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What Is White Coffee? – White Coffee Beans & White Coffee Grounds Explained

white coffee beans

What is white coffee?

Have you ever realized that coffee beans are green? Usually, we picture coffee beans as we most often see them, roasted to a black/brown color. So how does a green coffee bean go from green to white instead of brown?

Is white coffee just coffee with milk or cream?

To some in certain countries, white coffee is just normal coffee with cream and sugar! But that’s not what we are talking about here. We are talking about the white coffee bean.

How is White Coffee made?

It’s in the way it’s roasted! A white coffee bean comes into existence by roasting low and slow- roasting at a low temperature and for less time. Because of this, the color is different. Think of it as rare meat vs. well done. Some say a white bean is half baked.

Is it actually white?

No. Don’t be surprised to find the beans as a light brown color, and the brew to be a blonde or caramel color.

So other than visually, what’s the difference between a regular roasted bean and a white one?

The way that a coffee bean is roasted changes the flavor. For another meat analogy, think slow-cooked ribs vs. grilled. White beans and their grounds produce coffee with a sweeter, nuttier, less bitter taste.

A white bean in much harder, so it’s not easy to make grounds with. You need a special grinder if you even want to attempt to grind them yourself!

Coffee loses caffeine the longer it roasts, so a coffee bean roasted for less time and at a lower heat hasn’t lost all the caffeine that a normal roasted bean has. There is also lots of evidence to suggest that roasting it for fewer times prevents it from losing antioxidants that regular coffee has lost. It also makes white coffee less acidic, by roasting it less!

Where Can I Buy White Coffee?

Well you can buy white coffee from many brands, you can find white coffee brands here!

white roast

Why do I want to drink it?

Less acidic coffee can be a heaven-sent blessing for those who deal with the dreaded ‘coffee stomachache’!

Many enjoy a coffee drink with an added kick, more caffeine, as white coffee can provide. It’s also a welcome change to the same old coffee we drink at the office every day. And with more antioxidants, we can claim it’s healthier if we want! So the question is white coffee healthy, well yes it is!

How do I get it or drink it?

Maybe the most important thing to know is that it’s not usually drunk as a plain cup of joe, it’s most often used in espresso, not own it’s own due to it’s uniquely smooth and nutty flavor.

You might think, ‘Oh, so it’s a flat white at Starbucks?’ Actually, no. A lot of places market light roast coffees, white coffees, white lattes, white cappuccinos, without any of those actually being or containing true white coffee.

It’s a fun and flavorful thing to add to your usual espresso drink, instead of downing it on its own.

There are hundreds of great brands to choose from to get your white coffee, it is an easily attainable item! White coffee beans and white coffee grounds can be found around the world!

does white coffee have more caffeine

So what is white coffee?

It’s a coffee bean roasted a different way, producing a different flavor, different color, and more antioxidants and caffeine. But don’t drink it straight! Enjoy it in an espresso. If you’re looking for more guides, we have the best Indonesian Coffee and Best Honduran Coffee Guides on our site!

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