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For some of us, coffee is the foundation of a good day. It is the first thing that our body craves for first thing in the morning. And though there are many ways to make coffee, like using a French press or going cowboy style, what’s important is the quality of the ending product.

Created by a well-known barista, Tim Wendelboe, together with an appliance company from Norway called Wilfa, a masterpiece is born.

The Wilfa Precision Coffee Maker, just like what its name suggests, promised to deliver an amazing cup of coffee regardless of who wants it. It boasts a state-of-the-art coffee brewing technique that is inspired by how Norwegians like their coffee.

wilfa precision automatic coffee maker

The Wilfa Precision Coffee Maker In A Nutshell: Wilfa Precision Coffee Maker Reviews


 • Outstanding design and overall looks
 • Will ensure that each and every cup of coffee will taste divine.
 • User friendly
 • Settings can be adjusted the way you want them to


 • No timing function and alarm system
 • Haven’t proven its longevity yet
 • Space hogging (measuring 14½ inches across)

Why you need the Wilfa Precision Coffee Maker

wilfa precision coffee maker

Its beauty

If you’re going to think about it, the Wilfa Precision Coffee Maker is an amazing innovation for both technology and art.

Being a coffee maker didn’t hinder it in looking like something that your visitors will be amazed by once they saw it displayed on your kitchen counter. It has good looks, and it will make sure that everyone will be amazed when they saw it in action.

The way the water is being slurped from its water tank and shows up by raining down on the ground coffee itself is mesmerizing. But it’s nothing out of this world; it’s just designed that way to leave its audience in awe.

One of the things that the Wilfa Precision Coffee Maker is also proud of is its minimalist modern look. Its see-through water tank stands on one side paralleled to a cone-shaped filter nested on top of a 42-ounce pot. Its very sleek and slender design is surely a great addition to your kitchen. It will also show its owner the exact process of brewing coffee as your first entertainment of the day.

The way this machine is designed is so different than any other coffee maker in the market, which just proves that it is going to be a great addition to your kitchen.

Its design

The Wilfa Precision Coffee Maker is designed to make 5 cups of coffee in one go, it may sound very minimal compared to other coffee makers, but this machine will make you that much coffee within 5 minutes. The water inside the tank on one side of this machine will flow into the base and will be heated up with a heater coil, and with a built-in pump, the heated water will travel to the showerhead, which will be the one to soak the coffee grounds, and eventually end up on the pot underneath.

If you see the Wilfa Precision Coffee Maker in person, you might say that there’s so much empty space around it because of its base, but you would need to remind yourself that on purchasing this machine, you are not only paying for the act of coffee making itself but also for its aesthetic. There are spaces on the front and the back of this machine where they could put the power switch, but they still decide on putting it at the side because the coffee maker will look better that way.

The product’s dimensions are 14.25 x 8.50 x 14.00 inches. That requires a lot more space on your kitchen counter, but for us, as long as the coffee it makes tastes good, then it can take as much space as it wants.

It’s precision

This top-of-the-line coffee maker is designed to heat water from 197º to 205º Fahrenheit, which the ideal temperature to maximize the taste your coffee beans will yield. And as its name suggests, this machine is all about precision. There are markings on the side of the transparent water tank and pot to indicate the amount of water that is in it. The filter itself also has a feature that will allow its user to control the strength of the flow of water that will rain down on the ground coffee beans. This feature is also helpful if you are only making small batches of coffee at a time.

Though the Wilfa Precision Coffee Maker is not an SCCA certified coffee maker, it is still guaranteed that it can brew your coffee at the right temperature. There are occasions wherein the machine needs some time to get to the correct temperature, but regardless, the coffee that it will yield is still superb and worth praising.

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Its convenience

The Wilfa Precision Coffee Maker has a hot warming plate that will ensure the freshness of each coffee cup. This is ideal if you drink more than a cup of coffee in a short period of time. Its water tank is also detachable, which will make filling it up with water much easier. Cleaning it will also be an easy thing to do too because of this feature.

The Wilfa Precision Coffee Maker is engineered to show off how a pour-over coffee should be with its exact temperature and water control. It also showcases a lot more of its features like a digital kitchen clock and timer. And for those parents out there who are always in dire need of caffeine in their system, the maker of the Wilfa Precision Coffee Maker made sure to add a child safety lock just for you.

You also won’t be needing any filter ever again while using the Wilfa Precision Coffee Maker. This machine is claiming that it can fully automate the pour-over process of brewing coffee. You have the choice to use a filter, of course, but if you want a fuller version of your coffee, then we’d suggest just use the machine’s filter basket instead, thus making it environmentally friendly too.

How to use the Wilfa Precision Coffee Maker

Since this coffee maker is all about its minimalist design, it means that it only has very few control buttons. Actually, it only has two buttons, one power switch and one push button to start the coffee making. Once you’re ready to make a pot of coffee, turn on the machine using the switch and wait for it to purr.

The coffee maker will start to direct water from the water tank to the filter and will gracefully shower the ground coffee with warm water that is precisely heated. Unlike other coffee makers, the Wilfa Precision Coffee Maker can make a pot of coffee in about five minutes, so that means no more leaning down on your kitchen island while groggily waiting for your coffee to be brewed.

Though making your coffee with this machine is faster than the other coffee maker in the market, the ending product will still taste like it was brewed by a professional coffee barista. And the hot plate that the Wilfa Precision Coffee Maker comes with will ensure that your coffee is perfectly heated within an hour.

It will not get burned since the coffee left with the hot plate will be maintained at 185º Fahrenheit.

Our Verdict

As coffee enthusiasts ourselves, we would say that though there are some shortcomings Wilfa Precision Coffee Maker has, like the space that it will occupy, it is still worth its price.

The length of time it will take to make a pot is definitely a big plus on our books, but above all, the quality of the coffee that it makes is undeniably wonderful. So if you’re interested in purchasing the Wilfa Precision Coffee Maker, then this is your sign.

Thank you so much for reviewing this product with us, and happy brewing.

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