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Verissimo vs Keurig – Which Should You Chose?

Two of the leading single coffee makers on the market are the Starbucks Verismo coffee maker and the Keurig coffee maker. With 107 million Americans drinking coffee on an everyday basis, coffee is as popular as ever. Making your coffee at home is one of the biggest ways people are able to save money and is much more convenient and will save you thousands in the long run. 

Finding a coffee maker that will produce fast and efficient coffee on demand is hard. Many coffee makers won’t produce the flavor you are looking for, and many will break down. So it’s important that you choose the right coffee makers for your needs. Two of the most efficient coffee maker brands are the Verismo and Keurig coffee makers, but one of the most commonly asked questions we receive is, what’s better, Verismo coffee makers or Keurig coffee makers?

Well, in this article, we’ll be putting these two coffee maker brands to the test and giving you answers on Verismo vs. Keurig.

verissimo vs keurig

Verismo Single Serve Coffee Maker Review

Verismo is one of the most well-known coffee makers on the market today, and that is because of its tight links with Starbucks, being Starbucks’s official coffee maker. Verismo coffee makers come at quite a high price, and this is because they come packed with multiple features.

This espresso maker is created for all occasions, from a small cup of tea in the morning to espresso in the afternoon; the Verismo coffee machine can do it all. Another positive of the Verismo coffee machine is its easy accessibility on the side, with the water tank being easy to remove for refilling. This allows for easy cleaning of the machine.

The coffee machine also produces a high-quality brew. But this machine is not perfect. Through our usage of this machine, we saw that the machine took a long time to brew coffee and did not produce a fast cup of coffee. Another con of this machine is that the machine seemed to give a different volume of coffee every brew. This could just be the machine we tested, but those are the results we got from using it.

But, in saying that, when it was able to brew coffee, it was amazing coffee full of a fresh aroma and brewing flavor. If you’re looking for a high-quality everyday coffee maker that will make you Starbucks coffee, the Verismo could be the option for you.  That’s our Verismo Review, now onto the Keurig Review

Keurig Coffee Maker Review

Keurig, nothing will ever beat the classic Keurig coffee maker. We have compared many coffee machines, and it seems nothing is able to overcome any Keurig coffee makers. The Keurig coffee makers are just high-quality, easy to use, and reliable. The Keurig classic coffee maker is the one we will be reviewing in this review. The Classic Keurig is able to brew multiple cup sizes and has a large 48 water reservoir, which will allow you to brew 6 cups of coffee before having to refill your cup. 

Auto-off is one of our favorite features that are able to save all coffee machine owners lots of money. The Auto of feature is able to be easily programmed to turn off your Keurig after 2 hours to save energy and will allow you to save you lots of money. The Keurig classic also has simple button controls, as all you have to do to brew a coffee is insert a pod, select your coffee size, and you will brew great-tasting coffee in under a minute.

Another bonus about this coffee maker is the price; the Keurig classic is much cheaper than the rest of the market and will provide a quick and efficient coffee. Nothing will beat the Keurig coffee makers!

Verismo vs. Keurig Comparison

Price – Starbucks Verismo vs Keurig

One of the most important things to look at when looking at buying a coffee maker is the price. Many coffee makers don’t last years on end, so it’s important to understand you will have to always buy a new one, so you shouldn’t be splurging on a single coffee machine. Anyway, there is a price difference between these coffee makers. The Verismo KII comes in around $50 more expensive than the Keurig K-Classic, and this gives the Keurig an advantage over Verismo.

Performance – Keurig vs Nespresso vs Verismo

The Verismo and Keurig are both easy to use machines, and there are many guides on the web on how to use these machines. They are both advertised as instant coffee machines that will brew a coffee on the click of the button. But in our experience, the Verismo is not able to do that as if it has been turned off for a period of time, and it may take up to 4 minutes to brew a cup of coffee.

In contrast, the Keurig is able to take a minute or two and start brewing quality coffee. We found in terms of performance, Keurig takes the cake performing at a much faster rate than Starbucks Verismo coffee makers.

Another performance factor we have to look into is the number of pods that are compatible with each coffee maker. With the Verismo coffee maker, there are very limited products. The Verismo is made specifically for Starbucks pods, so really, its Starbucks pods or nothing. This gives you a total of 16 different brews that are usable on a Verismo coffee maker, giving you much less range of flavors to choose from. With the Keurig, you have over 200 different types of pods that are compatible with the coffee maker, and this allows for a much larger flavor range.

Keurig comes out on top in this factor, as Keurig is able to have a much larger pod range, even including Starbucks pods, which Verismo is exclusive too. 


The design of the machines is quite similar. The Keurig is around 9 pounds, whereas the Verismo weighs in at around 7.7 pounds. But, the Verismo has the upper edge being a much smaller machine than the Keurig Classic, giving it the edge of portability that Keurig doesn’t really have. But if you’re not looking to bring your coffee maker around with you, both machines are able to fit any kitchen setup. 

When it comes to colors, the Keurig comes in 2 colors, rhubarb and black, whereas the Verismo comes in 3 different color variations. Overall, we are going to have to give the edge to Verismo in design, as we believe the Verismo does look better and has a larger color variety than the Keurig. When it comes to verismo versus Keurig in design, verismo comes out on top.


Something both these machines can boast is that both coffee makers are able to last a long time and have high durability levels. Both the Keurig and the Verismo are praised for their durability levels and sustained function over long times. Both coffee makers have little to no issues to deal with and need minimal maintenance other than the once in a while clean. Overall, the products should last you a while without any technical failures.

Customer Reviews

When it comes to customer reviews, both machines have received an outpour of grace from customers. The Verismo has 101 global ratings at the time of writing, with 77% of people giving it 5 stars. The Keurig K-Classic has an outpour of love, though, with at the time of writing, 32,193 global ratings, and 76% of people giving it a 5-star rating. This shows how many people are currently using the Keurig classic and how many people really love the machine.

Verismo vs. Keurig – Final Opinion

So, if you’re wondering what coffee maker should you buy, what coffee maker will provide you with a better experience, there is no better machine to look at than the Keurig. Our opinion is that Keurig provides much better coffee machines than Verismo. Keurig is able to provide quick and easy coffee and has a large variety of pods to change from. Not saying Verismo is bad, as it still is a usable coffee machine, but Keurig just produces the best coffee makers on the market today!

Buyers Guide 

Differences between Keurig and Verismo

There are a few differences between Keurig and Verismo. Firstly Keurig can use all sorts of pods, whereas Verismo can only brew using Starbucks pods. Another difference is the Verismo is in a higher price bracket, where the Keurig classic is a middle priced coffee maker. 

Similarities between Keurig and Verismo 

Despite the differences, Keurig and Verismo do have some similarities. Firstly, the design of the two is quite similar, and they come in very similar colors. They also are around the same size and weight. Another similarity is that both of these coffee makers are quite durable and will last a long time. These are not easy to break coffee machines and will be reliable for the foreseeable future.

Does Starbucks still sell Verismo?

Yes, you can still purchase the Verismo coffee maker at certain Starbucks outlets, and you can also purchase the Starbucks pods along with the Verismo coffee maker.


So, there is our comparison of the Verismo vs. Keurig. We hope you were able to learn something through this article, and if you’re wondering what coffee maker to buy, we hope you now have a clear idea of what you would want to purchase. Thank you for reading, and we hope you have a great day and a CozyCoffee!

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