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Nespresso Vertuoplus vs Evoluo – What Should You Choose?

Coffee in one of the most important parts of the morning routine for many people! To ensure you have a good start to the day, you have to have a good coffee, which means having a high-quality coffee machine.

One of the best brands of coffee machines has to be Nespresso. The Vertuoplus and Evoluo are definitely two of Nespresso’s most popular coffee makers. Because they are both made by Nespresso, it can be hard to find the difference between the two. 

So, if you’re looking for a high-quality coffee machine, we have two of the best right here. But if you’re wondering what coffee machine will be best for me, well stick around. Through this article, we will be comparing the Verutoplus vs. the Evoluo, and hopefully, you will be able to make a decision! Here is the Evoluo vs. vertuoline comparison!

vertuoplus vs evoluo

Nespresso VertuoPlus Review

Here we have it, one of our favorite coffee makers on the market today. The Nespresso vertuoplus has an abundance of features that make it an overall top-quality coffee maker. The coffee machine comes in 2 stunning colors and has a wonderful retro design that will make your kitchen pop!

With this coffee maker, you are able to brew the best single serve coffee or espresso every time. This coffee machine is able to brew coffee in under 2 minutes, and unlike many other coffee machines that can take 5 minutes to actually heat it, the VertuoPlus is able to heat-up within 25 seconds. Also, when you purchase this coffee machine, it comes with a welcome kit with a large range of Vertuo capsules, not too bad! 

It is also easy to brew with this coffee machine, as it is a one-touch brewing system. It is also so easy to clean, with a removable water reservoir allowing you to easily clean this machine in 5 minutes! Overall, this is one of our favorite coffee makers on the market today, and with this coffee machine, you are able to brew a beautiful and fast coffee!

Nespresso Evoluo Espresso Machine Review

Here we have the Nespresso Vertuo coffee machine, the Nespresso’s direct competitor to its own coffee machine. This machine does create freshly brewed coffee, quite fast, and at the touch of a single button. This machine also includes the added bonus of 12 Nespresso capsules, which is quite generous of Nespresso to give out.

This machine is able to create coffee quite easily and does provide a fresh brew full of flavourful aroma.

This also has the highest capsule container capacity compared to any other Nespresso machine. This coffee maker also has an auto power-off feature, which will save you lot’s of power in the long run.

One of the main negatives of these machines is the problems it constantly has. One of the main problems this coffee maker encounters is its terrible designed water tank.

Many people have encountered terrible water leakages, which can make the machine unusable at times. Overall, this is a good coffee machine that will make you high-quality coffee, but it does come with a few problems.

Comparison – Nespresso Vertuoplus vs Evoluo Deluxe

When comparing the vertuo vs evoluo, there are a few factors we want to compare.

Price – Evoluo vs Vertuoline

Surprising, unlike many other brands, the newer one is actually cheaper! Both are in the higher price bracket, and if you are wondering what the price is, click the button above.

But the price of VertuoPlus vs the Evoluo, the Evoluo, is actually more expensive. Price is one of the most important things, so that’s a win for the VertuoPlus.


When buying a coffee machine, you want to look at the efficiency of the machine. They are both quite similar in this regard. The Evolo is able to brew a rich coffee in around 30 seconds, but it can fit more cup sizes than the Vertuoplus. 

Because they are both made by Nespresso, they are both able to make high-quality coffee and delicious espresso. They also both have the laser-bar code reader feature. 

But, the evoluo does come out in front just because it has a bigger water tank, meaning you can brew more coffee without having to refill.

Motorized Head

One of the main things that we love about the Vertuoplus is the motorized head. This makes this coffee maker stand out from the Evoluo, and is one of the main differences between the two. With the Vertuoplus having a motorized head, you need to do to open the machine is one click of a button. 

This makes the machine much easier to use a convenient. It does not affect the coffee you brew, but rather, in the long run could save you hours of time trying to open the head of your coffee maker.


It’s always important to look at the dimensions of coffee machines before buying it. You don’t want to purchase a clunky and huge coffee maker. Luckily, most Nespresso machines are compact, lightweight, and portable coffee makers. 

These coffee makers will not take up lots of space on your kitchen counter. For the Vertuoplus, the dimensions of the coffee machine are 16.2 x 5.6 x 12.8 inches, and it weighs around 12.5 pounds. Evoluo is a little bit of a smaller coffee maker, and this is due to the less amount of features it has. The Evoluo comes in at 9.0 x 12.2 x 12.3 and weighs around 10.5 pounds.

Verdict – What Machine Is Better?

Well, it does depend on what you want. But overall, we believe the better overall coffee maker has to be the VertuoPlus. This is because of the new innovative features it has, and it is able to overall brew a better coffee than the Evoluo.

This does mean the Evoluo is bad at all, we just believe the VertuoPlus is better, and if you were trying to pick between the two coffee machines, we believe you should pick the VertuoPlus!


So there you have it, the comparison of the Nespresso evoluo vs vertuo, and we hope you were able to find the right coffee machine for you! We hope you have a great day, and make sure to enjoy your CozyCoffee! If you liked this article, check out Cuisinart DCC 2650 review and our Mellita coffee maker review

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