Typically, it is topped with whipped cream and spices.

Throughout the years, there have been a lot of Frappuccino variants that are gaining some notoriety, some of which are not related to Starbucks in any way.

Quick Fact: Upon the customer’s request, Frappuccinos could appear invariants such as decaffeinated, mocha-caramel crème, vanilla bean crème, and strawberry.

To order it: You can just say “Frappuccino plus ‘whatever short variant description’ you can come up with.” Frappuccinos are insanely popular and it is very unlikely that baristas will have any confusion with it.


If you browse through the sea of blogs and YouTube channels out there, you will find endless lists and guides to Starbucks drinks and similar beverages invented by both experts and novices.

The above-mentioned compilation includes the best ones to choose from – they should be ideal enough to guide you into picking that drink that you deem perfect for your taste buds.

If you have questions, leave them in the comment section and we will do our best to give you the most compelling answer.

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