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Ultra Zero Monster: A Full Guide

Getting an additional dose of energy almost always brings the best out of us, and what better option to prove this than drinking a can of Zero Ultra Monster Energy drink? Monster Energy has a wide variety of flavors for everyone to release their inner beast.

As its slogan says, “Unleash the Beast”, Monster Energy not only offers a quick boost of energy but an instant improvement of mood and attitude. So get ready to bring your A-game as Monster Energy drinks will give you a refreshing mind and body in a flash from its different flavors you’ll definitely love.

Zero Ultra Monster Flavor
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A popular choice of energy drink worldwide along with Red Bull, Monster Energy has a wide selection of flavors and varieties to choose from the original to the more unique ones, but do note that the caffeine levels do differ depending on its flavor.

Prominent amongst professional athletes, working personnel, and students among others, Monster Energy has been here quite a while to help boost work performance among us.

Monster Energy has been here quite a while to help boost work performance
Monster Energy has been here quite a while to help boost work performance

For someone looking for something more than the usual classic taste, Zero Ultra Monster Energy Flavor is right for you as it is lighter in taste, less sweet, and better yet, zero calories. Its white can gives it a unique look from the usual black color so there’s no other reason for you to not love this new flavor.

Each containing at least 150mg caffeine, a 16fl oz can is available in 10 different flavors:

  • Citrus (Zero Ultra)
  • Mango (Ultra Fiesta)
  • Pink Grapefruit/Strawberry (Ultra Rosá)
  • Citrus & Orange (Ultra Sunrise)
  • Kiwi Lime & Cucumber (Ultra Paradise)
  • Light Citrus & Berry (Ultra Blue), Mixed Berry (Ultra Red)
  • Black Cherry (Ultra Black), Citrus & Grape (Ultra Violet)
  • Ultra Watermelon
  • Pineapple (Ultra Gold)
  • Peach (Ultra Peachy Keen)

Why don’t we dig in a bit further and compare some of the flavors side by side for you to be able to easily pick the right flavor for you?

Monster Energy Drink FlavorDescription
Citrus (Zero Ultra)Most popular among the Ultra line, it is refreshing, light, and less sweet. Great for people who love energy drinks containing less sugarCitrus & Orange (Ultra Sunrise)Not overly sweet and does not contain any real juice but is a great morning orange-flavored drinkLight Citrus & Berry (Ultra Blue)Berry-flavored drink that is not overly sweet and lightly carbonated, better than Ultra RedMixed Berry (Ultra Red)Berry-flavored drink that tastes like cranberryBlack Cherry (Ultra Black)A cherry-flavored beverage containing lesser caffeine as compared to the other flavors. Not overly sweet but its sweeteners do the job right by covering the necessary energy ingredients it needs to give an aftertaste

Having the same amount of caffeine typically found in 4 cans of Coke or a cup of drip coffee, the Zero Ultra line should be taken in moderate consumption as adults are advised not to drink more than 2 cans a day due to it being high in caffeine.

Quick Fact: Those people who are caffeine-sensitive such as children, pregnant women, and people with heart conditions are thus advised not to consume these drinks.


An instant celebrity in the retail market, Monster Energy has a wide consumer base from youngsters to people who are into extreme sports and lifestyles. Having zero sugar and calories, Monster Energy Zero Ultra is the best of both worlds as it has all the flavors packed into just 150mgs of caffeine, what more can you ask for?

Any additional comments, questions, or concerns are greatly appreciated as well. So if you’re looking for something that tastes light, less sweet, and has zero calories, then Monster energy is right for you.

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